General Info Edit

Name: Soareck Broodwind

Race: Human

Class: Priest

Professions: Tailor/Enchanter

Guild: Scions of Darkness

Server: Steamwheedle Cartel

History Edit

Soareck was born to two parents, both of whom died when he was young. He was adopted by a wandering priest who took to a monastery in Lorderan. He worked hard becoming a priest of the light and took up residence in Stormwind. While there he made trips to Lorderan and Southshore. At the age of 16, he met a high elf who spoke broken common. They began conversing and taught each other the languages of their kin. At the age of 20, Soareck and Kai'theros began to travel together.

At the age of 30 Soareck was sent to Lorderan to examine what had happened to it, and to do a bit of work with bringing soil samples back and attempting to use holy magic to attempt to heal parts of the land. As Soareck slept, Kai'theros walked around inspecting the different land marks and over all surroundings. Soareck awoke that morning with Kai'theros gone and upon leaving the tent found himself alone. As he waited for Kai'theros's return, he began his studies. That night Kai'theros made his return garbed black robes and hood.

Soareck greeted his friend only to have a dagger shoved to his throat. A tussel began between the two and was eventually broken up by a man hidden within the shadows. Words were spoken, a bit of violence insued and Soareck was admitted into Scholomance. In his time there he studied the ways of the adept but soon to his studies into his own hands taking books of runes and of plauge recipies and studying over them. He dabbled in demonic languages as well becoming fluent in both Demonic and Eredun.

Eight years after studying in Scholomance he was charmed while standing outside by a young priestes. She proved to be a turning point in Soareck's life turning him once again toward the light. This time the tree bore no fruit. Soareck killed Kai'theros, who had taken up the name Kaizer while at Scholomance, and made haste to Southshore where the priestess and he flew back Stormwind and took up residence in Duskwood.

Less then a year later Kaizer returned to take vengeance upon Soareck and upon inhabitating a young paladin walked into their humble abode and slew her. Soareck walked upon the sight and quickly killed the paladin and upon realizing Kaizer's hand in the murder, he drew the paladin up and pulled Kaizer's soul from his body and trapped it within himself and locking him away. He buried the priestess in the Raven Hill Cemetary. There was no funeral but only a burial and a state of mourning which lasted months.

For month's afterward he wandered Elwynn, Duskwood and eventually made his way back to Southshore but memories kept him away from going back to the Plaugelands.

Recent Additions Edit

These are pivotol things that have happened to Soareck in the past two to three months.

-Soareck met Wynree Taevlon and fell in love. They have a daughter named Emmy.

-Soareck was betrayed by two fellow members of the Blades of Dawn at Caer Darrow and became the man he once was, an unstable man bent on harnessing all the power he can. Wynree and Emmy both followed in his footsteps. They have recently begun upon the path of Light again. Soareck, though has not.

-Soareck became inflicted with the plauge and upon trying to rid himself of it, gave birth to another entity, that of plague and shadow. For two weeks he laid in a coma and upon coming out of it was driven mad and attacked two people of the Crimson Horizon. Arielune, who had been the person to cure the plague and Wispmoon, a Night elf warrior who had been in an older order with Soareck.

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