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Name : Lasharra Saeren Thalenor

Nicknames : Lash, Pale Lady

Age : 32 when she died

Current home : Zul'Drak

Battle Training : Although trained as a mage in life, specializing in fire magics, the bulk of her training for combat happened after she died. Working with the various trainers in Undercity she learned to summon and master demons and call on the powers of fel magic and curses. She also trained with the, former, Royal Apothecary Society. She could have easily become a member of the RAS, but after relearning the basics of alchemy felt that they held dubious intent, which was later confirmed.

Physical description : Though Lasharra is clearly one of the Forsaken, she seems very well preserved and maintained. No bones protrude from her flesh, and she smells mostly neutral given the heavy herbal lotions she uses. Her skin is so pale that it's practically white, though she does carry a very light rosyness in her cheeks. Her frame is very thin, making her look a bit malnourished. She is exceptionally light, yet unnaturally strong, as most Scourge are.

Companions : Lasharra considers her demons to be 'companions'. It is rare she is seen without one following her at a respectable distance. She also has an overwhelmingly large menagerie of small animals and other 'pets', so it is not out of the ordinary to see something else tagging along after her.

Personality : Generally, Lasharra isn't out looking for trouble. She is somewhat quiet, but by no means shy. Having spent a lot of time alone, she doesn't see a need to go out of her way to talk to others. She is friendly and helpful when it benefits her as well. She is by no means the type to endanger herself for others, though she will go to great lengths to save those she calls friend. If a few demons have to die for her to reach her goal, she won't be terribly broken up about it.

Background : Born and raised in Andorhal, Lasharra lived there on her family's farm until her late teens. She had a relatively happy childhood, shadowing her older sister as she strived to learn how the farm was run. In time she became an alchemist and hedge witch. She treated and cured many sick people as well as animals, livestock and dogs and cats, earning her quite a bit of notoriety. As her skill increased, it seemed like her sister, Moxina, grew more distant toward her.

One night she woke to being forcibly removed from her bed, which was burning for some reason. This was the first sign that she was magically gifted. It was only a matter of days before her belongings were packed up and she was taken to Dalaran to learn to control her abilities. She was a quick study, and became a bit of a handful as personalities clashed with growing hormones and exposure to the other students. She quickly became rivals with one of the Sin'dorei who was a student himself, but training to become an instructor. There was quite a bit of property damage due to their arguments and impromptu duels. During a rather heated debate, she caught him off guard and threw an ice shard at him instead of her more easily controllable fire spells. The result was not what she had hoped for. His arm was slashed deeply when he used it to block the shard at the last moment, his fire ward failing completely. Using her expertise in medicine, she took him up to her room and stitched the wound herself, applying her own specially blended salve. That was the start of a very passionate and magical romance that stretched out through the years spent in Dalaran.

Once rumors of the plague reached Dalaran, Lasharra set out for home, Andorhal. Most of the mages seemed reluctant to help and took a 'wait and see' approach, but this was her family. She stole a horse and headed out as fast as it would carry her. Unfortunately, she had a long and rainy trip ahead of her. Before she could even make it to her family's farm she fell ill with sudden pneumonia. On the last leg of her trip she fell, dying on the outskirts of the Silverpine Forest. As the plague spread and more dead were raised, she 'woke' and fell in line with the rest of the Scourge.

She doesn't remember much of her time spent as another mindless tool of destruction. She is eternally grateful to Sylvanas for freeing her though. After reawakening, 'free' once more, she began her studies as a warlock and became almost fanatical about serving the Dark Lady. After spending more time around other Forsaken though, her fanaticism waned. It was possible to still live for your own goals and have your own plans. She remains loyal to the Banshee Queen to this day, but has become independent once more.

Once all capable heroes were called to Outland, she eagerly went to the foreign planet. Pursuing fame, fortune and glory, she rose in the ranks of the Scryers and became involved in the Sha'tari Skyguard. Eventually, she even rose in the ranks of the Shattered Sun Offensive. During this time, she was reunited with her lost love from Dalaran. They had both changed, but their hearts still yearned for the other. A new, and much more epic, romance ensued. During this time she underwent several operations, made possible after mentoring her old flame. She used carved pieces of soul stone to replace key pieces of bone and motes of water to restore her flesh, drawing on the life force of others. Through this she regained an almost living appearance. She was not able to be completely restored though, and her body does not function as it once did when she was alive. To maintain the rosyness in her cheeks, she must feed on the blood of the living, and when she hasn't consumed flesh and blood, she appears painfully pale and gaunt.

When forces were redirected to Nothrend to confront the Scourge head on, Lasharra and her love took their leave of the shattered Outland and returned to Azeroth. After much involvement in the frozen north, they finally got married formally. Unfortunately, shortly afterward they separated, deciding that their goals had diverged too greatly. The relationship might have been salvageable, but Lasharra is stubborn and came to the conclusion that things would never be as good as they were in the past. During this time she discovered that her sister had become a Death Knight and after reconciling with her sibling, decided to help her sabotage the Lich King's forces in Icecrown.

During her excursions into Icecrown Citadel, she became rather fond of the troll headhunter named Takkouri. They were both part of the Storm Wölves and developed an awkward friendship through the guild that would later blossom into a rather odd and unexpected romance of sorts. Unfortunately, their actions regarding a specialized strain of plague that Lasharra had developed in hopes of infecting her previous lover with lead to them being quietly removed from the ranks. They sought refuge elsewhere, moving among a few other organizations. She has yet found a place to settle into.

The 'experiment' with the plague strain led to the unfortunate loss of Takkouri's life, though it did in fact have the intended effect of turning one undead while weeding out the influence of the Lich King. The headhunter suffered massive amounts of physical damage in the process, but between his remaining regenerative abilities and the bit of necromancy that Lasharra knows, he is more or less intact physically, if not mentally. The incident left Lash shaken and feeling obligated to do all in her power to guide her newly created undead love. While she retains intense emotional connection to Takkouri, she also can't help but marvel at the fruits of her labor and sees him as a successful experiment as well.

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