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Cedia is a fairly slightly-built elf at the end of her adolescence. She frequently appears to be gazing off into nowhere in particular with a furrowed brow. Her skin is often smudged with dirt, her hair tangled. Her clothing is often askew, and sometimes her shirt is on backwards.


Cedia’s father, Alrantir, was one of the first druidic students of Malfurion Stormrage after the Sundering. He had just married the light of his life, the Sentinel Irithel, and when it was time to begin the Long Vigil, he taught her how to waken him so he could visit with her from time to time. As females were not permitted in druidic society, this was frowned upon, though, being a newlywed himself, Malfurion allowed this for the lovers’ sake. Alrantir was favored by Aviana, and eventually became a Druid of the Talon, thus earning the surname “Leafsinger”.

After Cedia was born, Alrantir wakened from the Emerald Dream more often, and became very close to his daughter. During the war against the Burning Legion, he stood with the rest of the druids under Malfurion’s command. Sorrowed by the loss of Nordrassil, the Leafsinger family settled in Ashenvale, with Alrantir resuming his dreaming in the Dor'Danil Barrow Den.

Not long after, word of Dor’Danil being infiltrated and corrupted reached the Leafsinger family. Wasting no time, Irithel packed up her daughter and belongings and moved to Darnassus, where she lives to this day.

When the Cenarion Circle withdrew the male-only requirement for druidic membership, Cedia was quick to apply, vowing to learn what happened to her father and one day be reunited with him.

Cedia was just fine following in her father's footsteps until a dream about a visit from Ysera. She's not sure if it was real or not, but just in case she decided to forsake her Druid training in favor of becoming a Huntress.


“One day, I will see Father again… in the Emerald Dream.”

“Mmm… cheese…”

“Can’t we just ignore the war? I mean, it’s so depressing.”

“Um, what?”

Public Knowledge and RumorsEdit

  • “Dreamchaser” is a nickname given to Cedia by her mother because the girl is so fixated upon entering the Emerald Dream. Cedia now uses it as a surname.
  • Cedia used to hate to shapshift into animal form and did so only when absolutely necessary, because she felt that animals were “dirty”. She has since recanted that observation after a visit from the spirits of Bear and Cat. The story is Shifting Dreams, also listed below.
  • Cedia is a vegetarian, though she will eat cheese and drink milk.
  • Cedia has a cousin, Loreas, a fellow druid. She worries about him, because he prefers to stay in animal form.
  • Cedia began her journey into Outland with a friend of Loreas’ called Serithar Frostwind, a reclusive night elf hunter and war veteran who lived in the wilds of Winterspring. She looks upon him as her protector, but secretly wishes something more.
  • After meeting Raelorasz, Cedia has developed a crush on male dragons. She is currently endlessly pondering the idea that dragonkin are the result of a dragon/humanoid love relationship.


Out of Character InformationEdit

  • In game, Cedia the Hunter is "Dreamchaser". Cedia the Druid is "Cedia".
  • Assume Cedia is roleplaying unless otherwise noted by double brackets. This, however, is very rare. Cedia’s player is rather adamant about being IC all of the time. She feels that if party chat is the default OOC channel, roleplay tends to go out the window. There are plenty of devices in the Warcraft world which allow communication over distance. Our characters can teleport, for crying out loud! A true exception would be a channel that is labeled OOC, such as RPChatter.
  • Cedia’s player was instructed by her doctor never to use voicechat as it exacerbates her medical condition. She is disabled with fibromyalgia, and for that condition, stress equals pain. The stress of many people talking through speakers has proven too stressful in the past. Most people do not accept this explanation, so Cedia’s player usually just says that she is deaf to prevent stressful arguing.
  • More information on Cedia’s player can be found at She also has a very old website dedicated to her other character’s stories in various games at Don’t expect any more stories anytime soon, though, as writing is one of the things fibromyalgia has stolen from her in recent years.
  • Cedia’s player is indeed female, probably older than you are, and is very happily married to the player of Serithar. She does not ERP, but does like being involved in romantic storylines in which the “camera fades to black” at the crucial moment.

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