Key CharactersEdit



Gorfrunch: The devious warchief lives in the past and still considers the world to be fighting in the Second War. While attempting to create a war with the Keepers of Stromgarde, he actually ended finding that old enemies are harder to kill then he thought. Now he leads a new horde against the Sons of Lothar with an evil hope to end the Second War via killing its veterans.

Faquarl: The old tauren has fought in wars for years and now that his age is creeping up, he wishes to see an end to the constant war. However the war in Outlands destroyed his hopes of finding peace. The only thing that keeps him fighting is his loyalty to the clan and that loyalty is undying. He seems to get haggard more and more after every battle, even losing his eye to Bobwhite. The tauren fights with a misguided hope that this will be his last war.

Bellmont: This double agent finds himself in a hard place this campaign. The undercities protection of the Grin is at risk due to Gorfrunch's goals clashing with Sylvanas'. Bellmont has ensured Sylvanas that Arator would be safe, and in battle Bellmont has saved him both sieges of Honor Hold. Now that the Grin has moved on, his only goal is to ensure Alleria is never found.

Huizopotl: Vastly loyal to Gorfrunch, he is working as a part of his personal goon squad. Pokes was there when the Keepers scouts were attacked in the swamps and he also was sent to ensure the Thunderlords join rank. A clash would surely occur if Faquarl learned of his working to continue the war efforts.


Zamarak: The warchief of the Thunderlords lived long enough to tell his clan of the war. He did not know whether aiding the Grin would prove prosperous to his clan however. The clan agreed to aid the Grin's war due to common enemies but only truly allied itself when Thunderlord Stronghold was attacked killing many Thunderlords. Zamarak committed suicide as clan doctrine states.

Zurven: The witch doctor of the Thunderlords led beaten Thunderlords to Falcon Watch to gain aid from the Grin. They were brought into protection with open arms. Zurven now leads the small band of Thunderlord that went to the Grin. The Thunderlords who remain in Thunderlord Stronghold have not affiliated themselves.


Arkonn: A former member of the Blacktooth Grin, Arkonn, like Faquarl, is ready for an age of peace. The two have solidified an alliance to ensure it comes after the war. Until then Arkonn decides to fight for the Grin one more time for the good of the horde. He was the go between for the Grin and Suncrown and was instrumental in gaining their military support.

Esere: Vice Captain of the Fel'Solan, she leads her elves in Outland. Her ties to Outland are deep and she is intrigued with the Grin's focus on the broken world. As a tactician she could find profit fom this war for herself.

Analeia: The contact that was sent to Falcon Watch. She was the elf who gained permission to use the stronghold for the horde.


Vesytia: Seeing the profit in war, Vesy seeks out Bellmont in Undercity. Through bartering, she secures a place within the ranks and provided the Grin with much needed military aid.



Jerome: Leader of the people of Stromgarde. He was the one who found Danath's existence in Outland. He pledged the sword of his country to the defense of Hellfire and vowed to protect it from the Grin and again from the massive horde that was created.

Nur: A general of Stromgarde, he was present in the beginning to train troops for Stromgarde's use in battle but soon was thrown into a personal mission in life.


Adeou: General of the Golden Army. He leads them into the war after Kurdran received the visit from Danath. Although not much is known about their intentions, they were on the front lines of every battle to try and claim supremity over Hellfire.

Whispclaw: Is under order of Fandral Staghelm to protect druidic interest for unknown reasons.


Sillen: A general of the mercenary group, her hot temper is only matched by her realistic sense of the world. She isn't very optimistic on the war, but her guild was payed to do a job, and that's what they were going to do.

Birr: Sillen's even headed counter part. His mild temper and faith that all will turn out right in the end compliments the other M2M general. It has yet to be seen if the mercenary band can turn the tides of war for the alliance.


Derken: Lord-Knight of "The Kanoste". He has no real intention of joining the war between the Horde and the Alliance, but after being in the wrong place at the wrong time he is forced into a mission that may lead to his downfall.

