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AllianceNPC 32Bishop Kilpatrick
Title <Founder of New Duskhaven>
Gender Male
Race Worgen (Humanoid)
Level 21
Affiliation Gilneas
Location Stormwind

Bishop Kilpatrick is a Gilnean that was born in Stormhaven. He trained under his father as a Blacksmith up until he became old enough to join the Gilnean Guard. Seeing Gilneas for the first time gave him a sense of awe and strengthened his patriotism even further. Unfortunately not long after he joined the Guard, the Worgen Threat arrived. Realizing that this is what he was meant to do, he bravely assisted King Greymane and the Northgate Rebels in defending Gilneas, to the bitter end. Sadly, he himself succumbed to the plague that ravage Gilneas. It was years before he was caught and given the potion that temporarily would allow him mental control. He still has glimpses of his life as a beast and the thoughts of what he may have done, terrify him. At some point he had taken a rather brutal blow to his right arm, bearing a scar, he himself cannot yet explain. Upon gaining control of his mind, he swore to aid the Refugees of Gilneas however he could. Yet again the opportuniy arose with the invasion of the Forsaken. While battling off the Undead menace, he stumbled upon Crowley and his new Allies, the Night Elves. It was at this time that Bishop discovered the source of his afflicition, and a more useful solution. A brave assualt by both the Worgen and Night Elves, returned the Artifact that they needed to temporarily gain Human form again. His faith in the steadfastness of Gilneas restored, and his new found faith in the Elven Allies with him, Bishop pushed onward to free Gilneans that had been enslaved...

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