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At the Hallow's End, Brill Edit

"It's pretty confusing, waking up from the Big Sleep. Most of us figure we're dreaming at first. We must have dreamed dying, and now we're in some other kind of dream. Dreaming we're cold, cut-off, empty. Severed from the life-essence, now Forsaken. That's the real nightmare aspect of it. You never really appreciate the spark of life, the insistent beating of your heart, the hot pulse of your blood in your veins, the life-creating power in your loins. Not until they're gone. I've got enough rigor mortis down there to take on all the 'ladies' of Booty Bay, but without the mojo to drive it... might as well be as limp as an elf's wrist."

"Being a corpse is just window-dressing compared to that. Give me a choice between having a live-soul but a dead body vs. a dead soul and live body, and I'll take the first faster than a gnome'll bend over for a spare copper. 'Course, we don't get that choice. *cackle* Just as well... this way, we're spared the illusions of being anything other than what we are. And hey, even if I don't have any proper eyes anymore, at least I have a jaw -- how those other poor bastards manage to eat, I'll never know."

"What do I remember? Not much. Amnesia, except a little taste of a dream, just on the tip of my tongue. That the way out of here is through that lich-king. Out? I don't know whether that means back to being alive, or the way to final death. Either way, I'll take it. Dying don't seem to work so well for us... we just get returned to the graveyard. And if there's anything worse than being an undead corpse, it's being an undead ghost."

Orgrimmar, waiting for Warsong Gulch Duty Edit

"So, I guess everyone and their beast-pet or demon-minion has eternal life these days, eh? For the living, it might not be too bad, I guess. Do they eventually die of old-age? If not, this world is going to get pretty crowded pretty quick. Even so, that seems like a pretty sweet deal, though it makes our war against the Alliance pretty damn pointless."

"For us Forsaken, there isn't much in this world. Just emptiness and appetite. An unquenchable devouring need. That's why we profit so much off chowing down on a good Quilboar or Gnome-brain... mmm.... Braaaaiinsss." Thanosophus stares off into the distance, licking his lips.

"Anyway, like I was saying, emptiness and appetite. Me, I'm mostly about the literal appetite. But some of us, we move on. Up or down, I couldn't say. But most of us, we get bored with the devouring of our fellow sentients. Power is the ultimate appetite among the Forsaken. All hail the New Order! All hail our Blood Elf allies!" Thanos chuckles wryly.

Undercity, reclining in a coffin at the inn Edit

"You know, with gnomes, the only thing that exceeds the annoyance is the pleasure of killing and eating one. S'why I switched over to engineering. Beat 'em at their own game. Gnomes and the Scarlet Order, they're the worst. Those dimwits can't tell the difference between Forsaken and Scourge."

"Loan-shark muscle. Er, 'debt-compliance enforcement officer' rather. I think that's what I used to be, before the Plague struck all alike, whether good or bad, rich or poor. And don't look at me like that. You get bad karma, you have to get it balanced out again. If that involves me cutting off a few fingers... well, wouldn't you rather be short a few fingers and have a clean soul than crippled soul and a whole hand? I can tell you -- as a Forsaken with a crippled soul, I know which one I'd choose."

"I think that's the Plan for the Forsaken, if there is a Plan in this world of endless and pointless slaughter. We're the repo-men of karma-accounting. Some people get to pass out the milk and cookies for the good deeds. But someone else has to pass out purification-of-pain and the 'recycling' of wasted lives." Thanos' eyes glow with a little bit of glee.

In a detached and philosophical tone, Thanos adds as an afterthought "I don't think I enjoyed killing this much when I was alive. I guess I should be worried or guilty about that..." He grins, snapping out of his reverie cheerfully "But I don't, so what're you gonna do?"

On the road to Tarren Mill Edit

"Now you may think it sounds pretty depressing, being Forsaken. And, from a certain point of view is it -- trapped in a corpse-body, with a crippled soul, no easy way to escape, short of killing the lich-king. But look at this way -- you've got nothing to lose."

"Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose, right? So I figure we're the freest folk around. Like I said to you earlier, when you were putting on all those arrogant and aristocratic airs -- what are you going to do, kill me? Well, one, like the rest of us, I get raised by the spirit guide pretty damn quick. Two, I'm already undead. Being a ghost is a little bit worse, but my soul's already mostly severed, so I'm pretty used to the cold and shadow of the Ghostlands. And yeah, I know you're a warlock, and you might be able to steal my soul or something... but let me tell you, my pointy-eared friend, my withered soul is hardly worth the effort."

"The great thing about rock-bottom is that it's all up-side from here. So, the way I figure it, Forsaken got more reason to be cheerful than the rest of you all. If we can't laugh at our situation, we'll go crazy -- and a few of us do. No, keeping your sense of humor keeps you down to earth. And Forsaken take it one better, keeping you down to six feet under the earth."

Waiting at the Battlemaster in the Undercity for Arathi Basin Edit

"Yeah, your guild sounds decent, but I'm going to have to take rain-check. I just got burned by joining a guild too fast. "Broken Wings" There were a few good apples -- Oxus, Tigana, Senium, Saedrya, whats-his-face the orc. But the rest were a bunch of blood-elf drama queens -- I know, that's redundant -- who spent all their time whining about being emotionally damaged goods, then seducing each other and sulking about not getting enough attention."

"Yeah, we all got problems. Don't lie about it or hide 'em behind some stoic exterior, but just fess up to them and get on with, that's my feeling. What does getting on with it mean? That's the rub, isn't it?"

"To each their own, but for me it means getting together enough power to take down that lich-king, but getting enough laughs and wisdom to keep me sane till I catch up with him. Yeah, it's a tall order, but I haven't heard anyone else volunteer for the job, so... whaddya gonna do?"

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