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AllianceNPC 32  Zenru Dreamchaser
RaceNight Elf
ProfessionsEnchanting, Inscription
RealmSisters of Elune US

Armory LinkEdit

Zenruid Armory Link


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Zenru Swiftstrike Council member Renewal guild.

Place of birth: Village around the World Tree Nordrassil

Current home: Undisclosed

Nickname: Zen

Name: Zenru Swiftstrike Race: Kaldorei Class: Druid Guild: Renewal (Renewal investigations) Family: Omorose Swiftstrike (Wife), Salihah (Niece), Zahra (Daughter), and Zahur (Son)

Age: 540ish ('Old enough to know better still too young to care' for a Kaldorei) Height (approximate): 7 feet Weight (approximate): 215 lbs Build: Thin, almost scrawny Body type: Heavily scared, particularly on his chest Hair: Dark blue Eyes: Amber

Relationship: Married Friends: Too many to name

Professions: Enchanting, Inscription, heroing, and bartending Addendum: Occasional masked crimefighter

Nature: Snarky, sarcastic, friendly, intelligent, crazy but in a brilliant way, and usually fun at parties. He's very much in love with Omorose. He's highly protective of his friends. Likes to tell stories, socialize, explore, and ride around on his chopper.

Notable equipment: 1. Clan weapon ( Originally created for the forerunner of the Dreamchaser clan (Ryo Dreamchaser) pre-Sundering and was passed down through the clan over the ages. Zen often says the weapon protects his clan. He almost always has it with him even during social occasions. It is the only thing he has the shows his clan ever existed. Addendum: When the decision was made to form the Swiftstrike clan the runes engraved on the weapon changed (by themselves somehow) and now read 'Swiftstrike'. 2. Neck worn chain: Given to him by Omorose. Originally made from one of her father's broken weapons for her mother. Said to be imbued with magics that enhance healing. 3. Wrist band made by Omorose from strands of her hair. 4. Custom Mekgineer's Chopper ( Created by his good friend Tex Nicholas Support. Has a similar design to most standard choppers but Zen's is fueled by an ambient mana energy converter. 5. Record-o-bot 9001 (Audio recorder): Invented by his good friend Tex Nicholas Support. Used by Zen to create audio records. He uses it like a personal journal. Powered by an ambient mana energy converter. 6. Com-Link (2 way radio communication device): Invented by his good friend Tex Nicholas Support. Used by Zen, Mason, and Tex to communicate over distances. Powered by an ambient mana energy converter.

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