Part 1Edit

The Fall of Legends Part 1


Following the reopening of the Dark Portal and the discovery that many of the old Heroes of the Alliance remain alive and active in Outlands, Chieftain Gorfrunch Smashblade of the Blacktooth Grin decrees a massive Horde offensive against the various Alliance strongholds across the shattered world of Draenor, seeking to repay old grudges and destroy ancient enemies once and for all. In such thirst for blood he is opposed by the Archdruid Faquarl, Warlord and spiritual leaders of the Blacktooth Grin, who sees only madness and destruction in the Smashblade's plan and seeks a more peaceful existence for his Clan. Faquarl attempts to turn the Chieftain away from his plan, but instead Gorfrunch takes steps to assure the inevitably of full-scale war by secretly informing the forces of Stromgarde, now called the Keepers, of the Grin's intention to bring war to their true king - Danath Trollbane.

The Keepers, incensed by the threat and determined to protect their liege, rally in force and contact Danath for instructions. Alerted to the presence of his old enemies from the Second War, Danath recognizes the threat that the Blacktooth Grin represents and orders the Keepers to call upon their alliances and strike at the Grin as soon as possible, to prevent their full mobilization. The Keepers send word to the Golden Army of Aerie Peak, as well as the elite mercenary company known as Much Too Much, and after a hard march south bring battle to the Grin in the Swamp of Sorrows. Gorfrunch, knowing of the impending attack, has his Clan prepared and the Stromgardian forces are driven off. Now with ample justification, the Chieftain is able to mandate total war against Danath and the forces rallying to his support. His authority unquestioned, the Smashblade rallies the Grin to war and dispatches initial scouts through the Dark Portal to ascertain the strength of Alliance defenses.

The scouts returned with reports of Danath's stronghold on the Hellfire Peninsula, Honor Hold, and the extent of the powerful Alliance column he commanded. Knowing that Trollbane had undoubtedly rallied allies to his command, Gorfrunch decided to do the same, and emissaries were dispatched to those Horde forces who would fight wars that Thrall refused to. House Suncrown, most powerful of the remaining sin'dorei Houses of Quel'thalas, agreed to provide their support and the use of the elven stronghold at Falcon's Watch in exchange for a blood debt owed. The Thunderlord Clan was more difficult to convince. Their Chieftain Zamarak and his Far Seer, the shaman Zurven, were troubled by the relentless drive which seemed to fuel the Blacktooth Chieftain. For a time they wavered, but eventually their alliance to the Grin as well as the necessity of supporting their clansmen beyond the Dark Portal dictated their support. In return for a pledge to support Thunderlord Stronghold in the Blade's Edge Mountains, Zamarak committed his clan to the campaign.

Now solidified, the Horde marched in numbers through the portal and proceeded to make war in earnest. They first attempted a direct surprise attack on the fortress at Honor Hold but were repulsed by the entrenched defenders, and the Smashblade quickly withdrew and began to consolidate his forces across the Hellfire Peninsula. Weeks of skirmishing followed as both armies jockeyed for position and attempted to control the important tactical terrain granting access to the major fortresses. As the fighting continued Gorfrunch decided upon an unorthodox course of action. He traveled, alone, to the towering Hellfire Citadel to parley with his old comrade Kargath Bladefist. Having given himself utterly to his demonic bloodlust, the Warchief of the Fel Horde nevertheless saw in Gorfrunch a kindred spirit. Although his allegiance was first and foremost to Illidan now, he agreed to commit his fel orcs in support of an attack upon Honor Hold.

Now Gorfrunch was ready. He led a full-scale assault on the stronghold just as the fel orcs struck at the fortress from its flank. The Alliance forces, stretched thin across the Peninsula already, were unprepared for the ferocity of the assault. Many had been dispatched in an attack on Falcon Watch, and having been turned away after a hard battle, were unable to break the Horde siege lines and reinforce the Hold. Behind the whirling axes of their Warchief the Horde took the walls and assaulted Danath directly within his keep. Hopelessly overwhelmed, Danath eventually fell, victim to grievous woundings across his body. Seemingly about to die, the Force Commander was saved by the heroic sacrifice of his second-in-command, Marshall Isildor. The human commander led a valiant but doomed attack upon the Horde vanguard, giving those remaining Alliance forces enough time to secure Danath and flee to the north. He would recover, in time...but would see no more action in the current campaign.

