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Thalonious Munk, co-founder and guild leader of iHeart on the Spirestone PvP realm, as well as a friend of the people in Orgrimmar. Thalonious is a strong advocate for the rise of retribution Blood Knights in the ranks of the Horde. With a slow start to his career as a Blood Knight, Thalonious has grown in a respectable way, expanding his abilities and skills. He seeks to better himself and prove to not only the Alliance but to also his peers that he is is a true symbol of Blood Knight power. He is played by IRL gamer, Skids McGoo.



Thalonious started out unsure of which direction he will take himself. It wasn't until the later seasons in which he had decided he would like to go the route of a retribution Blood Knight. Although he had decided he wanted retribution, it was a bit of a difficult road advancing. As many retribution Blood Knights would know, much of the other population has a negative stigma against them. So without the aid of friends it was difficult most of the time.

Thalonious and his friend, Sinyk, who at the time was guildless decided to start up a guild mostly comprising of friends with a few random members in the beginning. It wasn't really a serious group but from this came the guild known as iHeart. As time went on, Sinyk would move on to endgame raids as iHeart was unable to offer this service to its members. Thalonious would soon take over the role of guild leader for the group. Shortly after, some friends of guilds which had recently broke up had joined on to iHeart giving the group a little bit more population but still never anything big. The group would go on to run smaller 5-man instances using high DPS for its cc.

It wasn't all easy. Once at 60 Thalonious was faced with fierce discrimination as a retribution Blood Knight. After a bit of time he ended up changing to holy only to find himself dissatisfied with what he was doing. He couldn't take it any longer, so before long he would revert back to his old ways again.

Thalonious and the rest of iHeart would make some friends with other guilds allowing them to begin to run more difficult instances.

70 and beyondEdit


Members of iHeart in the Caverns of Time.

Thalonious would hit 70 and begin his track to aquire more powerful gear. During this time he would start to collect loot not only for DPS, but he would also gather loot for healing and tanking off sets to boot. It had come to the point where Thalonious had enough gear to effectively tank heroic instaces and even Karazhan. However, DPS was still the only route for him. He would go on to raid other instances such as Gruul's Lair, Magtheridon's Lair and even Zul'Aman. Currently, Thalonious is at a bit of a crossroads trying to find a group doing Serpentshrine Cavern, Tempest Keep and beyond that will allow him to DPS.

Role callEdit


Spell holy holybolt

-On gear-Edit

-On healing-Edit


Spell holy devotionauraComing soon.

-On gearEdit

-On threat generation-Edit


Spell holy retributionaura

Thalonious' forte. A well seasoned player when it comes to DPS has overtime, developed some theory and ideas as to what makes a for a good Blood Knight DPS. There are several sources online which have different ideas as to what makes for an effective retadin. After reading up and testing some of them, here are the ideas in which Thalonious uses in his own DPS.

-On Gear-Edit

Biggest assets to a DPS PvE Blood Knight go in this order:

  • Strength -> AP - Better to have +Str than AP because it get benefits from buffs more often and directly correlates to AP as well as seal of blood procs and judgments.
  • Hit rating - The more hits you can land, the more overall damage you can do in the long run.
  • Critical strike rating - It's always good to have more crit rating as DPS.

As for weapons go, having a slighter faster weapon will not hurt your holy damage seeing as how SoB and Crusader Strike is tied in with your overall AP and is also effected by critical strike rating. When looking for an enchant for gear, Thalonious typically looks for +Agi/+Critical strike or +Str if the latter is not available.

It has been debated that an enchant like Executioner would be better than any other enchant for Blood Knights and Paladins. In this case, the holy damage doesn't correlate to physical school of damage in the sense that it ignores armor despite being tied to Str and Agi. But since they are connected in terms of the crit and overall damage bonus, it's recommended to get high crit enchants like that of Mongoose.

-On DPS cycle-Edit


  • "Time to burn, baby!"
  • "Yes... time to RAGE!"
  • "Enough play time, THIS is Blood Knight!"


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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Thalonious Horde 15 Spirestone IconSmall Blood Elf Male Ui-charactercreate-classes paladin Paladin 70 iHeart n/a
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

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