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General Info Edit

Name: Henulka Nuuruhuine

Henulka Nuuruhuine & Hathkrit

Nickname: Henu

Race: Blood Elf or Sin'Dorei

Age: 207 (approx early to mid 20's human years)

Height/Weight: 5'11"/135lbs

Emotion: Withdrawn, quiet type. Often mistaken for being shy.

Class: Warlock

Professions: Jewelcrafting and Mining

Guild: None

Server: Steamwheedle Cartel US

Physical Description Edit

  • Henulka has a slender body, not unlike other blood elves
  • Has pale freckles on her cheek bones.
  • She has three piercings. Two silver rings in her upper left ear, one silver ring in her upper right ear.

Character Notes Edit

  • Henu will rarely speak to anyone unless she is spoken to directly, in a polite manner. Even if someone introduces themselves to her, will they rarely catch her name. This is of course biased on character to character, she has only given one elf her name right off the bat, after he aided her in the Ghostlands (and she was mighty sore at this point). Only after someone has gained her trust, only then will she introduce herself.
  • She speaks only in Thalassian, but if she is spoken to by other Horde race, she will make an attempt at Orcish as best she can... if they approach her properly as stated above.
  • Her social abilities are very limited. So she will often sit off to the side at social gatherings, and observe the chatting, dancing and general behavior of others as though they were test subjects.

Bio Edit

Her mother Lingwe Nuuruhuine died during the birth of Henulka, an only child. Her father Uuvanimo Nuuruhuine raised her alone in seclusion for fear of others thinking he had killed Lingwe. They would only go into the City for necessity, then return to their home some distance away in Eversong Woods.

Both of her parents were Warlocks, and her father raised her in the same fashion. Henulka showed a great passion for the arts, and this made Uuvanimo very proud. He would go to Silvermoon on a regular basis to borrow, purchase, and even steal spell books to bring to Henu to read, and read them she did.

Henulka spent many hours (and still does) reading through the books her Father acquired for her, and writes in her own journal on her experiments with spells, and her findings.

Upon her maturing of age, she was approached and wooed by an elf by the name of Kothaar. He, and his family were heavily schooled in the 'Holy' arts, and when his family gathered evidence that he was consorting with Henulka, he was banished. Ever since he has abandoned his alignment with the Light, and has been studying Shadow Magic.

Kothaar and Henulka secretly wed, and Kothaar abandoned his family name and took Henu's name to rid himself of the shame of his former family.

Friends and Enemies Edit


  • Kothaar - Blood Elf Priest, her husband.
  • Hui - A Blood Elf Paladin that would escort her on her journies. She never told him, but she enjoyed his company. She has not seen Hui again for some time.
  • Invernus - Met him in the Ghostlands on her quest to summon a Voidwalker.


IC Opinions of Henulka Edit

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