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General Info Edit

Name: Aeyerryn Indari, Lesser Seat of House Indari

Race: Sin'Dorei

Age: ~26

Birthplace: Quel'thalas

Height: 230 cm

Weight: 95 kg

Sex: Male

Hair: Silver/Blonde

Eyes: Cyan

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Class: Blood Knight

Guild: House Indari

Character History:

Aeyerryn’s life has always been one of titles, nobility and respect. One he has always rebelled against slightly despite taking up one of the Lesser Seats of House Indari. With power comes responsibility and that’s just a big crushing blow to any fun that may come along. Still, Aeyerryn doesn’t complain about the perks this level of power brings to him.

Physical Description:

Like most Sin’Dorei males Aeyerryn is tall, thin and lithe. He has a kind face which seems to constantly have a cheeky smile resting upon his lips while his pale blue eyes, like most Sin’Dorei, mist and dance with power. About his forehead he wears a simple band which holds the fringe of his hair up and out of his face while the rest of his hair drapes over his shoulders running down his back. A myriad of tattoos cover his arms and legs, most of which have significance only to Aeyerryn himself.

The clothing he chooses to wear reflects the colouring of his own features, most of it is rich blues and shiny silvers, much more like the colouration preferred by the Night Elves rather than his native Blood Elves. Aeyerryn would just say that it goes with his eyes better. He wears a stylish blue shirt, and a black waistcoat, both inlaid with designs in silver thread, plain blue pants, accented with a dark blue belt with a silver buckle and black leather boots which have silver laces. Around his shoulders is draped a blue cape with a silver design around the edges, which has one rigid shoulder which he usually wears draped over his left side while the rest of the cloak trails down to the floor.

Attached to the belt is a sheath where Aeyerryn carries his latest pilfered weapon. Aeyerryn’s weapon of choice is usually a sword but when it comes down to it Aeyerryn isn’t fussy about what he can use as a weapon. He has been known to brain the odd ruffian with a stein before.


Aeyerryn is a happy-go-lucky fellow who has a good relationship with his cousin Aeyesa, despite the fact they haven’t seen each other since she, ‘absconded’, from her responsibilities as the Leader of her House. His actions frequently belay his true calling as a respectable Blood Knight.

Aeyerryn is a delegate for House Indari in The Conclave and his story is currently being chronicled in the House Indari Chronicles. His first appearance is in the story: A Gathering in Orgrimmar.

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