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Deiena is head-and-shoulders taller than most humans. Her armor is dusty black leather, the color of someone who has better things to do than pick out clothes. Her hair is white and stuffed under a battered blue hat. The huntress travels with either a large cat or a tan dog. Kitty is black and white in a spotted pattern. The black looks almost navy. Zippy is tan, with a brown spot on his back. He jumps around almost constantly, but he is capable of focusing, if rarely.


Still variably under construction. Currently: Born in Ashenvale. She is relatively young. She had family issues- her father is dead and her mother blames Dei. Dei left to go... somewhere... when she was 130 (human equivalent: 17). She took a boat across the Great Sea and ended up in Booty Bay. She joined a traveling troupe of entertainers, and traveled the Eastern Kingdoms with them. She did not fight in any of the three wars, as she had no allegiance to any particular area. Nowadays, she spends most of her time in the Eastern Kingdoms, dreading the reach of her mother.


While she has little tolerance for idiots, she puts up with them if she has to. She knows many things, and occasionally offers random tidbits of information. She loves her two pets- a cat named Kitty with whom she has a 'working relationship' (in other words, Kitty wanders around and only comes to Deiena to fight) and a dog named Zippy. She abhors criminals, lowlifes and beggars, and secretly wishes for a bit less excitement in her life. She drinks for a hobby.


“Sit down, shut up, and listen to me. You might learn something."

"Beware the cat."

"Don't make me bite you."

Public Knowledge and RumorsEdit

  • She has a strange, as of yet unnamed disease (noncommunicable) that makes her cough when excited and cough blood on some occasions.
  • Deiena occasionally works for the ACP (APCP- Alliance Player City Project, she calls it ACP ingame).

Out of Character InformationEdit

  • Deiena's person has many names. Call her something at your risk, for she may like it.
  • Hope the history isn't too crappy.

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