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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Kethryvaris Aridanna Freylenne Horde 15 The Venture Co IconSmall Undead Female Ui-charactercreate-classes warlock Warlock 51 Intrepidity Guild Master
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

Lady Kethryvaris Aridanna Freylenne was born in Stormwind City. A young girl, born to minor nobility. She grew up happy and healthy in the city, proud to serve the Alliance and the Light. She was a Priestess from a young age, and soon grew to be one of the most powerful Healers in the area. She was stationed, when she came of age, to Loradaeron. This beautiful city became her home, and she was proud to be in the service of Prince Arthas, the King, and the many Chapels there that required her skills to heal those wounded in battle.

However, towards the coming of the Third War, Kethry met a young Paladin. Much to her surprise, she fell in love. The Paladin was another female, and such a thing was lept under the cover of hatred and distaste. The two girls pretended to despise one another, all the while falling further and further in love.

Such a thing was not to last. War is a bad time for love, as Kethry will tell you.

They were discovered, and later outcast. Kethry was stripped of her newly gained Chaplain title, and she seethed with anger at her love for dropping their facade.

They were sent to the area now called the Plaguelands, to investigate rumors of farmers turning into zombies and ghouls overnight. The tension was thick, and a fight broke out between the two girls. In anger, Kethry turned on her love, saying what she did not mean. She struck the girl dead, in that field--With a half-learned shadow spell.

In horror, Kethry returned to the Chapel, holding her love's broken body. Kethry did not speak for months after that. An obsessive rage consumed her. She slaughtered whatever ghouls she could find, spending hours in the fields...

However, one day--She bit off far more than she could chew.

Kethry fell to those same ghouls. Fair punishment, she thought--Even as she felt their rotting teeth digging into her broken shoulder.

Her last thought was her lover. Forgiveness, perhaps. Peace...

But Kethry was not so lucky. She awoke eons later, on a cold stone slab. When she saw what remained of her once rather attractive body, she whimpered. Her first reaction was to scream. Her second was to run away gibbering into a corner of her mind. She tried, foolishly, to heal the wounds that now scattered her body.

"I th-thought I was dead...." she whispered to no-one. Or so she thought.

"You are." came a voice. When Kethry saw the speaker, she screamed. A zombie looking man, except...He was...Smiling?

"The Holy power you once weilded will not come to you, child. You can try ta call it, but...It won't take you. It rejected you, for some reason. Odd, that is. I have never seen that happen before. Many before you have returned to their Clerical paths. You don' got many choices now. You can pick up a blade an' fight, or you can...Call on the darker magicks, mi'lady. Warlocks. What say you?"



"I wish to fight. Where do I go to learn?"

"Up da road, they are calling it Deathknell."

"I see. Thank you."

Kethry set out on her journey, never fogetting what brought her to this point. She has made friends, enemies, and loves. Yes, love. Like this, Kethry never expected to fall in love again. Much less--have someone love a murderer like herself. Kethry still considers herself one, even though her friends tell her she is not.

Keth met a young Paladin, a Sin'Dorei...outside of Silvermoon one day. Dark brown hair and bright green eyes that stared into Kethry's soul. The love she saw in those eyes, in that smile...she knew their owner would forgive her of anything.

They belonged to Kilara Lyn A'Lorai. A member of her Guild, a girl she had seen many times in passing, but longed for like nothing else since she first awoke as a member of the Forsaken.

Their bond grew. Friends, then lovers...

It is with great pleasure that the two announced their engagment. They are set to be wed within the coming weeks. It is an event Kethry is going to great lengths to make sure is perfect.

Peace, indeed...has found her. For now.

Talents Edit

Kethryvaris is currently a Demonology talented Warlock...Although there are rumors that she is more interested in the darker side of Warlock talents. That she is biding her time until Outlands to truly learn her calling.

Guild Edit

Kethryvaris is the Guild Master of <Intrepidity>, a medium-sized guild. She is a rather laid back Guild Master, but does not tolerate idiocy or people who are not willing to work for what they have. Her goal is to get her clan members to Outlands as fast as possible, to prepare for the fight against Arthas. Whether this is for her good or theirs, is yet to be seen.

Tradeskills Edit

Kethryvaris is an accomplished tailor, and a somewhat decent Enchanter. Any who wish her services in her chosen professions have only to contact her.

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