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Warning this character page might contain too awesome jokes or chuck norris references, if you cant handle that mutch awesomeness i suggest you leave.

Biography Edit

The Grand Title "Best Drakedog Fanboy" is only bestowed upon Delighted, a Undead Warlock from the Twisting Nether EU realm. He is by far the best Warlock to ever grace his being on his server, World of Warcraft, and the universe itself. He ranks upon the status of that of Chuck Norris, Steve Urkle and Jack Bauer and almost Drakedog (Amen). Delighted is so incredibly pro that the term "Delighted Best Drakedog Fanboy" is said all throughout Twisting Nether as to remind each individual that nobody has come close to his skills. Although he hails from Twisting Nether EU realm, the "Best Drakedog Fanboy" catch phrase stretches beyond his realm and onto the other, newer realms. There are rumors that the term has even found its way onto US servers.

Mount Edit

Delighteds epic mount is named Memphosis wich orginally was a blood elf mage but as he saw Delighted he begged to him to be used as a mount and for the first time Delighted accepted this mortals request.


Rumors Edit

Supposedly, Delighted can kill you even when he is a ghost. This is unconfirmed, because he has yet to be defeated.

Delighted cried once... thats how the Veiled Sea formed.

When Delighted uses Bladestorm, it cures one person in the world of cancer. Too bad he isn't a warrior.

Aliens do exist. They're just waiting for Delighted to logout first before they attack.

Delighted is the best Drakedog Fan Boy.

Delighted backpedals faster than he moves while walking forward.

Delighted has 10 slots for rings.

Delighted can kill his own faction.

When you try to cast a spell on Delighted a warning appears on your screen asking you if you're sure.

Delighted's spells are so powerful they can destroy a Paladin's Divine Shield

Rumors say that Delighted can catch all Pokemon at once.

Every time Delighted sneezes, it is recorded and uploaded to Youtube as a hot new Dubstep single.

Delighted deleted the recycle bin.

Delighted can have 50 characters on any realm.

When Delighted logs into World of Warcraft, Blizzard logs out.

The Big-Bang was Delighted's first Chaos Bolt. He has been perfecting it since then.

When an enemy is casting on Delighted, Delighted is typing /stopcasting.

Delighted won the World Series of Poker. ...using Pokemon cards.

Delighted doesn't buy mounts he just rides other players and kills them when they slow down.

It is said that pets and minions that attempted to hurt Delighted became his servants in the end.

Pvp Videos Edit

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