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This former Sentinel’s expression is always veiled, her eyes hooded, as if sheer will alone can prevent any other Kaldorei from recognizing her face from the past.


From Cerraline’s journal:

“Now that the fires of the places of the living have warmed my heart, what do I remember?

Ameth'Aran, city of magic, city of wild ambition. I do not know why, but I remember leaving there. It was an ominous reason, but that, too, I cannot fathom. And at what age was I when I fled the city?

The Sisters of Elune. It was they who taught me discipline, and the ways of the sword. I excelled, and became a Sentinel, a guardian of my new home, Nordrassil. I fell in love, chose a mate, the druid Alrantir, and bore a daughter.

And as the babe lie crying in my hands, the Sisters then sent me far and wide across the lands, across the seas, and, ultimately, to my death, though I know that somehow, I am fulfilling the lifeplan that Elune set out for me.

Who am I? A tool, a shell, an instrument of destruction? Or a person still, a Kaldorei, the same in mind, but changed in body. This is what I must discover.

And my daughter. Perhaps it is best that she does not know me, but I will watch over her as best I can and keep her safe.”

Public Knowledge and RumorsEdit

  • Unbeknownst to Cedia, Cerraline is her real mother. When Cerraline joined the Sentinels’ expedition to explore the world, she gave her newborn child to Irithel, a priestess and childhood friend. This information would only be known to Kaldorei priestesses who were Sentinels about 300 years ago, and, even then, they were sworn to secrecy.

Out of Character InformationEdit

Cerraline is the alternate character of the player of Cedia on Wyrmrest Accord.

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