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If you’re one of the few privileged outsiders who has taken a moment to study this intriguing creature you will notice, at first glance, she’s no different from any other young woman, with the obvious exception of a red bandana covering her lower face.

About 5.5 in. tall with a cat-like grace, this slim figure seems to measure her movements with much technique and premeditation almost unwillingly. Cladded in dark leather and small weapons Brighteyes’ only visible self is usually behind her long black hair which tends to cover part her pale face, exposing only her bright blue eyes. The very eyes that have been the protagonists of countless tales and stories throughout the Brotherhood and beyond. Eyes that many have claimed of being capable of seeing through flesh straight at your soul, gazing at its urges and fears, its joys and dreams.


The beginningEdit

A great cloud of mystery and only shards of a broken past can be told about the early days of this troubled soul. Only a hand full of people on Azeroth partially knows the circumstances that brought this once naïve and fragile child under the embracing wings of the Brotherhood, and perhaps the direct responsible of such adoptive gesture and the only one with full knowledge behind such event and its motives, Edwin VanCleef, has dragged the truth with him to his grave.

Those who struggle to recall this girl’s first steps in Brotherhood ways claim she was only a hopeless child, about 5 or 6 years of age, cladded in mud, roaming aimlessly outside the walls of the ruins of Old Stormwind. She didn’t speak much; actually she didn’t speak at all. Perhaps she was born mute, or maybe something much worse? She’d tend to flee from human contact when people either tried to either extend her a helping hand or meant to do her harm, always hiding within the safety of dark corners or shadowy places. When hidden the only hint of her presence was the gleaming reflex of light off her wide blue eyes, therefore receiving her name, Brighteyes.

Those in her same position, homeless people camped outside Stormwind fleeing from the horrors of war and working to rebuild Stormwind, had divided feelings towards the young child. Some pitied her, trying to help her in any possible way; leaving food near her hideouts in order to get her fed and protecting her from ill willed men who meant to take advantage of her frailty. Others feared the little girl; rumors had it she wasn’t from Stormwind since none remembered seeing her before the war, some said she came from the east, from Medivh’s tainted lands carrying the same taint within her blood. Many considered her presence as a bad omen.

Brighteyes early days were rough, stealing food in order to calm her hunger, foraging medical herbs when sick, and the worse of all, the loneliness. She took care of herself with the help of some sympathizers and managed to endure in humanity darkest hours. One of her most prominent supporters was a talented stonemason with the name of Edwin, whose presence and help she’d tolerate and accept. Edwin was a busy man and rarely hanged about the refugee camp, but when he did Brighteyes would be there, besides him.

The reconstruction of Stormwind was an arduous task, but with such a genius as Edwin VanCleef masterminding the operation, the project was completed smoothly and in record time. However, the leaders of the city -- in a move heavily influenced by the corrupt nobility of Stormwind -- refused to pay the Stonemasons Guild for their work, citing the already enormous economic burden the Alliance had elicited due to the ravages of the Old Horde. In addition, in a public outrage to the demands of the Guild for demanding so much funds in such difficult times, they decided to banish the workers from Stormwind. Following this decision, Edwin VanCleef went on to lead many of his colleagues in search of wealth via other avenues.

That afternoon, Edwin ordered his people to lift the camp and prepare the caravans, for they were leaving the deceitful kingdom of men behind with the promise they’d eventually pay for their lies. Holding Brighteyes’ hands they walked away alongside the caravan, following the dawning sun into a new phase of their lives. This was the beginning of the Defias Brotherhood.

Her relationship with the now known Leader of the Defias Brotherhood was indeed close, to the point where some have rumored that Brighteyes could indeed have shared some words with Edwin and with him alone, who she help in a high father-like esteem. When others questioned her about her ability to speak she’d threat them with a poison-drenched sharp dagger and a pair of piercing angry eyes. If that was the case, that she and VanCleef have talked, it’s possible he would know the real story of this once dirty and hopeless little girl.

Under years of tutelage under Edwin VanCleef himself and with the support of Edwin’s closest advisor, Hartargan Stark, Brighteyes grew to be an outstanding asset for the Brotherhood. Her natural affinity to darkness and her innate silent ways, together with elite training and quality support from her reknowed tutors created the perfect weapon and a fine Lieutenant. Earning the respect of those who once pitied her and causing even more fear to those who feared her to begin with.

The PresentEdit

Now and days, among the renegades, Brighteyes is known as “the shadow.” Still rumored mute since birth, she is as silent in step as she is in voice. The leader of many Brotherhood ambushes, she is known to slip undetected into a guarded camp in the middle of the Westfall plains, then depart with everything of value without being noticed. Rumors still circulate in the Brotherhood to this day that her abilities come not from skill but from an ancestry tainted with the blood of the wizard Medivh, but these rumors are only repeated quietly and with one eye on the darkness.

Lately, intrepid agents of the Alliance, having previously learned of the headquarters of the Defias Brotherhood, entered the Deadmines and assaulted VanCleef's ship. In a fearsome battle atop the juggernaut, the Alliance operatives slew Edwin VanCleef, ending a supposedly great threat to the security of Stormwind. With the death of her tutor and father figure, Brighteyes, now in her 20s, unbound from any further ties the Brotherhood, left Westfall in search of her own destiny. Hoping one day she will avenge her late master, killing every single lapdog responsible of Edwin’s death, every single one of them!

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