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Ameliea Moonclaw was just one of three children born to Huntress Saphera Moonclaw and the Druid Rosec Moonclaw. Her other two sisters were named Naleara and Jenessa. The triplets all seemed to show some skill in combat by the time they were in their pre-teens. Unlike her two sisters, Ameliea was more advanced in melee (Naleara was a Mage and Jenessa was a Priest). She decided to leave Teldrassil (where her family was located at the time) and move to Stormwind to study being a Warrior.

While in Stormwind, she was taken under the wing of a Warrior named Ethgar Swornblade. Ethgar had other students also, who treated Ameliea as if she was a child because she was the only female in the class. She proved to be a force to be reckoned with; she won every duel she fought with the other students. Ethgar admired her attitude, and fell in love with his student. When he told her of his feelings, she rejected him saying she was too immersed in her training, and was planning to go back to Darnusses to see her family.

When she reached Darnusses, she immediately went to her old home. Only her mother remained, for her father had died years before and her sisters were married off and had families of their own. Ameliea decided that she didn't want a husband nor children, and she would become a powerful warrior. She left Darnusses to go to Shattrah City to find her uncle, who her mother had told her was a wise warrior who had killed many demons in his day. She hoped he would help her.

When she reached the city, she met a Forsaken named Gervad. He was good friends with her Uncle, but he gave her the news that he had left Shattrah many weeks earlier. Gervad decided to go with Ameliea to find her Uncle, who's name was Torkar Silverthread. He had gone to Dalaran to attend an event. Gervad and Ameliea had a complicated romance, but they later dismissed all feelings.

Once in Dalaran, Ameliea found Torkar, who was quite excited to see his neice and be given the opportunity to train her. She trained with her Uncle for three years, until he had taught all he was able to teach. By that time, Ameliea was a respected Warrior, and more wise then many of her class. Yet, her desire was not quenched. She felt as if she had only learned a quarter of what there was to learn. She criticized Torkar for not wanting to teach her, and claimed he was afraid that she would eventually become a greater Warrior then him. Even though she knew these were lies, she left her Uncle and the Forsaken that came to be her most trusted friend.

With no where else to go, Ameliea wanted to look for her sisters. According to her mother, Naleara had lost all touch with the family after her husband died, and Jenessa lived in Southshore in Hillsbrad Foothills. She hoped her sister would help guide her to where she should go next.

Jenessa hadn't seen her sister in years, and the two shared a teary reunion. Jenessa told her about their father's death, and Naleara's disappearance. Her father had been killed by an Orc while in Warsong Gulch, and Naleara had gone into depression after her husband pulled suicide. Ameliea proposed that the two find their other sister, but Jenessa said no, and did not give a direct answer to why she didn't want to find her. Ameliea stayed with Jenessa for a week, and then went to Feralas where her sister was last seen.

In Feralas, she found a wounded Orc Shaman named Barzog Chainworg. While at first reluctant to help him (because of the death of her father), she decided to heal him with some health potions she had. Once fully recovered hours later, he thanked the Night Elf for her kindness. He claimed he wasn't prejudice to members of the Alliance, and told her he would help her find her sister. Ameliea declined his help, but he followed her anyway to her dismay. After hours of the Orc following her, she allowed him to accompany her, but once they found Naleara, he was to never speak to her again.

They made their way to Feathermoon Stronghold, where Jenessa said Naleara had last spoken to her. The denizens of the town were weary of the Orc, but Ameliea told them not to waste their arrows on him. Whith help from the townspeople, she found her sister's old dwelling. She found a cloak on the ground with a symbol on it. It was a circle with a strange triangle connected to it. According to the townsfolk, it was the mark of a terrible cult called the Black Ravens. They went around killing innocents and drinking their blood, believing that i gave them power. Ameliea immediately thought about the three children Naleara had that disappeared along with her.

Barzog and Ameliea decided to rest in the woods. According to the people of Feathermoon Stronghold, the cult gathered in Dire Maul. The two had to rest because they knew that a fight was ahead. During this time, Ameliea had thought of Barzog as a brother that she playfully bullied. But their feelings grew into something more, and they made love that night. Even though he was twice her size, he was always gentle to her, and held her so gently. Ameliea knew that this was against the ways of her people, but she didn't care and believed that Barzog was different from many Orcs.

The next morning, the two lovers made their way to Dire Maul. There, they spied on the Cult performing rituals, many consisiting of the sacrifice of animals. Then in one ritual they were going to sacrifice a Human child and drain them of their blood. Before they stabbed the gagged boy in the heart, Ameliea cut one of the cultists in half with her sword. The members came at her, but she and Barzog killed them off. Then one revealed themselves as Naleara, and had killed her own children and husband, but made it look like suicide. She offered to allow Ameliea to kill her, but she let her sister go free, and threatened to cut her if she ever saw her again. With that in mind, Naleara teleported herself away, leaving Ameliea and Barzog standing in the middle of Dire Maul.

Months later after returning to Southshore with Barzog as her lover, Ameliea found out she was pregnant. She feared that the child would be rejected from her family because of it's Orc heritage. But Jenessa and her husband opened their home up to Ameliea and had no trouble accepting this unborn child's heritage.

When Ameliea was six months pregnant, Barzog was called to duty in Northrend, but promised to be back in time for the birth. Sadly, a few days later, Ameliea recieved word that Barzog had been killed by Scourge, and that his body was never recovered. Ameliea was in a deep depression for weeks. She went to Dalaran to find an old friend that would help her cope, and help her find her lover's body.

Many weeks after Ameliea arrived at Gervad's home in Dalaran, she gave birth to a son that she named Moruk, after Barzog's father. She put the child in Gervad's care, and set off to find Barzog.

Sadly, Barzog had been risen as a Death Knight, and his Night Elf wife had to take his head, for he was mindless and just an empty shell.


Ameliea Moonclaw was traumatized after she killed her husband. Years after Barzog's demise, she married a Night Elf named Feriun Whitemoon, who she is still with. She has two children with him, a son named Kyris Whitemoon and a daughter named Saphyx Elleya Whitemoon. As for her oldest son, he is a teenager who still resides with Gervad, even though his mother still visits him.

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