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Keilya Nightwing is a Night Elf Druid who has dedicated her life to the service of Cenarius and the Cenarion Circle. In recent years she has become an ambassador of sorts for the Circle and for the Kaldorei as a whole, and by extension she has become more trusting of the other Alliance races, though she's still very wary of them.


Though not mind-blowingly gorgeous Keilya is a beautiful woman in her own right. She differs from many Kaldorei women in that she's not exactly feminine - she's quite androgynous. Keilya's body resembles a lean, muscular, extremely tall teenage boy's more than a woman's, with her small chest and lack of hips. Keilya is rather young as far as the elves are concerned, though it would be hard to tell by her face alone. She stands at a rather impressive seven feet two inches and she constantly smells of rain. The clothes she wears look to be hand-made, perhaps by Keilya herself, from the skins of various beasts.

Her hair is cut in a messy pixie style which frames her heart-shaped face quite well, though it almost always seems to be in need of a trim. Her face is lovely in a feral way, with a strong jaw, high cheekbones and large almond-shaped eyes which have now turned from silver to gold due to her exposure to druidic magic. The claw markings that extend from her forehead to her cheeks are indicative of her status as a Druid of the Wild. Recently antlers have started to sprout from her brow, though they seem to be quite new due to the fuzz that still covers them.


Due to the extended amount of time Keilya spends in her various forms her personality has turned totally feral. She's temperamental, moody, incurably sarcastic and volatile and totally unafraid to say what's on her mind, even if it may be inappropriate. She's not the kind of person who doles out respect to everyone who holds out their hand for it - her respect, and also her trust, is something that needs to be earned. Once you have it, though, you have a friend for life. If she had ever learned social etiquette (unlikely, as Isis had never bothered to teach either Keilya or Xaron, and by the time they'd arrived in Astranaar Keilya wouldn't have cared to learn) it's been pretty much totally forgotten. She never quite grasped the strict social customs of the Kaldorei and the only tradition she has ever stuck to is the worship of Elune, Malorne and Cenarius. This has made her something of an embarrassment to the more conservative of her race, but at least her mentors and friends don't seem to mind too much. She does share with her brethren an aloof, even possibly cold air, but around her friends she cools it a tad. Even with her friends however she's quite distant, although this is due mostly to Xaron's death and her own issues with trust than anything else.


Early lifeEdit

Keilya was born four hundred and seventy-four years ago, along with her twin brother Xaron, deep in the forests of Ashenvale, far away from Astranaar. Their mother, Isis, was a Sentinel gone rogue, having isolated herself from other Kaldorei, including her childhood friend Khestra Skygleam, to birth and raise her children with only them and her wolf companion, Al'Danar. Tyrnas, the father of the twins, went to the Emerald Dream long before their birth, knowingly (and probably quite willingly) leaving Isis alone to raise their children. Isis had sung a home in the boughs of one of the tallest trees in the forest, and this would be the home in which Keilya and Xaron would spend the first ninety years of their lives.<p>

Isis spent most of her time patrolling the forests for anything and everything vaguely sinister, and would sometimes be gone for days at a time. Keilya and Xaron had only the animals and plants for company, and so was their deep, innate connection with nature realized. They spent their days wrestling with bear cubs, and finding out which berries and nuts were edible - mostly through trial and error. Their mother's absence, interestingly, didn't create an estrangement. The family was very close, and the twins understood that Isis only left for so long to protect the forest that all three of them loved so dearly.

Around the time the twins turned ninety or so, Isis went on yet another of her vigils. This time she was gone for much longer than usual, and Keilya and Xaron were worried. About two months in to her disappearance they finally found out what happened - Al'Danar returned to the twins with Isis' knife in his mouth, stained with troll blood. With their beloved mother dead the twins no longer wanted to live in their tree home - they set out to find someone, anyone. They stumbled upon Astranaar after a week of traveling through the forest, and after explaining what had happened they were quickly adopted by Khestra Skygleam, a childhood friend of Isis and a fellow Sentinel.

Naturally, Xaron was encouraged to follow the path of the druid, but for Keilya, who felt the same calling, the sexist system barred her for almost a century. Khestra encouraged her to join the Sentinels, which to her credit she did try, but she had no passion for the military. She soon broke away and, with Xaron's help, she began to teach herself druidic magic. Her endeavor went well for a while, but eventually she could no longer go without a proper mentor and she ended up trying to force her way in to the tightly-knit sect - which she ended up being quite successful in, obviously. Keilya trained with her brother for years and the two matched each other almost perfectly in skill, though in quite different ways. Xaron was the warden, nurturing life wherever he went. Keilya was the violent protector, utilizing her skill in her various forms, especially that of the panther, to her advantage as she guarded the fragile balance, and occasionally righted it.

The Third WarEdit

Keilya and Xaron were among the first to be called to battle when the Burning Legion invaded. Though they were far from finished with their studies, the twins barely hesitated in taking up arms to defend Azeroth. It was the first time she'd ever seen a human or an orc, and she'd refused to fight with them at first, but eventually she swallowed her tongue and got on with it - even though, of course, she'd known what the orcs had done to Cenarius.

To this day Keilya remembers every excruciating detail of the battle, from the shade of Archimonde's eyes as he filled with bloodlust to the pitch of the screams that rang out as the soldiers around her fell. Perhaps the worst memory was of watching helplessly as Xaron was killed by Archimonde in his ascent up Hyjal. She slaughtered half a battalion trying to get to her brother, but by the time she arrived at his side there was nothing she could do. Xaron bled to death in Keilya's arms, and momentarily the battle was forgotten as she wept over her brother's lifeless body.

Eventually the battle was won, but there was no joy in Keilya. The destruction of Nordrassil didn't even seem like such a big deal, not until much later at least - Keilya didn't care about becoming suddenly mortal, or perhaps her distraught mind couldn't work its way around the prospect. Either way, all Keilya thought about for almost four years was the loss of her brother. After the war she totally isolated herself from everyone she knew, and only three and a half years after her disappearance did she return, hair that was once long and flowing cropped messily at her hairline, her body thin and pale - a shadow of the beauty and life she once possessed.

Current activitiesEdit

Keilya has finally got her life back on track and, although she hasn't been the same since the War, she's certainly getting better. She's thrown herself wholeheartedly in to serving the Cenarion Circle; it's the only thing that's really keeping her going these days. During her four years in exile she started being followed by a panther cub named Maryn, who has now become her constant companion. They were separated during the Cataclysm, and Keilya has assumed the worst. For a short while Keilya entertained a romantic relationship with a human woman whose name Keilya refuses to speak - they parted ways when her husband returned from Acherus as a Death Knight. She has often been seen in the company of a priestess. She has also sporadically spent time in the Emerald Dream, though she refuses to speak of the experience - from what little information can be gleaned from her, however, Keilya met her father in the Dream, who was less than thrilled by her arrival in to his life. For a while she was a member of the secretive Kaldorei organization Talah Dathanar, but it was disbanded when its leader left for the Dream. She is currently working with a secret military sect. She remained very good friends with Khestra until her disappearance after the Cataclysm.

Opinions of KeilyaEdit

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  • Keilya is left handed.
  • Though she masks it quite well, Keilya has never quite forgiven the druids of the Cenarion Enclave for barring her entrance to the Circle.
  • May be related to Freja Nightwing and Fylerian Nightwing, although this is yet to be confirmed.

OOC InformationEdit

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