Larodar is a well known Night Elf druid player in World of Warcraft particularly within the PvP and Druid communities where he became famous for his survival and 'flag carrying' in countless Warsong Gulch battles. He started on the server Sylvanas EU on June 2005
, which was a fresh European server, being installed at late April of the same year. Larodar joined the famous guild named Methodon Sylvanas in September 2005, right after the guild's first Ragnaros kill in Molten Core. He earned respect and friendship among the most active and hard working crew on the server, thus he passed the trial in a short period, which was unlikely for any player at that period whose gear lacked the standards of the present encounters. He was ever-present in Method as a raider, and active in the PvP community of the server, where he made himself a name of leading premade raids, majorly consisting of 'randoms' as he disliked the idea of being in a guild raid wrecking the opposite team with high 'over-gearing'. He reached the rank Field Marshal in the original Honor system, often by playing solo or with the premades he made. Larodar was known for his huge passion with the Feral spec, he often contributed the PvE raid as melee dps or off-tank where possible.ApLarodar's DPS gear

His denial on respeccing to a full Restoration spec caused discussions and debates in the guild community when Naxxramas raid instance got presented with the last patch of the classic WoW, as the instance required heavy healing on the tanks and on the raid itself.

Larodar was also known for being a hard worker in the game, be it either Honor/ Reputation grind or be it being present for scheduled PvE raids with Method. He was the first player ever on Sylvanas EU to get Hammer of Bestial Fury [1] Later on he would tell to his friends that after getting this weapon, there was little if none enthusiasm to get Grand Marshal's weapons. He was the first player ever on Sylvanas to get Cloak of the Fallen God[2] and Belt of Never-Ending Agony [3] He is the second player ever on Sylvanas EU to get the Cenarion Circle's Exalted (which was considered to be one of the hardest grinds in-game during the classic WoW) Reward trinket named Earthstrike[4] right after Freestyler of Method got it.

He released videos often showing him killing many opponents who both out numbered him or over geared him. In one of his videos,[5] he shows a fight against the famous Vurtne[6]. Being jumped by Vurtne in his healing gear, on the way to Naxxramas raid instance, in Eastern Plaguelands. Although equipped with mostly Stormrage Raiment, being with his Feral talent spec as usual, he manages to get away and changes his gear in prowl, returns back to Vurtne, who uses Blink right away after Larodar's Ravage, just to meet the upcoming Feral Charge and dies. Larodar was well known as the one who never got to be an easy prey against surprise attacks in the wilderness.

Larodar released his first PvP video in 2005 november, mainly sporting Lieutenant Commander's Sanctuary he shows survival clips with the use of the new found spec's flexibility given with the Patch 1.8.0. He released a second one at 2006 summer, during the horrible (as referred in Druid Class Forum of the period) Patch 1.10.0's Feral bugs (Heart of the Wild talent being bugged, thus making the Druid lose health each time he shapeshifts to Bear Form/ Dire Bear Form, in addition Furor being bugged, thus each time the Druid shapeshifts to Cat Form, he would start off with 0 Energy instead of 40, as the 5 points talent procures) to wide acclaim and continued to release another three videos before quitting the game in 2006 december. During a trip to the Vek'nilash EU server as he transferred in november 2006, he confronted the famous video makers Mystical, Sonny and Runeh, beating them all in 1v1 duels with a highly interested crowd watching in the back. With arenas being presented with the launch of The Burning Crusade expansion in 2007 he showed up again, returning to Sylvanas on April of the same year. Playing in a rather unusual schedule, he quit raiding. After getting up to certain ratings in his 2v2 and 3v3 teams, being still Feral spec and getting his rating requirement gear[7][8], in mid 2008 he quitted the game, largely due to dissatisfaction with the state of the game's approach to the Druid class and Feral spec becoming one sided.

Larodar Larodar holding the Horde flag in WSG in classic World of Warcraft.

Play styleEdit

In his early videos Larodar used a "Hybrid" talent spec 1-29-21 which was popular for level 60 Druids (after Patch 1.8's Feral Revamp) who wanted to have the melee power of Feral Combat spec as well as the Nature's Swiftness utility as survival and the 1 point in balance being used for Nature's Grasp as an unreliable escape mechanism. After the presentation of the new talents towards the end of the classic era, Larodar used 12-34-5 spec [9]This spec had Omen of Clarity enabled, as well as Furor always present at Restoration tree. Larodar was also very liberal with his use of Engineering trinkets and grenades while killing his opponents. It's said that he always had enough tools with him whenever he went out to grind. With the release of the Burning Crusade expansion Larodar has adopted a cookie cutter 1/46/14[10] Feral Combat talent spec that allows for high damage output whilst utilising one talent point on Nature's Grasp of Balance tree and reaching Omen of Clarity in Restoration tree.

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