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Welcome to the Tanaris US server page on WoW Wiki. Tanaris was first opened up in August of 2006, and was quickly populated with several guilds looking for a fresh start. After the initial push to 60, Genesis came out as the premier Tanaris Guild. Genesis proceeded to open the Gates to An'Qiraj, and disbanded a few days later. Several other guilds formed in Genesis' absence, but the raiding atmosphere was very stifled.

After the Burning Crusade expansion, a raiding guild, Ham 'n' Swiss transferred to the server. They led raiding progression, and eventually reformed under a new name, Momentum. They dominated the alliance raiding scene till several officers transferred off server, and effectively ended Momentum.

Currently there are several home grown smaller guilds vying for the top raiding guild position, with most of the raiding population predominantly on the Alliance side.

Community Links


ClothSlotAlliance 15 AllianceHorde 15 Horde
[Battlecast Hood] Head Takumi, Darianne, Smolder Lancimus
[Battlecast Pants] Legs   Drosalinda
[Belt of Blasting] Waist Skol, Alterboy, Antron, Levia, Riánne Euphei
[Belt of the Long Road] Waist Ptolemy, Squarin, Levia, Riánne  
[Black Belt of Knowledge] Waist Walak Mikey
[Girdle of Ruination] Waist Niolith, Aikiwoce, Constie, Alyssande Lancimus
[Manaweave Cloak] Back Poll, Rolaulten  
[Resolute Cape] Back Smolder Agorr
[Soulcloth Shoulders] Shoulders Takumi, Rolaulten, Alyssande  
[Soulcloth Vest] Chest Darianne, Alyssande Lancimus, Salarian
[Spellstrike Hood] Head Poll, Darianne, Takumi, Aikiwoce, Walak, Rolaulten, Alyssande Lyndon, Drosalinda
[Spellstrike Pants] Legs Darianne Drosalinda
[Unyielding Girdle] Waist Takumi, Walak Gryn
[Vengeance Wrap] Back Aikiwoce, Smolder, Niolith Drbonesmd
[Whitemend Hood] Head Aikiwoce, Rolaulten, Alyssande Clinx, Fersenthia
[Whitemend Pants] Legs Smolder, Aikiwoce, Nyquill, Darianne Demonroc, Lost
[Arcanoweave Boots] Feet Truax, Nyquill, Aikiwoce, Alyssande Lyndon, Mikey, Lost, Salarian
[Arcanoweave Bracers] Wrist   Lyndon, Lancimus, Mikey, Lost, Salarian
[Arcanoweave Robe] Chest Aikiwoce, Darianne, Constie, Alyssande Lyndon, Drosalinda, Lost, Salarian
[Bracers of Havok] Wrist Misplaced Athanasios, Drosalinda
[Cloak of the Black Void] Back Misplaced, Aikiwoce, Walak, Alyssande Gryn
[Cloak of Eternity] Back Aikiwoce, Nyquill, Walak Syphilis, Drosalinda, Salarian
[Unyielding Bracers] Wrist   Lancimus
[White Remedy Cape] Back Walak Demonroc
Spellthread-Alliance 15 AllianceHorde 15 Horde
[Golden Spellthread] Leg Enchant Aikiwoce, Darianne, Constie, Alyssande Lyndon
[Runic Spellthread] Leg Enchant Arkadeus Xenphire, Lancimus, Lost, Drbonesmd, Drosalinda

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