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This article is a realm page for the Uldaman US realm (server)

This is a community maintained page and does not represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences. Information and events here are for community documentation of server particulars, history, or opinion.

Named after an ancient Titan vault that has laid buried deep within the earth since the world's creation. This PvE eastern server was launched on May 18th, 2006, on the World of Warcraft PTR and July 14th, 2006 as a Live realm. The server typically hovers around low population. Alliance - Horde populations are fairly even with the Horde winning Wintergrasp and Tol Barad a majority of the time. Since the creation of the realm, Uldaman has grown into a vibrant community ideal for typical raider as it is a PVE realm. The Alliance side of the realm is usually very active in that there are always PuGs running various instances or Rated Battlegrounds. As for the Horde side, They tend to more hardcore raiders as not many people are online at times of low activity, they tend to only come online to raid. The official World of Warcraft Uldaman Realm Forum can be found here.

The Alliance guild BloOdshriNe kNighTs has planned a celebration for the 6th anniversary of the server going live. The event took place south of Goldshire, the event included a massive fireworks display and initiated world PVP.

An IRC channel has been created for Uldaman for those who wish to chat. It is a good place to meet new friends, guilds, and even start some nice cross-faction rivalries.

Network: Gamesurge ( Channel: #uldaman

If you do not know what IRC is and haven't got an IRC client here's a guide to get you started.

Guild Listing Edit

Alliance 15 Alliance Edit

  • Auxile (Formerly Audacity and Exile)
  • Serendipitous (formerly, The Crimson Tide)
  • Edge of Aggression - Website
  • Nexus - Website
  • Point of Authority - Website (Now disbanded)
  • Wrath of Medivh, The

Horde 15 Horde Edit

Progression Edit

The Uldaman Progression from WoWProgress (

Rare Trades/Crafts Edit

Alchemy Edit

  • Flask of Titans - Aex (H), Medivvh (A), Mordious (A), Shiztec (H)
  • Flask of Distilled Wisdom - Aex (H), Cappricio (A), Evildeeds (A)
  • Flask of Supreme Power - Fi(A), Opathis (A), Shiztec (H), Sarzac (H)
  • Flask of Chromatic Resistance - Apollonia (A), Cappricio (A), Shiztec (H), Sarzac (H)

Blacksmithing - Armorsmith Edit


Burning Rage [1] [H] – Lobotomy [A] - Zebrakiller

Flame Guard [2] [H] – Lobotomy

Enchanted Adamantite Armor [3]

Faith in Felsteel [4] [A] – Aquetis (Gloves, Helm), Barista (Helm, Gloves) [H] –Lobotomy(Helm, Gloves)

Iceguard (FrR) – 1 Primal Nether each [5] [A] – Greatajax [H] - Lobotomy [A] - Zebrakiller

Khorium Ward [6] [A] – Barista (Belt) [H] – Lobotomy

Wildguard (NR) – 1 Primal Nether each [7] [A} – Greatajax [H] - Lobotomy

Non–set Armor

Helm of the Stalwart Defender- 1 Primal Nether [8] [H] – Lobotomy

Black Felsteel Bracers – 1 Primal Nether [9] [H] – Galam

Blessed Bracers – 1 Primal Nether [10] [A] – Backcandle [H] – Kashu

Bracers of the Green Fortress – 1 Primal Nether [11] [A] – Greatajax

Felfury Gauntlets – 1 Primal Nether [12] [A] – Barista

Gauntlets of the Iron Tower – 1 Primal Nether [13] [H] – Changingskin, Kashua

Oathkeeper’s Helm – 1 Primal Nether [14] [H] – Galam

Swiftsteel Gloves [15] [H] – Rocc, Lobotomy

Steelgrip Gauntlets – 1 Primal Nether [16] [A] - Barista [H] – Kashu

Blacksmithing - Weaponsmith Edit

Dirge – 2 Primal Nethers [17] [H] - Lobotomy [A] - Zebrakiller

Eternium Runed Blade – 2 Primal Nethers [18]

Hand of Eternity – 4 Primal Nethers [19] [H] – Kashu

Fel Edged Battleaxe – 2 Primal Nethers [20] [A] – Plagiarizer [H] – Kashu

Fel Hardened Maul – 2 Primal Nethers [21] [A] – Greatajax

Felsteel Longblade – 2 Primal Nethers [22] [H] – Kashu

Felsteel Reaper – 2 Primal Nethers [23] [H] – Galam

Khorium Champion – 2 Primal Nethers [24] [A] – Ashline

Runic Hammer – 2 Primal Nethers [25] [A] – Ashline [H] – Kashu, Rocc

Enchanting Edit

  • +30 Spell Damage - Alayna (H), Bigshot (A), Cynesis (H), Sumiya (A), Zarela (H)
  • +22 Intellect - Permafrost (A)
  • +20 Spirit - Fi (A), Medivvh (A), Permafrost (A)
  • +15 Strength Weapon - Fi (A), Medivvh (A)
  • +15 Agility Weapon - Aex (H), Cynesis (H), Fi (A)
  • +25 Agility Weapon - Aex (H), Cynesis (H), Fi (A)
  • +55 Healing Weapon - Bigshot (A), Scy (H)
  • Crusader - Aex (H), Bigshot (A)
  • Lifestealing - Darkky (A)
  • +20 Shadow Gloves - Fi (A)
  • +20 Fire Gloves - Fi (A), Wormfood (H)
  • +15 Agility Gloves - Execution (A)
  • +2% Threat Gloves -
  • +Dodge Cloak - Tadrahn (A)
  • +Stealth Cloak -
  • +15 Fire Res Cloak - Fi (A)
  • +15 Nature Res Cloak - Fi (A)
  • +9 Strength Bracers - Permafrost (A)
  • +24 Healing Bracers - Fi (A)
  • 4 MP5 Bracers - Fi (A)
  • +4 Stats Chest - Alienspy (A)

Engineering Edit

  • Hyper-Radiant Flame Reflector - Ctrlaltdel (H)

Leatherworking Edit

  • Black Dragonscale Boots - Gun (H), Mysticalfire (A), Krunch (H), Zariel (A), Masticate (A), Shaorhan (A)
  • Black Dragonscale Breastplate - Zariel (A), Masticate (A), Shaorhan (A)
  • Black Dragonscale Gloves - Zariel (A), Masticate (A), Shaorhan (A)
  • Lava Belt - Mysticalfire (A), Krunch (H), Venis (A), Yikes (A), Zariel (A), Masticate (A), Shaorhan (A)
  • Molten Helm - Venis (A)
  • Chromatic Cloak - Euphorics (H), Gun (H), Mysticalfire (A)
  • Dreamscale Breastplate -
  • Hide of the WIld - Yikes (A), Masticate (A), Greystryx (A), Ragol (H), Pherun (H)
  • Corehound Boots - Yikes (A)
  • Devilsaur Leggings - Annala (A)
  • Devilsaur Gauntlets - Kashka (A)
  • Onyxia Scale Cloak - Kashka (A), Trash (A)

Tailoring Edit

  • Bottomless Bag - Ragnark (A)
  • Belt of Archmage - Cynesis (H)

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