The Horde victory in the Hellfire Peninsula was complete. They now turned their eyes westward, seeking the remaining Sons of Lothar...and complete domination over Outland.


Part 2Edit

The Fall of Legends Part 2


The Horde basked in the triumph of their successful campaign on the Hellfire Peninsula. The Alliance forces had been decisively defeated at Honor Hold and had pulled back from the Peninsula entirely. The Horde Council convened in Thrallmar and determined that the Allerian Stronghold, nestled in the hills of the Terokkar Forest, would be their next target. They expected little resistance.

Unfortunately for the Horde forces, things were not to be so simple. The conniving Bellmont, ever looking to play the various factions against each other, met in secret with the half-elf Arator and informed him of the Horde's intentions. Given the necessary time to prepare, Arator was able to rally the local Alliance forces to Allerian Stronghold. Thus prepared, the Alliance managed to withstand the extensive siege mounted by the Horde and eventually force their enemies to withdraw. It was the first Alliance victory of the long campaign, but would not be the last.

Bellmont's subterfuge was discovered, and a furious Faquarl mandated his execution and dismemberment. Before the sentence could be carried out, however, the Thunderlord shaman Zurven arrived at the main Horde warcamp in Stonebreaker Hold with a critical premonition. A Thunderlord patrol had passed near the ancient draenei mausoleum of Auchindoun. He had sensed an immensely powerful artifact - something that could easily change the fate of the war in Outland and all the factions fighting it.

Thus urgently pressed, Faquarl delayed Bellmont's sentence and struck off to investigate the power source on his own. On the outskirts of the massive structure the Warlord was surprised and captured by a powerful Alliance detachment also possessing knowledge of the artifact. Knowing it had to be kept out of the Horde's hands, they took Faquarl deep underground into the Tomb of Lights, where they prepared him for ritual sacrifice. Their objective was twofold: to eliminate the tauren and his knowledge of the staff before too many others were told, and to use the intense forces generated by the sacrifice of an Archdruid to create a magical ward over Auchindoun, hiding its energy from those Horde forces who would seek to claim it.

Even bound and tormented, Faquarl was able to communicate his plight to the other spiritualists of the Blacktooth Grin, most notably Felora, a younger Grin druid who had grown close to the Warlord. Thus informed, the Grin was able to marshal a strike force and descend upon the Tomb of Lights before the ritual was completed. They stormed the Tomb and, deep underground, fought a desperate battle among its claustrophobic ancient hallways. In the end the Alliance was driven away and, with Felora leading the way, Faquarl was found.

Now freed, Faquarl descended into Auchindoun proper and found the energy source. It was an ornately carved staff, located deep underground and brimming with immense power. It whispered to the tauren, offering visions of a final peace across Azeroth and an eventual rest to all those who fought. Faquarl, bewitched by its immense potential potential, took the staff and placed it within the capable hands of Lady Agho'linn and House Suncrown for safekeeping.

Meanwhile, the Horde vanguard moved into Zangarmarsh in preparation for reinforcing their allies at the Thunderlord Stronghold. As they passed through the troll city of Zabra'jin they were ambushed by the Alliance, fervently seeking to reclaim the powerful artifact before it traveled too far out of reach.. However the staff's power infused the Zabra'jin defenders with exceptional strength, and the Alliance forces were unable to breach the gates. Seeing the tide turning against them, the mercenary General Sillen conceived of a remarkable strategy. With the battle still raging at the front gates she took a small but elite squad and managed to sneak into the city. She quickly overpowered the staff's unprepared guards and cut her way through to the Alliance main lines, signaling the retreat as she did so. The Alliance casualty rate had been devastating.

