Biscuitpower, Muffinpower and Wafflepower are minor legends on the server Stormscale. All members of the power trio are now 70. Contrary to popular (and rather stupid) belief it is not one person who plays all three characters. Each member of the power trio are gnomes, and Muffinpower and Wafflepower are both mages, while Biscuitpower is a warlock. Currently both mages are specced fire, while Biscuitpower is specced Affliction. From the original <food>power name formula, each of the three has at least 2 food based alts. (The exception being Wafflepower, who doesnt like his alts being so easily identifiable by people he either doesnt like or by horde players.) All three of the trio go on frequent ganking trips, often together, to places such as Freewind Post and Sun Rock Retreat. Its also worth noting that all three of them will pursue you into horde towns on Azeroth in order to kill you, even if it means dying in the process, however none of them have died raiding a lowbie horde town since they hit 60. Biscuitpower and Wafflepower are reported to have accidentally killed a Horde Flight Master together during a random slaughter of Freewind Post.

A note to members of the horde: If you see any of these three, they do know how to play and you should only engage if you believe you have some type of advantage. When it comes to meeting in a PvE environment. Biscuitpower is the most likely to ignore you, but both Muffinpower and Wafflepower are very likely to engage you. Biscuitpower is widely considered to be the most dangerous, but tends to go about his business unless you attack him.

If you party with any of the three powers, dont refer to them by class, otherwise theyll just ignore you. Actual Example

  • 4:42 PM> [(Namewithheld)]: hey mage buff me
  • 4:42 PM> [Wafflepower]: Is someone talking to me?
  • 4:42 PM> [Wafflepower]: Huh, guess not.
  • 4:42 PM> [(Namewithheld)]: wtf

All three of the powers know at least a little about each class in the game, but Biscuitpower or Wafflepower is most likely to be able to answer your question. While they are generally happy to talk to you and give advice, they will put you in ignore if you ask for money or any instance runs.

The final thing worth noting about each of the powers: each are pretty defensive when it comes to character class, espcially Wafflepower. Do not diss the following in front of any of them:

  • Feral Druids
  • Moonkin Druids
  • Marksman Hunters
  • Fire Mages
  • Ice Mages
  • Arcane Mages
  • Retribution Paladins
  • Protection Paladins
  • Holy Paladins
  • Shadow Priests
  • Holy Priests
  • Subtlety Rogues
  • Combat Rogues
  • Assassation Rogues
  • Enhancement Shaman
  • Elemental Shaman
  • Destruction Warlocks
  • Affliction Warlocks
  • Demonology Warlocks
  • Fury Warriors
  • Gnomes (this is a big one)

Each one has one or two classes they are particularly picky about though:
Biscuitpower: Shamans, Warlocks
Muffinpower: Fire Mages, Frost Mages
Wafflepower: Paladins (espcially Retribution), Mages

All three of them agree on the following points, however:

  • Beast Mastery Hunters have an "I Win button" and are bullshit. (Keep in mind each of them is a clothie)
  • There arent enough gnome tanks.
  • Twinks ruin 19 PvP like Warlocks ruin WoW (This is actually a direct Biscuitpower quote)
  • A gnome Death Knight would kick ass.
  • Im busy, stop asking me for Deadmines runs.
  • I'm not doing SFK either.
  • I am definitely not giving you a BFD run.
  • Go away!

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