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Character Biography Edit

Kettlebasher is a dwarf paladin on the Realm of Stormrage, US. He is famous for getting himself involved in trade chat often and for giving responses many people's questions. He is often seen as a 'character' on his realm. He is currently in the guild <Crusaders of Alliance>.

Kettlebasher's history goes back a long way. He first began playing in August 2005 when Blackwing Lair had just been released. He played intermittently from August 2005 to January 2007. He slowly edged his way up to level 31 during this time, taking care to observe and take in all the enviroments of the game and to enjoy it rather than just grind his way up to a high level as fast as possible. Kettlebasher quit World of Warcraft a day before Burning Crusade was released and therefore ended his first phase of gaming. He holds two regrets from that period; that he failed to see the level 60 endgame content, and that he didn't log on at all during Burning Crusade.

Kettlebasher started playing again in November 2008 shortly after Wrath of the Lich King was released after almost two years away from the game. He continued his slow leveling towards the old cap of level 60 and maintains that the three months from December 2008 to February 2009 were the most enjoyable for him. He developed a passion for achieveing feats far beyond his level. For a 3 month period at the start of 2009 he became passionate about slaying the Dragons of Nightmare and he lead countless raids against them. He was really determined to make up for the things he missed out on in Vanilla. He finally hit 60 in May 2009 and achieved a number of 'arguable' game records for being 'the lowest level' to complete these things:

A list of things he achieved before hitting 60:

1525 Achievement points - extremely high for that level. 55 Raids he participated in. Not many of that level have been in even one. He owns a raid itinerary of all his raids and would gladly prove his feat to any doubters. Killed Onyxia level 60 version at level 53. Cleared first 3 bosses of Blackwing Lair at level 53. Killed all four Nightmare Dragons before hitting level 50. First one was killed at level 39. He lead all of his emerald dragon raids up to 50. He made online friends - and all but filled his friend list to 100 before level 60. Full clears of Molten Core and Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj around level 55. Aquired about 30 epics from various raids - he couldn't even use any.

Kettlebasher remained in the guild [[<Hammerfall>]] for over a year (between Dec 2008 and Feb 2010) and made many friends over there. He believes that the guild leader Shalendria is one of the best friends he made on the internet. Hammerfall copped alot of bad attention from the critical players on the server; Kettlebasher joined the guild just as it had passed its peak which was prior to WotLK's release.

At level 60 Kettlebasher twinked for over a month. He became extremely well geared; at the same time a level 60 twink guild, <Timeworn> was operating but he was rejected from joining and later held no regrets. He had a little rivalry with members of that guild because they often joined his raid runs and he had to compete for loot. He slayed Ahune the frost lord during this time but he was too low level to turn in the Crystal. He has now turned in the crystal and been awarded his well earned 3 gold and authentic tabard after a year of waiting.

He continued to advance and made one of his fastest rushes in leveling between 3 Jul - 12 Jul 09. He went from level 60-66 and his advance from 60-70 was his fastest part of leveling, even faster than what it took him to go from level 10-20. He did not spend as much time at 70 but managed to clear some of the lower end raids before moving on. He hit 70 in mid-August.

In September Kettle leveled again in Northrend but it wasn't as fast as his previous stint. He just missed out on one Brewfest achievement for the meta, and was faced with having to wait a year for the purple dragon mount, but in a later patch Blizzard removed that Acheive from the requirements! He also won both mounts from brewfest and later finished Hallow's End (the only world event he hasnt left to the last minute to finish). In November Kettlebasher was hacked and therefore further delayed from making inroads to level 80 for a week. He finished a well earned Explorer meta exactly a year after he started playing for the second time.

On 19 December 2009, Kettlebasher finally reached level 80, a week after Icecrown Citadel was released. The player behind Kettle cites that reaching 80 in WoW is his greatest achievement in gaming. He already amassed 3500 achievement points and had been in 100 raids. Even through his passion and character, he was marred by problems in his early weeks of being capped. People often put him down for not meeting requirements for raids, having a low GearScore, wearing gear unhelpful for his spec of retribution, and speccing his talents badly. This lead him to take one month off the game in Jan 2010.

Kettlebasher returned and advanced greatly in progression and gearing. He cleared 7 bosses in ICC 10 and 6 in ICC 25. A blunder on the calendar display caused Kettlebasher to miss out on Lunar Festival on his second attempt on finishing the achieves after all that luck on previous events. He finally left Hammerfall as well and joined a great guild called Crusaders of Alliance where he made many more friends. Lately Kettle plays intermittently but has amassed over 5000 achievement points, 5700 GearScore, 8000 Honorable Kills (some experience in winning arena matches) and been in more than 200 raids.

Kettlebasher has made many 'online friends' over WoW as well as some people he doesn't like. In 2010 a number of his real-life friends started playing the game possibly from his influence and dedication. However, they all play on other servers and mostly on the horde. Some of his best online friends on the server include:

Sanieria Glendur Leezara Gilthanas Drakoro Sigise Mordean Shalendria Hemidal/Isar Castillo Thefoot Vearon/Holms Grayzant

He thanks these people for being his friends among all the dodgy people that play the game didn't appreciate him.

He is yet to defeat Arthas, the final straw of the game, and hasn't got the Violet Proto-Drake yet. He used to play warcraft III.

For further information, go see his armory profile(gear/achievements), facebook page(pictures; page titled Kettlebasher), warcraft realms(full leveling history), or just holler at him when he's online. Kettle is based in Melbourne, Australia, therefore plays during the US night. He has some strategies for the Emerald Dragons on Thottbot. He doesn't play as much as he used to and is on mainly during the weekend. Other than WoW he likes to listen to music (mix at as well sometimes!), play/watch sport, do creative stuff and socialise etc.

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