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Dieane stands average height of a normal Sin'Dorei, her hair fluffed and elegant and bright fire red. She wears most of the given time some sort of elegant robes and almost all the time wears a hood. She wears a medallion on her chest at all times reffered by members of the Wyrmrest Accord as the Medallion of the Dawn, which pictures a red dragon with it's wings spread wide and it's maw open as if it were getting ready to attack all carved on a dark red dragonscale. Attached to her hips at all time is a very old looking weathered tome with blue draconic runes covering it, magically locked that only she herself can open.


About ten thousand years ago, the dragon Aspect Neltharion created a powerful artifact thought to bring an end to the Bruning Legion's advance, the artifact known as the Dragon Soul (Demon Soul more recently) was wielded by the corrupted Earth-Warder against the other dragonflights with the sole purpose of being the dominant flight and eventually race to rule over all Azeroth. In secret, the crazed Aspect was using the artifact to breed his own dark army which later became known as the Chromatic Dragonflight. Dragons with multiple powers from the multiple flights, but most of the experiment was unsuccessful. Many clutches were lost to the overwhelming power of the artifact. Though, through a miraculous breakthrough, three had hatched each wielding powers of two particular flights, Alanastrasza wielded powers of Life and the Dreamer, Lianastraz, wielding powers of the now chaotic Black's and the spellweaving Blue's, and Nethistrasza, wielding powers of Life and Magic. Shortly after thier births, agents of the Red flight had uncovered Deathwing's plot to breed such a monstrosity and quickly laid siege to his domain. During the course of the siege, the Red's managed to find the three whelps and at first the orders were to destroy the abominations as they were referred to, but in the end, Alexstrasza's compassion had saved them. The whelps were taken and hid from Deathwing under the ruby wings of the Reds.

Growing up the three show impeccable resilience to the powers they were imbued with, and they were all extremely powerful in their craft, but to one demise, the mental stability of the sisters were far less than their cousined brethern and sisters. Through the course of the thousands of years before the Rise of the Quel'Dorei, the three worked and trained vigorously with the elders of the flight, who were brutally hard on them seeing them as abominations that were mistakes to bring into the domain. Finally the three had matured enough to be able to control the mental instabilities they were born with enough to be useful to the Reds and were assigned appropriate duties amongst the flourishing mortal realm.

Nethistrasza had descended upon the newly colonized Quel'Dorei in the forests of Quel'Thelas until the wizard city of Dalaran was raised and she relocated and took her position as a magnus teaching the proper ways of wielding the powers of the Arcane. For years she had worked hands on with the Kirin Tor working her way into the higher ranks until news from the southern kingdom of Stormwind had reached the city. Stormwind had fallen to a being that was unknown even to the Kirin Tor. No one had ever heard or seen of such brutish creatures before, but whatever they were, they were massing up on ships and heading north to Lordaeron and quick.

This, Orchish Horde, as it was referenced as had brought war upon the lands of Lordaeron, quickly and swift they had moved to assault the individual city-states. Netheria sensed a type of magic all too fimiliar to her, dark, twisted, warlocks they called them. She had not seen such power in thousands of years. She knew this had to be the work of an old enemy. Quickly and swiftly Netheria consulted with the Council of the Six, but apparently someone was within them that had also known this evil magic, one named Krasus. Netheria's nerves tingled slightly, a vaguely familiar aura she felt once before, but could not place it. The orcs continued thier assault breaching into the lands of Quel'Thelas. Netheria hastened to defend her former home, but all too late. The borders had been singed by flame. Unknown to her, her sister Lianastraza was also flourishing to aid the Quel'Dorei and the two had finally run into one another and the grave news had settled upon Netheria, Alanastraz was killed, struck down by a horde of orcs and trolls. The mental stability that Netheria had built up resistance to started to fade.

