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Welcome to the Tanaris US server page on WoW Wiki. Tanaris was first opened up in August of 2006, and was quickly populated with several guilds looking for a fresh start. After the initial push to 60, Genesis came out as the premier Tanaris Guild. Genesis proceeded to open the Gates to An'Qiraj, and disbanded a few days later. Several other guilds formed in Genesis' absence, but the raiding atmosphere was very stifled.

After the Burning Crusade expansion, a raiding guild, Ham 'n' Swiss transferred to the server. They led raiding progression, and eventually reformed under a new name, Momentum. They dominated the alliance raiding scene till several officers transferred off server, and effectively ended Momentum.

Currently there are several home grown smaller guilds vying for the top raiding guild position, with most of the raiding population predominantly on the Alliance side.

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NameTypeAlliance 15 AllianceHorde 15 Horde
Master of Elixirs/Flasks -
Chance to Proc 1-4 extra Elixirs/Flasks
  Dienekes Malidin
[Elixir of Empowerment] Guardian Elixir    
[Elixir of Major Firepower] Battle Elixir Zocalo  
[Elixir of Major Mageblood] Guardian Elixir Grimdestiny  
[Elixir of Major Shadow Power] Battle Elixir   Gomletta
[Elixir of the Searching Eye] Elixir    
[Fel Strength Elixir] Battle Elixir    
[Flask of Blinding Light] Flask Zocalo, Dienekes Twykletoez
[Flask of Chromatic Wonder] Flask Dienekes  
[Flask of Distilled Wisdom] Flask Dienekes  
[Flask of Fortification] Flask Dienekes Bogorada, Malidin
[Flask of Mighty Restoration] Flask Grimdestiny, Dienekes Gomletta
[Flask of Petrification] Flask    
[Flask of Pure Death] Flask Zocalo, Dienekes Gomletta, Malidin
[Flask of Relentless Assault] Flask Dienekes Twykletoez
[Flask of Supreme Power] Flask Dienekes  
[Flask of the Titans] Flask    
Master of Potions -
Chance to Proc 1-4 extra Potions
[Destruction Potion] Potion    
[Fel Mana Potion] Potion   Bogorada
[Fel Regeneration Potion] Potion    
[Haste Potion] Potion Zocalo, Shadowdarkly  
[Heroic Potion] Potion    
[Insane Strength Potion] Potion Zocalo Bogorada
[Ironshield Potion] Potion    
[Shrouding Potion] Potion    
[Super Rejuvenation Potion] Potion Zocalo  
[Cauldron of Major Arcane Protection] Cauldron Dienekes  
[Cauldron of Major Fire Protection] Cauldron   Bogorada
[Cauldron of Major Frost Protection] Cauldron    
[Cauldron of Major Nature Protection] Cauldron Dienekes  
[Cauldron of Major Shadow Protection] Cauldron Dienekes  
[Major Arcane Protection Potion] Potion Dienekes Rockanikkah
[Major Fire Protection Potion] Potion   Bogorada
[Major Frost Protection Potion] Potion    
[Major Holy Protection Potion] Potion Dienekes Bogorada
[Major Nature Protection Potion] Potion Dienekes  
[Major Shadow Protection Potion] Potion Dienekes  
Transmute Alliance 15 AllianceHorde 15 Horde
Master of Transmutes -
Chance to Proc 1-4 extra items via Transmute

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