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This article is a realm page for the Wyrmrest Accord US realm (server)

This is a community maintained page and does not represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences. Information and events here are for community documentation of server particulars, history, or opinion.

General Info

Wyrmrest Accord is a great Roleplaying server with tons of active players on Pacific Standard Time, opened on 1/16/09. Many of the specific events and activities on this page are out of date.

Roleplaying on the Server

While at first it may seem that little RP occurs, it only takes a short while for a good Roleplayer to find a group or guild to roleplay with. Most common RP you can find is in Taverns or if you can, find a guild to join up with. It's always good to have a MRP (MyRoleplay) or something of that matter, so people will know you want to roleplay, of course.. There are two distinct factional cultures (as most servers have) with the perspective amounts of RP measuring about the same, but expressed through different mediums. Both factions schedule regular events, mainly to try and show how 'superior' they are to the other faction. This is owed to the mass exodus of Roleplayers from RPPvP servers and a good number from the other Roleplaying realms. From the beginning there was a great interest in fostering an active and connected Roleplaying community on the server, and has been since the server first started up. See

Alliance side has great roleplaying, especially in Stormwind city. While some of its denizens are a smidge lax in their application of the lore, it is nevertheless conducive to a good time. Joining a guild typically increases the quality chance that you will be able to start your roleplay experience from the very moment you start.

Horde side is slightly more clannish. You wont get into any respectable guild if you don't fit the qualifications required. There are a lot of race-only guilds on the hordeside, Blood-Elf only guilds, Forsaken-only guilds, such as Scythe of Sylvanas and the myriad of Blood Elf House guilds. If you look in Silvermoon City, you will a large expanse of roleplayers for the Horde-side. Although most of them may be Blood Elves due to the fact you're in the Blood Elf city.

There are some rather unconventional options for Horde Roleplaying as well. An Open Mic, which allows players to tell stories or roleplay the voice of their character instead of just typing out everything their character says. Always great fun. Though not a requirement to roleplay on Wyrmrest Accord at all.

Public Channels

Public Channels generally are more OOC (Out of Character) than /say or /yell but some people may stay in character in General or Trade to find World events, or they're Heavy Roleplayers.


  • /RP and /OOC exist on both factions. /RP takes place in a lot of places around the world, while /OOC is still OOC.


  • WorldRP is an IC channel for the Alliance.


  • "wranet" is the Horde's roleplay channel.

Notable Characters


Saint Belathan of Northshire - Former cleric of Northshire and Grand Cleric of the Order of the Golden Law - among many other orders and titles.

Jango Delucivan - A noble human paladin, a protector of innocents and a very strong and powerful fighter.

Snoop Goldhammer - A very fat rogue who sits in Dalaran and eats donuts all day, he weighs approximately 350 lbs and stands about 5'7, in his spare time he enjoys being jolly and selling hotdogs for money.

Rognin Brewshot A Dwarven hunter and veteran of both the First War and Second War - as well as a member of the Alliance Expedition.


"Xeddin" - One of the more veteran playing characters on Wyrmrest Accord, he has been known to help many players. His playing history consists of being a player since Pre-BC. His guild "Ravenguard Syndicate" is inactive. Revoke



Guild:The Violet Dawn (Wyrmrest Accord US) "There is always room for all of you here. Our beloved home is a place of friendship. Anyone one, young or old, who has read or heard of The Violet Dawn may come and visit us. If you are honest and good of heart, no matter your faction, no matter what season, our doors are always open to you. Whether for the first time, or for the return of an old companion, you are welcome. Please feel free to visit us anytime you pass by this way." Website:

Champions of Lordaeron


The Earthspear Tribe - The Earthspear Tribe is regarded as Wyrmrest Accord's first all-Tauren roleplaying guild, and is still active after three and a half years. They are responsible for hosting the weekly "Story Circle" event which encourages members of the Horde roleplaying community to tell stories they create in front of an audience of fellow roleplayers. They are currently recruiting new members despite a heavy bout of inactivity due to the Mists of Pandaria beta and other obligations in many of its members.

Huojin - Huojin is known as one of the horde's most popular exclusive-race guilds. They're the main All-Pandaren Roleplaying guild for the server. They're responsible for giving Pandaren-roleplayers a good home within the community. Most other guilds hate the idea of a "Panda" guild, but a lot of the veteran and critically-acclaimed roleplaying guilds have embrace their idea and are allies with the guild. Look out for them, they won't be going anywhere for a very long time.

Regular Events

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