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Daginae stands about six feet, two inches with dark long hair strung back in a ponytail and an unmistakable gotee. His armor seems to be rather always shiny and medals and commendations dating back to the early second war are visible on his chest. The Lordaeron crest seems to be everywhere on his armor from his shoulderplates, to the buckles on his boots. His facial expressions seem to either suppose that he's either extremely prideful or just a "whatever" attitude.


Daginae Alexander Besage-Sungrove was born in Gilneas, Lordaeron. He grew up relativley normal and raised a gentlement by his parents Alexander Besage and Erolas Sungrove. He was raised as a warrior, learning the way of wielding a sword and how to fight by his father who at the given time was an officer in the Lordaeron army. Shortly before Daginae became of age to join the fight forces of Lordaeron, His father and mother were called away to the distant south lands of Elwynn forest, left alone in the company of a dear friend of the families, Adelis Lightweaver, a Quel'Dorein warrior from Capitol City, Lordaeron.

Adelis took Daginae under his wing and trained him in everything he knew. Adelis became the father Daginae would never really know showing him how to ride and tame a horse, trips to Silvermoon on occasions where Daginae was exposed to the Quel'Dorein life-style, and the rare trips to Dalaran. Daginae had grown up to finally be of age to join the Alliance and with Adelis at his side, he did. Unfortunatley, times had grown dark in Lordaeron. Alexander had returned with dire news to Daginae and Adelis, greenskin behemoths were on their way to Lordaeron after destroying Stormwind completely, their magics and brute strength alone were too much. Adelis, shocked prepared for a journey to his birth lands in hopes that perhaps maybe the Elders of Silvermoon could potentially aid, but Alexander feared by the time he reached them, it could potentially be too late. Alexander ordered Daginae to pack up what he could and to prepare to head north to Caer Darrow, a fortified island east of Andorhol, that there Daginae would be safe until the armies past, but unknown to Alexander, Daginae was already drafted.

After settling down in Caer Darrow, Alexander was off to war and shortly after so was Daginae. The orchish horde was relentless in thier assaults against the southern Lordaeron kingdoms and no matter what the alliance did it seemed hopeless to resist, until they came to Quel'Thelas. It was here that the Alliance tasted a small bit of victory and the Horde learned they could lose. Though, alot of ground was burned by the Horde and the resistant Almani trolls, they were forced back, but at the cost of the Horde banging down the gates of Capitol City.

Several weeks later, reports came in that the Alliance had won at Capitol City and the orcs suddenly and miraculously turned away. Then that's when Daginae saw him, Adelis. Adelis was standing before him in clad plate armor glistening with a bright white light and he wielded a mighty hammer and beside him, a book inscribed in gold and white. Daginae stared in awe at him. Adelis was there to pull him from his duties and teach him a new path that had been taught to him by none other than Uther the Lightbringer. Adelis knew all along Daginae was special and being a warrior of the light meant being attuned and being one with the Light, not being taught it, but born with it.

Daginae struggled through the trials at first but with his mentor, Adelis, he eventually overcame and became an offical Paladin of the Silver Hand and was awarded his new companion, a charger he named Victory. Daginae and Adelis went straight to the front lines with Uther and the other paladins, but unsuspecting to Daginae he'd meet his father and the eyes fell upon him sorrowfully. Daginae had finally told his father the truth about what he'd done and made his peace. Though, the feelings were rather anger in the beginning, Alexander was truely proud of Daginae in every way.

Together, the Alliance had forced the Horde back to the Dark Portal and the portal sealed shut by Khadgar and Daginae, Adelis and Alexander began thier ways back home, even after the unfortunate loss of Anduin Lothar. Upon coming back towards Khaz Modan, Alexander had gotten separated from Adelis and Daginae and somehow the two ended up imprisoned in Khaz Modan by orcs of the Dragonmaw Clan. Apparently, while Alexander and the rest of the alliance army thought this over, there were orcs still fighting. Through planning and waiting the two had managed to escape and flee for their lives and ran into something they did not expect because neither of them had actually seen one before, they came face to face with a red dragon. Adelis in his infinite wisdom decided it was a good idea to kneel and pay homage to it knowing through family heritage that dragons were almost sacred and wise. Daginae, however decided it better to his it, and in which case it decided to pick Daginae up by the shoulders, fly him high into the air, and suddenly drop him. It was at this point in time, Daginae placed his faith fully into the Light and managed to pull something off that not even his master could, he completely broke his fall with a protective barrier made entirely of the Light's energy. Finally, after the little fisticuffs with the dragons had come to an end, Adelis had persuaded the dragon to fly them back to Capitol City, or rather, just outside of it considering the stories of the battle that took place just a few months prior.

Peace had settled over Lordaeron as it seemed, until of course, the Scourge came. Whispers of a nameless fear were being talked all over the place about a plague and people seeing the dead come to life. In the coming months, alot of tragedy had come over Daginae in a swift moment, his Prince, fallen to the darkness killing his own father, and raising the entire kingdom into the ground, the Fall of Quel'Thelas in which Adelis and Daginae desperately tried to stop and Daginae barely escaped with his life, but Adelis fell in battle. As Arthas entered Quel'Thelas, Adelis was struck down by several abominations. Daginae grieved briefly as he attempted to reach the only standing city left, Dalaran in hopes of reaching his mother but it all came too late as Dalran was destroyed in mere seconds. With nowhere else to go, Daginae fled to the only free-standing holy ground left, Light's Hope Chapel. Under Commander Eligor Dawnbringer, Daginae served what was left of the Silver Hand under what became the Argent Dawn.

During his time at Light's Hope, the Sin'dorei came into existence, the brethren of the fallen Quel'Dorei. While serving the Argent Dawn, Daginae met his future bride, Surantha, a Sin'Dorei from the rebuilding city of Silvermoon. Though, the last remaining Alliance vestiges would highly disagree with him, he pursued his interests regardless. Under the Argent Dawn, they were wed and had one child, Talon, but once more war had come on all fronts, the Lich King was setting up for his final assault upon the world. Necropolis's were sprouting all over the world and the plague that had struck his homelands as well was popping up and he as well as numerous others rallied to fight off the scourge forces and the plague. After numerous months, the Lich King drew back his forces and the necropolis, Archeus had moved itself above Light's Hope. The shadow had come and it was only a matter of time before the end was near.

The Lich King launched a massive assault on Light's Hope Chapel, with now fresh Knights to serve him from his previous campaign, the chapel was hopelessly outnumbered. Surprisingly Daginae and mostly all the others survived minus the handful of defenders. Daginae witnessed first hand the rebirth of the very weapon he had heard only in fairy tales by Adelis many years ago about the paladin Alexandros Mograine turning an artifact of pure evil into a soley holy weapon against the undead. From this day one, Daginae served the Argent Crusade loyally.

Current EventsEdit

Daginae has currently taken a leave of absence from the Argent Crusade since the recent passing of his wife. The demise of his beloved Surantha has practically split his mental stability in half as he's former Schizophrenia. He see's his former master, Adelis Lightweaver almost wherever he goes now.

Daginae has also finally taken a step into Stormwind City for the first time in his life. He's very unfamiliar with the city and it's people.

Out of Character InformationEdit

Daginae's player is a five year roleplayer who has worked continuously on this character and his alternates. This is on of his "normal" so to say characters, nothing to great, but nothing too boring either.

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