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Tzufit Ravenwing is a druid who maintains a lose affiliation with the Cenarion Circle and has spent a majority of her recent years in the Emerald Dream. She is also an accomplished healer and something of an amateur scholar.



Tzufit is small for an elf, both in height and in stature, though she carries herself with the careful grace characteristic of the Kal'Dorei. Her large silver eyes stand out prominently from her otherwise small features, and are even more pronounced given her tendency to stare for longer than is comfortable. The druid's nose, though short, comes to a rather defined and slightly upturned point, perhaps a side-effect of spending much of her time as a storm crow.


More apt to watch and to listen than to speak, Tzufit may come across as aloof upon first meeting. She is, however, intensely curious and will be unable to resist asking questions for long after meeting someone new. Though she puts much effort into maintaining a calm and patient presence, a restless and wandering side lies below this. She becomes agitated when she spends long stretches of time indoors or in the same place.

Druidic FormsEdit

When not on assignment for the Cenarion Circle or in combat, Tzufit is rarely seen in anything aside from her natural form. If asked, Tzufit will explain that she takes upon the characteristics of the various animals when she shifts and finds it difficult to communicate. Not wishing to be impolite or make others uncomfortable, Tzufit chooses to remain in elf form. When alone and outside of a city, Tzufit is most often found as a storm crow, enjoying the freedom this allows her.


Family and Early LifeEdit


Tzufit before the ruins of Ahn'Qiraj in Silithus.

Tzufit can remember nothing of her childhood or the majority of her early life. Centuries spent in the Dream have left her memories of the waking world jumbled and incomplete. She knows her parents by name and reputation only. Her mother, Tzufit has been told, was a Sentinel of some prowess, though she died in battle long ago. Tzufit's father is a venerable druid, present during the War of the Ancients and an ardent servant of Aviana. Tzufit's skill and preference for the storm crow's form is inherited from him. Currently, her father's whereabouts are unknown, though Tzufit's half-sister, Merenka, speculates that he is trapped in the Emerald Nightmare.

Though she can now remember little of this time, Tzufit spent her early life as a Sentinel, assigned to a division that protected Kal'Dorei settlements throughout Kalimdor. Tzufit's final assignment as a Sentinel was as a protector of Southwind Village in Silithus, where she would eventually witness first-hand the invasion of the Quiraji and the assassination of Valstann Staghelm. The events of the War of the Shifting Sands so disgusted and disturbed Tzufit that she abandoned her life as a warrior soon after.

As it was the intervention of the dragonflights that eventually allowed the night elves to contain the Quiraji, Tzufit has maintained a strong sense of loyalty to them ever since.

Druidic StudiesEdit

After her decision to leave the Sentinel Army, Tzufit spent several years at home in Nordrassil uncertain as to how she might reconcile her desire to continue to help her people with her new commitment to a more peaceful life. On a whim, Tzufit journeyed to Moonglade to visit her father, and it was there that she first became interested in the druidic path.

(More to come!)

Out of Character Information Edit

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