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Ambassador Oriseus is a level 80 blood elf warlock on the Wyrmrest Accord server, originally from Moon Guard. Another version of the same character exists as a hunter under the name Orisius.

Appearance and personalityEdit

Oriseus Lastdawn ("Ori" for short) is a fairly attractive young elf of average height and weight. He sports a fair complexion, a neatly-groomed goatee, and shoulder-length hair kept feathered at the sides; his eyes glow brightly as evidence of a well-fed mana addiction. His physique is somewhere between scrawny and toned. Most of his noteworthy scars are kept hidden by clothing, with the exception of one across the middle of his left ear. Oriseus wears a single earring in his right earlobe from which dangles a glowing shard of crystal resembling the mana gems of Silvermoon City in miniature; he often toys with this when nervous or contemplative. He dresses finely and fashionably, whether he's fighting, fishing, or just hanging around town.

Oriseus is notoriously bipolar. He might be all business one moment, then joking around the next, or switch back and forth between acerbic gallows humor and lighthearted silliness; he can go from ecstatic to depressed at the drop of a hat; he might defend someone in a debate only to argue against them within the same topic. This capriciousness might make him appear flaky at times but given his power as a warlock, his unpredictability can be far more dangerous than it is comedic. There are, however, three pervasive elements to his personality that transcend his mood swings: dry wit, coquettishness, and submissiveness to those he respects.


Prior to the Third War, Oriseus was an apprentice to Silvermoon City's premier botanist and gardener; he helped maintain public gardens in western Silvermoon as well as conducting research and experiments on his master's estate. His master sent him on a wild goose chase to Kul Tiras shortly before the Scourge descended on Quel'thalas, thus ensuring his survival, but Oriseus returned to find his homeland in ruins. Eventually he was found by a blood elf patrol (with a warlock in their midst) who brought up to speed on what had befallen his race. Oriseus generally refrains from giving details as to how and why he took up warlocking, preferring to cite desperation and then immediately change the subject. Most inquiries about his family are met with similar misdirection.

Like most of the blood elves who remained on Azeroth, he took what work he could find in Eversong Woods and the Ghostlands before branching out into more far-reaching adventures. During his service there, Tranquilien came under attack by a kaldorei druid. Eventually the alarms were answered by a Forsaken by name of Centus MacManus – also known as Centimanus – who tracked the marauding druid down and made mince of him. The undead hero remained to chat with the elves he'd just saved. Centus used it as a prime opportunity to evangelize his Queen's "compassion:" swift aid to friends and swift death to foes. Thus was set into motion a series of events that led to Oriseus swearing fealty to Lady Sylvanas over Prince Kael'thas and Lor'themar Theron, becoming a Courier of Compassion.

Oriseus continued his training all across Azeroth and later Draenor. His fellow Couriers informed him of Prince Kael's betrayal weeks before he began working in Outland; it was a foregone conclusion that he would side with the Scryers, and he now boasts exalted status with the defectors as well as the whole of the Horde. When the Couriers were dissolved, Oriseus chose to remain in the Dark Lady's service rather than retire or take a letter of recommendation to another group.

His unquestioning loyalty and daredevil attitude landed him a long-term mission soon afterward. After two years in the field, presumably undercover among the Cult of the Damned, he returned to the Undercity with a lengthy report. While the details are still largely classified the end result of his work was the destruction of a large Cult cell that had posed an increasing threat to Sylvanas' forces. The lasting effects on the warlock himself remain to be seen.


Above all else, Oriseus is motivated by a hatred of demons and Scourge. Warlocking seems a strange choice of professions but he sees it as a means to an end: he seeks nothing less than total subjugation, then destruction, of the Burning Legion. The demons bound to him do not serve by choice or contract, but as slaves, having been summoned and literally beaten into submission. The normally-gentle sin'dorei has a mile-wide sadistic streak where his minions are concerned, regularly tormenting and physically abusing them as well as inviting others to do the same.

His hatred of the Scourge has led him to work extensively for the Argent Dawn and its subsidiary, the Argent Crusade. He is one of the founding members of the Argent Vanguard Coalition and participated in every strike the Coalition made against Naxxramas. However, Oriseus considers Kel'thuzad and his citadel of horrors to be but a large hurdle on the way to the true enemy: the Lich King himself. This attitude of viewing what some might consider a primary goal to be a stepping-stone to something greater is typical of Oriseus' mindset. He is, by his own admission, willing to go to great lengths and stoop to untold lows in order for the sake of what he believes he must ultimately accomplish.

Hexmaster gone a-huntingEdit

Oriseus has also been spotted wearing heavier armor and keeping the company of wild beasts rather than demons. He has in fact trained in the art of the hunt to compliment his warlocking. In sharp contrast to the abusive relationships he has with his minions, he seems to have a deep, fraternal affection for his animal companions. This comes as no surprise to those who know him, given the size of his menagerie at home. His primary hunting partners are the mysterious spirit beast Tâd-amair (short for Padam'tretâd-amair, "he walks through two worlds") and the haughty blue frostsaber Darthanant ("the long-awaited one"). It would appear that his inborn connection to nature has finally resurfaced through the taint of warlock magic: as he specializes in Beast Mastery as a hunter.

Public knowledge and rumorsEdit

  • Oriseus openly admits to having been a strike-force leader in the infamous Twenty-Three-Minute Raid – specifically, the team that invaded the Exodar and felled the Prophet Velen. This, along with numerous other incursions against the draenei and the Exodar in particular, have earned him the epithet "Prophet-Slayer."
  • He is vehemently anti-Alliance but makes concessions for individuals who earn his respect. In particular he is an outspoken defender of the human paladin Siggy's pilgrimages to Undercity – the very place whose defense the Couriers hold paramount.
  • Much to the dismay of numerous women in both the Horde and Alliance, Oriseus is openly gay. He is also an incorrigible flirt with a wandering eye. His flirtations are largely harmless, though, if not meant entirely in jest: his eyes may wander, but his heart doesn't stray.
  • He suffers from a moderate stutter which he keeps suppressed most of the time. It gets out of control when he's tired or stressed. He took up singing in his youth to learn to control his speech, and writes songs as well.
  • Oriseus is a master alchemist specialized in transmutations.
  • Oriseus is exalted with numerous factions, covets titles, and has an extensive collection of mounts and vanity pets.
  • His player coined term "A-side" (meaning Alliance), which has since seen widespread use on the Moon Guard forums, and gave the Argent Vanguard Coalition its official name.
  • His surname's resemblance to the Horde guild Knights of the Last Dawn is purely coincidental, if awkward.

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