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This article is a realm page for the Tichondrius US realm (server)

This is a community maintained page and does not represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences. Information and events here are for community documentation of server particulars, history, or opinion.

Tichondrius is a Pacific Time PvP server that came online upon the release of World of Warcraft.

PvP on Tichondrius

  • One of the original 13 servers upon release; Tichondrius became well-known as a hardcore PvP community during the release of cross-realm battlegrounds and has since become one of the best PvP servers in all of WoW content.
  • Tichondrius is considered to be one of the most hardcore PvP servers in the world, although Server:Blackrock US is often said to have more hard-core world pvp.

Famous Players on Tichondrius

  • Tichondrius plays host to some amazing players. Most notable of these players is the elusive "Franksintra". Legends have it that Franksintra has the highest recorded MMR (Match Making Rating) in WoW arena history (3412). This was achieved by entering solo into 3v3 matches, and simply never being killed due to his casts being un-kickable from years of fake-casting practice in the mountains of Malaysia.

Tichondrius IRC Channel (

  • #battlegroup9 - The Bloodlust (BG9) battlegroup channel, most of the IRC moderators are from Tichondrius.


  • T A O (Horde) and Notorious (Alliance) showed the world of their hardcore style of WSG play and easily dominated every PvP team on the PTR realm as well as on the battlegroup. The two guilds are blamed for bringing many transfers to the server that wish to seek competition.
  • The Battlegroup 9 Warsong Gulch League is largely considered the beginning of WoW organized PvP across servers with rankings and an official ladder with standings, scores and rosters. The WSG League originated from PvP guilds and players on the Tichondrius realm seeking to promote competitive PvP play in an organized capacity. Any team on BG9 wishing to participate were able to sign up and participate in the league. Matches were organized over voice communication to sync up Queues for WSG and final scoreboard screenshots were posted at the completion of the match. At the end of the first season of the league Notorious and T A O finished first and second respectively, Notorious having won the championship match. Winning this championship spurred a WSG match between Notorious and the guild Nurfed who were part of a highly competitive 5v5 PvP scene on their own server. The match took place on the PTR server as Nurfed was not yet on a BG9 server. During the match Nurfed showed off their organized team fighting skills winning the overall Kill-Death ratio on the final scoreboard averaging 44 kills while the Notorious teamaveraged 32 kills. However Notorious' familiarity of advanced WSG tactics and their experience playing countless games gave them the edge winning the match 3-0 in 51 minutes. In addition to prompting Nurfed to server transfer to BG9, it also lead to a few of their team members leaving Nurfed to join Notorious, forming the Arena team "Power Trip."
  • At the release of the Arena system, team "Power Trip" gained much popularity for their dominance of the qualifiers and Bloodlust battlegroup and was sponsored by Team Pandemic([1]). This team has been recognized as the best PvP team in the world by sweeping all the WSVG events and also winning the 'Fury Challenge' ([2]) in a cross-genre battle between CS:S Team Turmoil. Team Pandemic is mostly made of transfers but Ecilam and Nitrana of Pandemic are Tichondrius bred.
  • Other noteable sponsored teams on Tichondrius are: Team Fnatic([3]) (Made up of the founders/officers of Insurrection), Check Six([4]) (Made up mostly of [5] rerollers from Blackrock, the 2nd team ever to be sponsored in WoW, after Pandemic), and MoB TurtleForce([6]) (Transfers from Reckoning and team of Zecks).

Even in beta, Tichondrius was not for you.


Mike Morhaime knows Tichondrius is not for you.


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Rare Crafting

Rare crafting plans for both factions can be found on this page.

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