The staff was moved into Telredor and put under lock and key. The Archmage Khadgar himself came to inspect the artifact for the first time. He had ascertained that the staff was a originally a creation of the Light, but had been tainted by a foul presence. In inspecting the artifact, his fears were confirmed - the staff had been possessed by the demonic essence of Magtheridon, once Lord of Outland. From it the demon sought to influence and ultimately turn any who wielded the staff to his own bidding.

Khadgar set up magical defenses to safeguard the staff and set out for Shattrath to inform A'dal of the gravity of the situation, but the Horde moved faster and had already begun marching to reclaim the artifact. Hundreds of feet above the ground, the Horde brought the Alliance to battle just outside the town of Telredor. Faquarl managed to force his way into the town and secure the staff, but in doing so he he activated Khadgar's security measures. His hand was charred and three golems were awakened, tasked with defending the artifact at all cost. As Faquarl attempted to make his escape they descended upon him and blasted him with intense waves of magical energy. The Archdruid was sent crashing down to the ground far below.

As the staff fell as well, the battle joined in earnest; a brutal affair that saw the blood of both sides drench the spongy Zangarmarsh mushrooms. Unable to find a weakness in the city's defenses and taking considerably losses, the Horde forces were slowly pushed back with the Alliance in hot pursuit. Just then Faquarl regained consciousness and saw the staff lying nearby. Struggling to his feet, he gripped the powerful artifact and released an intense blast of light encompassing the entire battlefield and nearly blinding all those who continued to fight. In dazed confusion the Alliance pulled back into Telredor and the Horde, battered and exhausted, did not pursue.

Of the fate of Faquarl, or Magtheridon's essence within the staff, it was impossible to tell.


  • None

Part 3Edit

The Fall of Legends Part 3


In the aftermath of the Battle at Telredor and the tremendous explosion of magical energy that had brought its premature end, both sides found that their wounds - no matter how critical - had been fully healed. The staff, now identified as the Sliver of Orodur, had cleansed the entire battlefield. Faquarl not only regained the use of his recently crippled hand, but also regained full use of his second eye, lost long ago. Unfortunately it would soon be clear that even such a miraculous event had a darkness as its heart, as the tremendous outburst of magical energy had allowed Magtheridon's essence to escape the Sliver of Orodur and take residence within a new host - the Archdruid himself.

Magtheridon, through the staff, began to whisper in Faquarl's mind, subtly influencing the druid with subtle suggestions and intimations. Faquarl became convinced that to ensure the staff's protection, it be divided in half and separated across Outland, with the Horde forces split to protect the two fragments. He, with half the staff, would travel with a small contingent of Grin and the bulk of the Thunderlord forces to the Thunderlord Stronghold in the Blade's Edge Mountains. Gorfrunch would take the Grin vangaurd in a different directly. The Smashblade, knowing Faquarl would vehemently oppose his next move, was only too happy to agree.

As Faquarl led his detachment west, Gorfrunch prepared to take his boldest action of the war yet and attack the naaru-protected city of Shattrath directly in an attempt to find Khadgar and eliminate him once and for all. The attack, thrown directly into the teeth of the Shatar and its numerous attendant forces, was a disaster from the beginning. The Horde forces were defeated and subdued almost instantly, and Gorfrunch himself was taken prisoner and brought before A'dal to stand trial. Though most expected the aged orc to be executed, the Smashblade bargained cleverly with the naaru. In exchange for clemency and limited freedom, he convinced A'dal to accept the services of the Grin as an instrument of the naaru's will to be utilized as they saw fit. Over Khadgar's fervent protests, A'dal acceded and allowed the Grin passage to the orcish city of Garadar in Nagrand so that they might establish himself.

Upon arrival in Garadar the Grin Chieftain immediately began manipulating the situation to his advantage. Knowing that Khadgar would never rest while the Grin remained free and active in Outland and taking advantage of the Alliance military buildup in Nagrand, Gorfrunch managed to convince the orcs of Garadar to take up arms against the Alliance. After a sharp conflict across the Nagrand plains the Alliance forces are driven back. Khadgar, still in Shattrath, protests furiously that the Grin have forsaken their contract with A'dal and should be wiped out once and for all. His arguments are cleverly refuted by Lady Agho'linn of House Suncrown, who has likewise remained in Shattrath to bargain on the Grin's behalf. She points out that the Alliance were clearly the aggressors in the combat in Nagrand, and argues that the Grin clearly retain the right of self-defense. A'dal, persuaded, takes no action.

