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I am a citizen of Stormwind and a holy priestess of the Light. As a female champion and hero, I look up to some of the amazing women of Azeroth. Though the night elves have different views on the nature of the light, Tyrande Whisperwind has been a great inspiration for how a priestess can exercise both her power and her humility in battle and in peace. The little-known heroism of Iridi is a credit to our calling. Above all, in both my personal and professional trials, Lady Jaina Proudmoore has been perhaps my greatest inspiration. Lady Jaina should be a role model for us all as we search for peace and understanding in a difficult world full of old hatreds and constant struggles. Even as we wield great power and struggle against mortal enemies, justice demands that we restrain our anger and violence.

I am still fairly young among the heroes of Azeroth, having only taken up the call during the recent push into Northrend for the war against the Scourge. I remember stories of Illidan and the Outlands of Draenor when I was very young, but I did not take part in those historic events. However, I was among those who stormed Icecrown Citadel and I ultimately was among the group who slew the Lich King.


As a holy priestess of the Light, my great purpose is to provide aid all the members of my party. I have many tools at my disposal and move fluidly between them as the situation demands. I seek not to have the glory of a high ranking, but to have the situational abilities to empower all my friends to reach success in every situation. The Light is here to brighten our way and bring us harmony as protect those who would seek peace.

I believe the paladins fundamentally misunderstand the nature of the light: it is a power of life and harmony, of peace and warmth. It is not a source of power with which to do battle. A true follower of the Light does not seek glory or indulge themselves in a sense of righteousness. One can not be both truly holy and a warrior, and those who try are as susceptible to corruption as any student of the arcane. If one doesn't grasp this from their studies of the Light itself, one need only look at the tragedy of Arthas.

Sadly, even those of us with the greatest intentions occasionally stray from the true path. In my youth, I came across certain texts and teachings that introduced me to the shadowy powers of disease, destruction and death. I didn't understand then, but the darkness that comes when you stray near these fel energies—well, it marks you forever. I still feel the taint and the temptation of these shadowy abilities at times of great struggle. I have the knowledge and power to wield these powers to great effect, consuming my enemies' bodies and minds with a shadowy darkness, breaking their link to the light and the forces of life. However, I do not like what these powers do to my enemies, and I like even less what wielding them does to me. I have these skills, but I choose not to use them unless I absolutely must. I wish I were strong enough to forego them altogether, but I have yet to summon the discipline.

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