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Tarania Moonrise is a female night elf hunter. She is one thousand, four hundred thirty two years old.


Tarania has long, straight, dark blue hair that reaches past her waist. She has two wing-shaped markings on her face, one over each eye. She has a lithe and curvaceous build. She wears a silver, crescent-shaped pendant on a chain around her neck, which is inlaid with a single diamond. She is often accompanied by a small sprite darter faerie dragon hatchling.

She often wears finely tailored robes, and she has quite a few in her wardrobe, wearing a different one based on her mood or on the occasion. She usually wears armor typical of a sentinel's. Her weapon of choice is a finely made recurve bow, but she also possesses a longsword.


Tarania can be difficult to get along with at first. She has very strong opinions on many different subjects, and people who do not live up to her standards will be at best slightly frowned upon, or at worst completely ignored, or else shunned with hostility. People who do know her will find that she is not an unpleasant person to spend time around, and she is very caring about what other people in most situations. She normally maintains a serious attitude towards life, though she does smile on many occasions. She is prone to becoming melancholy when sensitive subjects are touched upon, often without much warning.


As Tarania was born well after the Sundering, she has not experienced many of the events that a lot of the older kal'dorei have learned from. Her childhood was relatively uneventful, as compared to other night elves. Her mother was a priestess, and her father was druid that went back into the Emerald Dream before she was born. She had a brother, named Therinan, who was born well before her. He became both a father and a brother to her, and they became nigh inseparable.

Tarania followed the path of the warrior priestess. She was trained as a sentinel, but at the same time she learned under her mother’s wing of the beliefs and customs associated with Elune. By the time of the Third War, she was quite competent in both the art of war and her duties as a priestess.

Tarania, Therinan and their parents were called to arms at the battle of Mount Hyjal. Tarania was rendered unconscious during the battle, and was left for dead, but a search party looking for survivors found her and she was declared alive.

A couple of years later, Therinan departed for the Eastern Kingdoms in search of new adventures. Tarania was torn, but she knew that Therinan needed to quench his thirst for new and interesting ground to cover. They kept in close contact, each sending letters as soon as they received them, and sometimes even before. Therinan reassured Tarania that he was doing well and had made new friends. He sent Tarania a gift one time, a silver, moon-shaped pendant with a diamond inlaid in its center, of dwarven make.

Tarania eventually received a message not in Therinan’s hand, but rather from a dwarven friend of his, reporting that he and his party had been ambushed by a Forsaken patrol in Arathi, and that he had held them off in order to let the others escape. They had searched for his body, but they could not find anything, and he was assumed to be dead. Tarania was distraught. She swore that she would avenge his death, and left for the Eastern Kingdoms, blinded by rage.

She searched the northern Eastern Kingdoms fervently, searching for her brother’s body and slaughtered all Forsaken that she came across, regardless of their status. She killed hundreds of Forsaken, and her zealotry kept her hunting for months. Even when she thought of stopping, she was driven forward by her urge to avenge her brother’s death.

Eventually she started to realize the futility of her actions. She saw how many Forsaken she had killed. She knew that none of the undead that she had destroyed were the one that had killed Therinan, and she had little chance of finding any of the ones that did. She went to Stormwind to rest for a short time, then headed back to Kalimdor, hurt and angry at both herself and the Forsaken.

Tarania continued to hone her skills upon arriving back in Ashenvale, particularly those relating to combat. While she knew that she could not bring Therinan back, and that attempting to seek further vengeance would be inhumane, she did not wish for anyone else that she knew to be put in a situation where their life would be so threatened.

Tarania’s self-training was interrupted by the untimely arrival of first news of a new plague, then the actual onset of the same plague. She took up arms along with her fellow sentinels to fight off the undead invaders that rose from the numbers of those that died from the plague. The plague in itself shocked and worried her, but upon hearing of the events of the Wrath gate, she was enraged. Her hate for the Forsaken was renewed. Tarania is now in the process of deciding whether to offer her services to the Alliance as a whole, or to remain in Kalimdor and protect the land that she loves.

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