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Server was created on Friday, July 22nd 2005.

Ursin is a lovely medium population PVP server. The name Ursin comes from... well... We aren't quite sure! Ursin is a server name that could be a misspelling by Blizzard of Ursol the Bear god, or Ursine the language of the furbolgs. "EDIT" August 22nd 2011 Ursin is now a low population pvp server. Approximately 500 alliance active accounts and 1600 horde.

PvE ProgressionEdit

Miscellaneous LinksEdit

Active GuildsEdit

Alliance 15AllianceEdit

Horde 15HordeEdit

Server Firsts ( As of 1/13/09 ) Edit

Naxxramas (10/25)Edit

  • Anub'Rekhan - Resurrection
  • Grand Widow Faerlina - Resurrection
  • Maexxna - Resurrection
  • Patchwerk - Resurrection
  • Grobbulus - Resurrection
  • Gluth - Resurrection
  • Thaddius - Resurrection
  • Noth the Plaguebringer - Resurrection
  • Heigan the Unclean - Resurrection
  • Loatheb - Resurrection
  • Instructor Razuvious - Resurrection
  • Gothik the Harvester - Resurrection
  • The Four Horsemen - Resurrection
  • Sapphiron - Resurrection
  • Kel'Thuzad - Resurrection

The Nexus: The Eye of EternityEdit

  • Malygos (10/25) - Resurrection

The Obsidian SanctumEdit

  • Sartharion (10/25) - Resurrection
  • Sartharion w/ 3 Drakes (25) - Teh Slax

Vault of ArchavonEdit

  • Archavon the Stone Watcher (10/25) - Misc pugs


Flame Leviathan - Exselium

Alliance 15Alliance: 34 Horde 15 Horde: 1

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