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Short Biography Edit

In today's Azeroth, we always hear of the criminals and the vigilantes, the people who exploit and defile the law of the land. We hear tales of heroes, tales of virtue and justice, and then we hear tales of horrid atrocities. Lately, a new threat, namely, the pirates of The Acts of Reason, have emerged from a period of inactivity and have begun to cause turmoil in the realm of Azeroth. This is the biography of the Captain of one of the most notorious pirate guilds in the history of the Alliance, Saiji Carrow.

The Carrow line has bred eight generations of female pirates, dating back to times before the First War. Now, the ninth generation has been born, and Saiji Carrow's tale begins on the Pirate Queen Saizhi Carrow's flagship, The Mary Way. Surrounded by some of the most honored privateers in the Alliance Navy, the pirates of The Gentleman's Harbor were known as the "Gentlemen of the Sea" for their dashing exploits. Saizhi Carrow herself was once an Admiral in the Alliance Navy before she resigned due to personal reasons, and was already renown amongst the people for being strict, yet fair. It was expected that Saiji Carrow would be the end of the Carrow family's legacy of corruption and sin as she would be raised under the wing of the finest sailors the Alliance has ever known.

Saiji herself joined the Alliance Naval Academy and quickly passed ahead of her class, soaring over her peers in ways her professors couldn't have imagined. At age twenty, Saiji graduated with honors after completing a tour of Azeroth which took normal students ten years, and quickly rose through the ranks. After becoming a Master Sergeant of the Alliance and catching the Dread Pirate, Le'Anthony Percifa, Saiji was removed from her post on [i]The Maiden's Birth[/i] and transfered to the Alliance Army's recently established outpost in Alterac Valley.

There, Saiji was schooled in the arts of combat by the finest soldiers the Alliance military had to offer. She spent years there, spending most of her time learning Alliance and Horde battle strategies at the hands of Generals and Admirals of the Alliance, watching as the world around her changed as the Legion's coming was drawing nearer. Forced to stay behind and keep her post, Saiji was one of the few who weren't Dwarves who would remain at the small outpost in the valley, while the rest of the army stationed there went off to fight The Burning Legion and their Scourge creations.

Shortly after being left there, Saiji Carrow became a thing of the past in the eyes of the people, and at age thirty, was the only Master Sergeant of the Alliance to be stationed in Alterac for so long. When she was finally allowed to return to Stormwind, it had been three years since the Battle of Mount Hyjal, and the Alliance had allowed new allies into their fold. While she was glad to finally be removed from service to pursue her own destiny, the youngest Carrow was in for quite a shock when she was met at the Deeprun Tram by members of SI:7's special intelligence unit.

While she was fighting against the Horde, Saiji's mother had taken several items of great value from their resting places around the world, and her pirate vessel had become an abomination of the seas. Saizhi Carrow had begun to attack merchant vessels, Alliance Naval ships, Horde passenger and refugee carriers, and attempted to sack the port of Ratchet. While Saizhi Carrow was eventually defeated by troops from Lady Jaina Proudmoore's outpost in Theramore, the items she had stolen from Stormwind, Darnassus, Orgrimmar, and Karazhan were still missing. When pressed for information, Saiji Carrow would not reveal the location of her mother's treasures, and was imprisoned within Stormwind's Stockades for disobedience and aiding a criminal.

While she was given many opportunities to reveal the location of her mother's stolen goods and aid the Alliance that she had been fighting for, Saiji remained adamant about her family's honor and continued to refuse her superior's requests. She was offered a small reward, and a promotion for her services along with command of several ships of the Stormwind Navy, but continued to rudely protest the offers. She became violent, and began to go crazy, despite the fact that she was being treated like a queen within her own private cell.

On a cool Stormwind morning, the city was rocked by the sounds of an explosion as criminals from the Stockades led a riot against the Wardens. Using this to her advantage, Saiji Carrow escaped from jail nearly a year ago to this day, and immediately fled to the port of Menethil. There, she stole a recently-constructed vessel belonging to the Alliance Navy named The Reason. Using a false pretext that she was assigned as the ship's captain, she used her past as a Naval officer to her advantage as she simply took a handful of men and sailed the ship out of the harbor. Once at sea, she slew the men on board and docked the ship at Booty Bay, where she began her history of piracy anew.

Not even a week after her jailbreak, Saiji Carrow sailed out of Booty Bay with a crew of fifty, well-armed soldiers and a fully-stocked ship. She did not even get a mile out of port before a planned ambush, led by the same ships that had defeated Saiji's mother, began to surround her ship. They asked for her to peacefully surrender, and informed the would-be pirate that she would not be punished since she was under stress at the time, but their words of peace were met with brutal violence. Saiji continued to sail forward, and it became apparent that The Reason was designed to be a high-speed combat battleship to the sailors, as Saiji began to loose canon fire from her port, starboard, and from the bow of her ship simultaneously. Within just a matter of minutes, three of the Theramore ships were downed, their masts collapsed over their bows and their hull breached in different places.

As Saiji continued to sail off into the distance, the other ships were unable to catch up do to her stolen ship's speed. After the incident, she went on to commit a series of crimes, the entire list of which can be found at your local Law Enforcement station or any Alliance Library. She has attempted to corrupt the Moonwell in Darnassus, attacked Naval vessels whenever she found one alone, committed armed robbery on the high seas, stolen treasures from the vaults of Ironforge, aided the Horde in their fight at Warsong Gulch, along with hundred of other crimes of various degrees. She is currently wanted for an estate that reaches a total of twelve thousand gold, which was recently raised from ten-thousand after her godless and blasphemous acts of desecration at the Cathedral of Light.

List of Crimes Edit

Current Bounty Edit

Saiji currently has a bounty on her head which contains an estate including three plantations in Westfall, a small get-away home in Winterspring, an officer's position in the Alliance military, four private servants to wait upon whoever captures her, ownership to the Jangolode Mine, and a trove of assorted treasure and gems. In total, the full bounty on her is estimated at a net worth of fifty-two thousand gold.

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