Nethistrasza returned to Dalaran only to hear even more dire news, the dragon queen, Alexstrasza was captured. Her savior so long ago, under the same spell that created herself. The Dragonmaw orcs had somehow found it, or in her mind was given to them, and were using it to enslave the dragon queen to breed them mounts. Enraged and infuriated, Netheria took flight immediately to Khaz Modan unknowing of the operation already underway by the mysterious Krasus. Upon reaching the dwarven lands, Nethistrasza laid waste to the several outlaying orc encampments and caravans. A few days after her arrival and wiping out the Dragonmaw orcs piece by piece, a large caravan was leaving Grim Batol, and suddenly the dragon queen was free. Without any hesitation Nethistrasza flew to aid in the escape and raised the caravan not letting one orc live. Unfortunatley they victory was short lived. Deathwing had exposed himself and killed the eldest of Alexstrasza's consorts, Tyranistraz. With combined efforts of Malygos, Ysera and Norzdormu, Deathwing was once again forced to flee, but suddely another dragon tore off after him...Lianastraza.

As peace seemed to dwell briefly Netheria desperately searched for her missing sibling but to no avail. The search for Deathwing became more and more of an obsession after her failed attempts to find Lianastraza. The scourge had come for Lordaeron, and the entire world blanketed by destruction from not only undead but the Burning Legion as well as kingdoms fell and homeslands shattered under the titan grip of this, "Lich King" as he was called. Netheria took no part in it at all until the shadow fell upon Dalaran. With the assault of Dalaran and the remaining wizards and mages falling back to find aid, Archimonde was released. Netheria with several colleagues aided into retaking Dalaran but again, to no avail. It wasn't until after Malfurion Stormrage had came and left until the remaining wizards placed a magic shell around the city remains and for numerous years Netheria aided into keeping that barrier protected. Once again though, it was time for her to move. The Kirin Tor was bound to rebuild in time and there were more pressing matters at hand.

The search continued for many long years afterwards for Deathwing, even leading through the Dark Portal and into Blades Edge Mountains where Netheria found that Deathwing once again had experimented with powers unlimited and created the Netherwing flight. Feeling remorseful and pity knowing thier pain, Netheria took up arms next to them and aided in fighting off an old enemy...The Dragonmaw Clan. Through success, Viridian, a Netherdrake, swore her allegiance to whatever Netheria's cause in thanks for saving her's and her flights lives, though Netheria was not the only one who recieved this commendation, Viridian sought partnership with Netheria out of the rest.

Returning to Azeroth, word had reached Netheria of the beginning of a new war, War on Magic. Malygos, the Spellweaver had awakened and in his wake, planned a complete sanitization of Azeroth. The mortals use of magic and the chaos it cause was long over due and the war had started in Coldarra where Malygos had constructed something to syphon magic straight from the very fabric of the world. Distraught Netheria refused to aid either side in this matter because she knew deep down the other dragon flights would stand against him, but in time, she had no choice, for the Queen she had to do what was needed. Though she took no part in Malygos's demise at all, she aided in the defense of the Wyrmrest Temple and became a formidable member of the Wyrmrest Accord and taking her position as an Elder on the representing council for the Red Dawn.

Current EventsEdit

Several months ago, Netheria aided in the dragon part of the assault on the Wrathgate after the betrayal of Apothocary Putriss. In the Process, she lost a number of her fellow kin due to the Lich King's minion's. This has drove her to the brink of breaking and closer and closer becoming that which she hunts, Deathwing. Her respect and compassion for the mortal race is slowly failing though continues to aid them only because of orders.

Most currently, she has aided in the assault on Icecrown Citadel with compatriots and friends from Winds of Fate and Sindu Alar.

Out of Character InformationEdit

Netheria is a progressing five year storyline dating back to the player's original character. The storyline has been ripped up and rebuilt over the course of those years through the player's growing knowledge of the mature roleplaying atmosphere and continues to change on a daily basis. In character, Netheria is roleplayed in the public, I.E. major cities and around other mortals, eye as she appears, a Sin'Dorei. Only around her own kind or extremely close friends does her true nature appear.

Netheria, though powerful than both a standard red or blue dragon, she has extreme emotion and stability problems when it comes to using that power. For instance, it either causes great destruction out of shear chaos or it harms herself worse than it does anything else. So, in hind-site, she's no more powerful than the warlock or paladin next to her.

Future SynopsisEdit

As the Cataclysm Expansion encloses, Netheria is going to begin to experience extreme separation from the mortal races. Her compassion, love, and adoration of them will eventually turn complete opposite, whether any actions will come of this will be solely up to the denizens of Wyrmrest Accord.

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