Farther west, Faquarl continues to grapple with the demon possessing him as his orders and actions become increasingly erratic. Dimly aware of the darkness inside of him while still clinging to hope of the staff's benevolence, the Warlord becomes alienated from those around him. Whisperings begin to spread throughout the detachment that the Archdruid has begun to lose his reason and sanity. These suspicions are reinforced after Faquarl commits his forces to a costly and largely pointless assault upon the gnomish forces at Toshley's Station. The Horde forces are quickly routed. As they attempt to reorganize and as doubts in the Archdruid grow more firmly entrenched, the news comes from the east that Gorfrunch has commanded those Grin with Faquarl to abandon Blade's Edge for the time being and rejoin the main Blacktooth host in Garadar. His internal turmoil growing, the Warlord marches east.

His negotiations with A'dal having failed, Khadgar now decides to take matters entirely into his own hands. He assumes control over the joint Alliance force throughout Outland and commits them to utterly destroying Gorfrunch's forces. He bestows a new term upon his enemies, one that will remain for years to follow - The Dread Horde. Those Alliance forces under his command he christens the Brotherhood of the Horse, and as the war begins to move towards its final stages Khadgar is pleased. The Dread Horde is divided, with the Thunderlord Clan now isolated in their fortress in Blade's Edge as the Grin consolidates in Nagrand. Dissension between the Horde leaders has begun to reach a breaking point. It will remain to be seen whether the Alliance can capitalize on the Horde's weakened position, and defeat them once and for all.


  • None

Part 4Edit

The Fall of Legends Part 3


The Grin reunited in Garadar and took what time they could to rest their weary bodies. Meanwhile the Warlord confronted the Warchief. Faquarl had come to realize that the entire war had been orchestrated by Gorfrunch in service of little other than his own unquenchable bloodthirst. Faquarl argued passionately for the Grin's disengagement from Outland, but instead the Chieftain made plans to march the Grin to the aid of the Thunderlord Clan in Blade's Edge, ostensibly to honor his commitment to Zamarak. That night, in direct contravention of Adal's decree, the Grin marched west out of Nagrand. They arrived just in time to meet the Alliance force dispatched by Khadgar to take the fortress, and the combined Grin and Thunderlord forces proved simply too great for the Alliance. The Brotherhood was forced to pull back, and the reunited Dread Horde capitalized upon its decisive victory by sacking the nearby Alliance town of Sylvanaar.

Back in Shattrath, Lady Agho'linn faced a considerable dilemma. Having been informed of the Grin's movements, Agho'linn increasingly began to realize the extent of Gorfrunch's ambition as well as her own increasingly untenable negotiating position with A'dal. Her better judgment inclined towards abandoning her support entirely, but unfortunately Suncrown was suddenly presented with a situation of their own - a situation that would necessitate the support of the Dread Horde. Dame Esere Greyseer, high-ranking member of Suncrown and a close friend of Agho'linn personally, was discovered in captivity in Tempest Keep. Knowing the extent of the forces keeping her, Agho'linn reluctantly bargained with A'dal one final time. Much to Khadgar's chagrin she convinced A'dal that in supporting the Thunderlords, the Grin had only been honoring their alliance. A'dal, again persuaded, refrained from directing the full might of the Sha'tar upon the Grin.

