Vurtne is a well known Swedish player in World of Warcraft particularly within the PvP and Mage communities where he became famous for releasing videos often showing him killing many opponents who both out numbered him and wore gear vastly superior to his own. His videos have gone on to become some of the most downloaded in World of Warcraft with a combined total of 1,136,591 downloads, aswell as 920,001 views which currently places him 9th in the Hall of Fame on the popular movie website

Vurtne released his first PvP video in 2006 to wide acclaim and continued to release another four videos before quitting the game in mid 2007 largely due to dissatisfaction with the state of the Mage class in the newly released Burning Crusade expansion. He has since returned in 2008 with the release of a teaser for his new video, Vurtne 5 however his return to the game has not been without controversy with critics quick to point to his dismal arena performance and low quality PvP despite PvP gear being substantially easier to acquire since the release of the Expansion.

During WoTLK, Vurtne participated in PvE content, which was new since Vurtne always ignored the PvE content. He also managed to get 1900 rating on his BG as the first one in 3v3, along with ‘Kíí’ and ‘Bestrogueuk’! But quit after hitting the rating. Know that Vurtne always hated arena, this was also something new for him, it's unclear why he suddenly became active in PvE and arena. Vurtne quit WoW after the Ulduar patch hit. He transferred his character to another server, which has hasn't touched since then. The character still shows up as a level 80 mage.

Play styleEdit

In the first 2 movies, he used a "PoM Frost" talent spec, that allowed him to cast spells such as Polymorph and Frostbolt, instant. In the third and fourth videos Vurtne used an "Elemental" talent spec that was popular for lvl60 Mages who wanted to focus on PvP as it offered high burst damage through Shatter as well as survivability with Ice Block this was achieved largely at the cost of mana efficiency. Vurtne was also very liberal with his use of engineering trinkets and grenades when killing his opponents. With the release of the Burning Crusade expansion Vurtne has adopted a cookie cutter 17/0/44 Frost talent spec that allows for high survivability whilst utilising Shatter combos for damage combined with improved Counterspell to prevent spell casting and healing.

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