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Elelyn Kreshnae
Basic Information

Gender: Female
Age: 23
Race: Draenei
Faction: Alliance
Class: Shaman
Specialization: Restoration
Professions: Skinning 375, First Aid 375, Mining (in progress)
Mission: Spread harmony

Player Character Notes Edit

Elelyn was created with the player's intention of being a healer. She has specialized in Shaman Restoration since level 10 and has been cheerfully leveled all the way to a 70 main in such a way, having begun as an alt and having survived many alts herself. With the help of many of the player's friends, Elelyn has proven herself a fun character to play in groups and seems to have helped define herself roleplaying-wise. She is seldom roleplayed any more, her player having moved to the raiding guild Serendipity, but in the mind of her player she has certainly become a unique entity. The relation between the roleplayer and the roleplayed is complicated, as the player does not consider Elelyn to "be herself" or her "avatar," but there are obviously many ways in which the character was purposely designed to share in her creator's mind, personal values being chosen especially accordingly. In this sense one might say - tentatively - that Elelyn started as the image of the person the player would like to be and then grew according to the surroundings that World of Warcraft presented to her. This page was first designed by the player herself, making all claims subject to her biases but also genuine interpretations.

Play Style Edit

Elelyn's style of behavior in battles is fairly simple and sounds like most people's styles: heal AND buff as much as possible as fast as possible with as much mana efficiency as possible. Buffs are accomplished through her use of Earth Shield, usually on the tank, and the use of the most beneficial totems according to party members' classes and specializations. She possesses all healing and buffing totems, but favors certain ones, specifically Healing Stream Totem, Mana Spring Totem, Grace of Air Totem, Wrath of Air Totem, Strength of Earth Totem, Stoneskin Totem, Flametongue Totem, and Searing Totem. All other totems, with the exception of highly offensive totems such as Magma Totem, which see little to no use, are kept in the interface at all times for easy access in more specific situations. Healing is accomplished via the three Shaman healing spells, with tanks given priority and the rest of the group or raid healed with as much generosity as appears safe. Mana Tide Totem is used to quickly restore her own mana without drinking, restore mana in battle when hers reaches dangerous levels, or perhaps to help a party member.

Roleplayed Character Profile Edit

First Impression Edit

Elelyn is slightly clumsy when speaking Common (language). Though she seldom says things that don't make sense, she will appear to be affording more effort when speaking long sentences and to this day she cannot pronounce the "W" sound; it comes out as a "V" sound. Physically, Elelyn appears stately, in the image of the typical Draenei woman. Her skin is entirely white, and her hair is a bright white fading to silver around the tips. She is tall, even compared to other Draenei. Elelyn tends to wear expensive-looking clothing and some jewelry. For this reason, she can sometimes appear haughty or spoiled. However, Elelyn's eyes and smile are warm, despite her wintery coloration (which can get a little annoying in bright light).

Character Traits Edit

Elelyn is, above all, a complicated person. Her intentions are always good and her skills in bringing those good intentions to light have developed admirably. However, she must watch out for the pitfalls of all of those who are, deep down, kind-hearted. She is generous but cautious about the trust she invests in others, for she made a fair number of mistakes in her youth based on her sometimes-naive perceptions. She is indeed wealthy, which she has identified as a relatively rare advantage in Azeroth, and while she doesn't always appreciate the finer points of handling money, she does her best to be sensitive to the monetary needs and attitudes of others. Elelyn has not lost close family members to war, but she has lost acquaintances and witnessed many, many strangers in their darkest hours. Someone who has seen as much as a Draenei in her situation could take a variety of paths in life, indeed, but her situation combined with the recent influence of her beloved Shamanism has made her turn out favorably, and she has finally been deemed deserving of the term "wise" by Farseer Nobundo. Perhaps fortunately for this title, she will not yet accept it. In day-to-day life, Elelyn is an empathetic person, preferring to channel the healing powers of water to her friends and allies to hurting enemies, and has a sort of goal to help unite people and spark the spread of hope, even in a war-torn world. Elelyn's creator, at risk of corrupting her own character, holds great admiration for the Shaman.

Abbreviated Life Timeline Edit

  • Born to the wealthy, but happily married, "Lady" Leis and "Sir" Doven. Well-protected from conflict thanks to the family's ease of access to resources.
  • Year 3: younger sister Careis is born.
  • Year 5: first move from original home location because of Burning Legion violence.
  • Year 6: second move.
  • Year 7: third move. By this time, Elelyn is picking up on what is going on in the war and the meanings of violence, evil, and death. She becomes somewhat distant and philosophical now, trying to figure out her position in life. Kept relatively sheltered mentally by family.
  • Year 9: fourth move.
  • Year 10: fifth move. While moving, witnesses the grisly death of a Burning Legion demon, sparking her true loss of "childhood innocence."
  • Year 11: discusses the subjects of violence, evil, and death with priests, teachers, peers, family, and anyone else who will listen. Decides that being depressed about their presence will not help anyone.
  • Year 12: decides to become a priest.
  • Year 14: finally reconciles violence, evil, and death in her own mind, but her ideas challenge most traditional Priest views on the subject.
  • Year 15: forced into a state of nearly perpetual movement as the situation gets worse for her family and they become more and more haunted by the demonic.
    • During the frequent moves, Elelyn works mostly in low-level service. She has time to think and decides that the Priest life is perhaps not exactly what she seeks.
    • Also, in this time, Elelyn sees much good done despite the continuing violence and regains a happy nature. Her sense of humor returns.
  • Year 19: Elelyn admits herself to be an "adult" for the first time and feels balanced in spirit.
  • Year 22: arrangements are made for a drastic change in location. Elelyn is now thinking about living on her own, but decides to follow her parents to their new location...
  • Year 22-and-three-quarters: crashes to Azeroth. Discovers and investigates Shamanism and immediately realizes it is her calling.

Philosophy Edit

Being a Shaman, Elelyn's mind is focused very much on the non-biological, non-living - but altogether vital - elements. Some would encourage a rather tyrannical control of the elements, but Elelyn does not see this as a wise idea. Her opinion is that it is best to learn to channel their powers, to bring oneself up to the level of the elements without bringing the elements down. In this way it could be said that she would befriend elemental spirits, gently asking and persuading for their help and building up trust, power, and influence. Training as a Shaman, she believes, is a long series of tests for ultimately begun and judged by the elements. Elelyn finds herself in a unique position as a Shaman compared to the other classes, for she is an ephemeral living thing among the spirits of the elements. She is concentrated on the harmony between spirits and people, and recognizes that her lifestyle is the place where life binds to its material.

Shamanism and the Light Edit

This is a touchy subject for many in Azeroth, but Elelyn's personal beliefs are that the Light and the elemental spirits are perfectly compatible, equally powerful, and basically hold all the same values. For that reason, she is not afraid to discuss the Light or to say that she believes in the Light.

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