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Dosha Darkspear Edit

Dosha is an older Darkspear Troll who fell into the service of the Twilight's Hammer during the events preceding the Cataclysm.

Background Edit

Dosha grew up in Stranglethorn as most Darkspear did, under the crumbling remains of the Gurubashi Empire. She and her mate made it to the Echo Isles with only one daughter surviving to adulthood and her mate - a priest of Bwonsamdi- hexed and killed as many Darkspear were under Zalazane's overtaking of the Isles. All in all - not an unusual story amongst the Darkspear.

She's estranged from her daughter now, whom ran off with a Tauren of all things. Feeling that this is a failure on her part as a mother, she prefers not to talk about it.

Beliefs Edit

Dosha has always been a traditional Troll, so while being a strong opinionated woman never took up the priesthood despite her strong interest in it and lived vicariously through her mate. However, when the Darkspear joined the Horde and were introduced to Shamanism it felt very natural to her, and she gladly took it up. This communion with the Elements filled a void for her and renewed her lust for life.

When the Cultists began filling the streets of Ogrimmar with propaganda, Dosha was intrigued. The land did, afterall, ultimately belong to the Elements and the Old Gods, so it makes sense to her that they would take it back from the unnatural manipulations of the Titans. She believes that ultimately the chaos and destruction will return Azeroth to it's natural state, and that those who are smart enough to ally themselves with the world's true masters will escape destruction and be rewarded for their service - be it in this life or as a spirit.

OOC Edit

Dosha prefers her native language when possible, and speaks without accent in Troll. When speaking Orcish, she does have a thick-ish accent because Orcish is more difficult and less familiar to her. So if you're playing a Troll and in the habit of using the accent regardless of language, please don't be surprised that Dosha's accent is situational. :)

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