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Centuries of training have made this Sentinel’s archery form perfect, her movements precise, though they appear to be a natural extension for her. Wisps of hair escape her long feather-bedecked braid and frame her face. She is usually smiling, as if her thoughts are elsewhere upon pleasant things.


Celinde with her Winterspring Frostsaber on patrol in Ashenvale.


Celinde grew up in Ashenvale, and became a Sentinel along with her dear childhood friend, Velinde Starsong. When the orcs moved in, she began fighting at Silverwing Outpost. When Velinde disappeared, Celinde became distraught and vowed to do anything to find her. She became a nuisance, and was told to either drop the issue or leave the Sentinels. Now that Velinde’s story is out, she feels justified enough to leave Ashenvale and travel the world.


Starsong, named after Velinde.


Public Knowledge and RumorsEdit

  • ”Velinde and Celinde the twins” was a phrase commonly heard in Ashenvale when the former was still alive. The two in fact are not related at all, but they do share the same hair color and were inseparable when they were younger.

Out of Character InformationEdit

  • Assume Celinde is roleplaying unless otherwise noted by double brackets. This, however, is very rare. Celinde’s player is rather adamant about being IC all of the time. She feels that if party chat is the default OOC channel, roleplay tends to go out the window. There are plenty of devices in the Warcraft world which allow communication over distance. Our characters can teleport, for crying out loud! A true exception would be a channel that is labeled OOC, such as RPChatter.
  • Celinde’s player was instructed by her doctor never to use voicechat as it exacerbates her medical condition. She is disabled with fibromyalgia, and for that condition, stress equals pain. The stress of many people talking through speakers has proven too stressful in the past. Most people do not accept this explanation, so Celinde’s player usually just says that she is deaf to prevent stressful arguing.
  • More information on Celinde’s player can be found at She also has a very old website dedicated to her other character’s stories in various games at Don’t expect any more stories anytime soon, though, as writing is one of the things fibromyalgia has stolen from her in recent years.
  • Celinde’s player is indeed female, probably older than you are, and is very happily married to the player of Serithar. She does not ERP, but does like being involved in romantic storylines in which the “camera fades to black” at the crucial moment.
  • Cedia and Cerraline are Celinde’s alternate characters. She apparently likes names starting with “Ce”.

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