Having secured the temporary freedom of the Grin, Agho'linn and her Suncrown contingent traveled to Blade's Edge and entered the Dread Horde warcamp. There she sought audience with the Smashblade and demanded repayment of the blood debt. Perhaps sensing a chance at further bloodshed, the Warchief agreed and set the Dread Horde marching towards the Netherstorm. As the Grin marched north, Faquarl, finally pushed to his breaking point, reveals to Arkonn the truth he has discovered: that Gorfrunch has brought the Dread Horde to Outland for bloodshed, and nothing else. Incensed, Arkonn wished to assassinate the Warchief immediately, but Faquarl urged patience for Dame Greyseer's sake. Hours later, the combined Grin and Suncrown forces descended upon Esere's captors in the Netherstorm. In the tumult of battle, Lady Agho'linn is able to slip into the prison and rescue the blood elf - narrowly averting her fel transformation.

The battle raged around The Eye as the Dread Horde, hopelessly overcommitted and with no avenue for retreat, began to falter. Khadgar, sensing an opportunity to finish them once and for all, ordered Derken to press the Alliance attack. Just when their destruction seemed imminent, A'dal intervened. Declaring that the Dread Horde remained his instrument of warfare against Illidan, A'dal ordered Khadgar to abandon the attack. When Khadgar equivocated, A'dal opened a portal within the Netherstorm that allowed the Dread Horde to retreat to safety. Unfortunately, the cost was a disastrous one: Warlord Faquarl, commanding the rearguard, was slain by Derken's arrow just as he prepared to lead the last Horde warriors to safety. The Alliance retrieved the staff...and now not a soul remained to oppose the brutal ambitions of the Smashblade.


  • None

Part 5Edit

The Fall of Legends Part 4


A'dal's portal had transported the Dread Horde from far north to far south, and the weariedd armies found themselves in Shadowmoon Valley, with the looming specter of the Black Temple overhead. Thus positioned, A'dal decreed that the Dread Horde must march upon Illidan himself as penance for their crimes...but Gorfrunch had no intention of doing so. Knowing that the Sha'tar's patience had run out, the Warchief readied the Dread Horde for one final, glorious battle. To the northwest stood Wildhammer Stronghold, home of that last great Alliance hero: Kurdran Wildhammer. The Smashblade would play his hand one last time - a nigh-suicidal strike at a fully fortified Dwarven fortress - and would bathe in the bloody consequences.

Or so he thought.

The blood elf Arkonn, overcome with grief and enraged by what he now knew of the Warchief's plans, would abide no more. As the Dread Horde gathered for battle in their fortress above the molten lakes, he struck at Gorfrunch and brought him to combat. The orc took the elf's remaining eye, gouging it out with his battleaxe...but in the end, it was the elf who took the orc's life. Gorfrunch Smashblade was thrown from the battlements and down into the lava below, and chaos reigned across the Dread Horde encampment. Lady Agho'linn, quickly realizing what had happened, rallied the Suncrown forces to her side and absconded before the Grin could exact their revenge. Now leaderless, and with their already weakened forces further depleted by Suncrown's departure, the remaining Blacktooth and Thunderlord warriors stood no chance against the combined armies of Khadgar, the Alliance, and the Wildhammers. Their rout on the battlefield was inevitable, and the Dread Horde ceased to be.

The Grin, leaderless, was interned in Garadar under the auspices of A'dal. There they held funeral and Lok'vadnod for their fallen Chieftain, while the Alliance claimed the Sliver of Orodur for themselves and transported the artifact to Stormwind. Led now only by their remaining Sythegars, the Grin launched a sudden attack against the combined Shattrath and Alliance forces responsible for their captivity. Using little but crudely-forged stone weapons and contested from all sides, the Grin succeeded in punching a hole through the occupying forces. All through the night they marched desperately across Outland towards the Dark Portal, fighting off wave after wave of Alliance forces seeking to deny their escape. After one final battle on the Hellfire Peninsula, they succeeded in reach the Portal and escaping back into Azeroth. They slipped into the Swamp of Sorrows and established themselves in the old Orcish stronghold of Stonard, and with the tauren Ashenrock taking the strung-tooth necklace, began the slow and painful process of rebuilding their shattered forces.

It is difficult to say who gained the upper hand in the bloody conflict that spanned the near-entirety of the shattered world of Draenor. Both sides had tasted victory at various times...but the cost to all had been brutal, and the consequences long-lasting.


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