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The Council (of Steamwheedle Cartel) is an affiliation of Alliance guilds that has operated together for mutual benefit through various Roleplay and Dungeon events.

History Edit

The Council serves a purpose that was sought for a few months on the Steamwheedle Cartel server by numerous individuals, and went through a few separate incarnations. The first attempts at a server alliance failed when their initiating members eventually stopped serving as a go-between. Each attempt at an Alliance-faction server coalition was initiated through in-game conversations and advertisements on the main SWC realm forums.

The current iteration of the Alliance-faction server coalition on Steamwheedle Cartel is called the Council, and was arranged by Beren. There is no limit to membership or participation. The majority of information sharing among affiliated guilds is through the "/council" channel. Other venues used include a set of forums on the SWC RP Story Archive hosted by Griffonclaw, and a channel set aside by participants for use with the module "Guild Events Manager", where signups for raid and role play events are listed.

Participating Guilds Edit

Please add your guild's information to this section if you are a member of the Council. Membership is open and not subject to approval, interest is sufficient to warrant listing!

Argent Exodus


The Hammer of Magni


Thunderbrew Guard - envoy and diplomat is Bazkoare


Valiant Dream

Shadowgate Sentinels

Victories Edit

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