This section is an overview about any notable guild to exist on The Forgotten Coast and their current status and history (i.e. Who are they and where are they now?). If you are interested in joining a guild, check the individual guild websites for recruitment opportunities. Guilds without a known website are linked to the armory's guild roster.

Alliance 15 Alliance Edit

Guild/Website Status Notes
Alliance 15 Arkham Disbanded Disbanded (April 2009).
Alliance 15 Ava Adore Disbanded Disbanded (Date unknown)
Alliance 15 Aventine Disbanded. Merged with Shake and Bake.
Alliance 15 Content Skippers Disbanded Formerly known as Arkham.
Alliance 15 Death Before Dishonor Inactive -
Alliance 15 Detained Inactive -
Alliance 15 Dogs of War Disbanded Disbanded (Date unknown).
Alliance 15 Emend Inactive Reformed under new leadership with members from S T o o G E. Many members faction/realm transfered.
Alliance 15 Enclave Disbanded Re-roll guild formerly known as Kindred from Lightninghoof (May-July 2009).
Alliance 15 Friends of Old Active -
Alliance 15 I Get Some I Disbanded Transferred to Mannoroth (Confirmation needed).
Alliance 15 GUILD OF HIGH SORCERY Inactive -
Alliance 15 Horizon Active -
Alliance 15 Hundred Fists Active -
Alliance 15 Ikon Disbanded -
Alliance 15 Imperious Active -
Alliance 15 Juturna Disbanded -
Alliance 15 Knights Of Ral Bane Active -
Alliance 15 Låst Chånce Inactive -
Alliance 15 Last Exile Disbanded Disbanded (April 2010) - Server transferred.
Alliance 15 Malum Factum Active -
Alliance 15 Ninjas of the Funk Disbanded -
Alliance 15 Northrend Brewing Co Disbanded Merged with Shake and Bake (Confirmation needed).
Alliance 15 Order of Shadows Active -
Alliance 15 Outcast Disbanded Disbanded (September 2009).
Alliance 15 Påradox Disbanded Disbanded (Date unknown).
Alliance 15 Prototypes Active Many members faction/realm transfered.
Alliance 15 Renascentia Disbanded Disbanded (August 2009)
Alliance 15 Saviours of Azeroth Active -
Alliance 15 Shake and Bake Active -
Alliance 15 stalk and kill Disbanded Disbanded (Date Unknown)
Alliance 15 S T o o G E Disbanded Disbanded (Date unknown).
Alliance 15 T as tué mon bonhomme Disbanded Disbanded (Date unknown). Reformed under Prototypes.
Alliance 15 The ßrotherHood Disbanded Confirmation on status needed.
Alliance 15 The Fest Disbanded Transferred from Bloodscalp (December 2008). Disbanded May 2009.
Alliance 15 The Last Alliance Inactive -
Alliance 15 The Remnant Inactive -
Alliance 15 Veni Vidi Vici Disbanded Disbanded (February 2009).
Alliance 15 Waiting on Warhammer Active Reformed with members of Content Skippers
Alliance 15 You and Whose Army Inactive -

Horde 15 Horde Edit

Guild/Website Status Notes
Horde 15 After Hours Active -
Horde 15 Aggressive Tendencies Inactive
Horde 15 Ascendance Active -
Horde 15 BDH Active -
Horde 15 B L A C K O U T Disbanded -
Horde 15 Causality Active -
Horde 15 Cult of Slack Active -
Horde 15 Dark Order of Twilight Active -
Horde 15 DAS BOOT Active -
Horde 15 Defiance Active -
Horde 15 Disposition Disbanded Disbanded (February 2009).
Horde 15 Drunken Lullabies Disbanded Disbanded (June 2009).
Horde 15 Exige Active -
Horde 15 Fatum Imperium Active Transferred from Blackwing Lair (September 2008).
Horde 15 Five Years Time Active -
Horde 15 Forsaken Fate Active -
Horde 15 Future Perfect Disbanded Confirmation on status needed.
Horde 15 FYER Guild Inactive -
Horde 15 Hand of Neltharion Disbanded Disbanded (May 2009).
Horde 15 Immortality Active Transferred from Firetree (May 2007).
Horde 15 Internet Champions Active Transferred from Illidan (December 2008).
Horde 15 is a Beast Active -
Horde 15 K I N E T I C Disbanded Transferred from Frostmane (May 2009).
Horde 15 Kobra Kai Dojo Active -
Horde 15 Liquor Nest Disbanded Reformed as Resurgence under new leadership (4/11/09)
Horde 15 Lørds Of Destruction Active -
Horde 15 Mind Games Disbanded Disbanded (April 2009).
Horde 15 Moonpath Active -
Horde 15 Ømnipotence Inactive -
Horde 15 Order of Chaos Inactive -
Horde 15 Quiet Storm Active -
Horde 15 Rain of Ninja Stars Disbanded Disbanded (May 2009).
Horde 15 Reason Disbanded Re-roll guild. Disbanded (date unknown).
Horde 15 Red Cliff Active -
Horde 15 Resurgence Active -
Horde 15 Roadkill Active Reformed with former members from Aggressive Tendencies.
Horde 15 Slayer of Souls Active -
Horde 15 Squished Kitty Active -
Horde 15 Team Venture Inactive -
Horde 15 Tempest Inactive -
Horde 15 This is Chemical Burn Inactive -
Horde 15 Toques of Hazzard Active -
Horde 15 Unwanted Souls Inactive -
Horde 15 Waffle House Disbanded Disbanded/Transferred to Anetheron (January 2009)
Horde 15 Warpath Disbanded -
Horde 15 Wailing on Warhammer Active -
Horde 15 Weak Sauce Inactive Inactive (June 2009)
Horde 15 Zero Charisma Active -
Horde 15 Zug Zug Disbanded -

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