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Death Knight Sarpa Edit

Sarpa was a Revantusk Troll who fell into the service of the Lich King.

Fighting for Zul'Jin Edit

Watcher Sarpa battled alongside the Amani and other forest Trolls against the Elves under Zul’Jin during the Second War. As the Revantusks are the Darkspear equivalent of Forest Trolls –aka weaker and smaller- peace between tribes meant a lot to him. It was a beautiful vision he really believed in, and he and his mate Jaadoo had a lot of faith in Zul’Jin’s ability to unite the tribes. They dared to hope and put everything they had into it for the sake of the survival and unity of their people. Hero worship would not be putting it lightly. Most of his loved ones and friends fell in the war.

Second War Aftermath Edit

History paints an ugly picture of what happened for the Forest Trolls after this. The alliances all fell apart and the Revantusk were left to fend for themselves retreating to the edge of the Hinterlands for defense. Sarpa and his mate had survived, only to lose Jaadoo to be killed and eaten one morning while collecting herbs by their neighboring cousins the Vilebranch… whom they’d fought with shoulder to shoulder not so long ago against the Alliance.

He traveled north to seek their lost Hero. To seek his grave. The other Revantusks seemed to believe Zul’Jin was still alive, that he would return and defend them. They were isolated, and had no news of current events. Sarpa hoped he was dead. It was the only good reason their hero could have left them like this at the mercy of their stronger and barbaric cousins. Up North, he found that not only was Zul’Jin still alive, but he was rebuilding an Amani army. He had turned to dark voodoo, and seemed to have forgotten the small tribe of forest Trolls that worshiped him so. He’d told them nothing, abandoned them and the rest of the Trolls who had and would have died for him. Sarpa was disgusted and heartbroken. Angry. He felt he’d lost everything. His mate, his faith, his hopes… everything was gone. Useless. Let Zul’Jin build his army… if the entirety of the united Troll tribes failed, what hope had the Amani on their own? Selfish deceiving foolish …

The Bitter "End" Edit

Adding insult to injury, he learned that the Horde were accepting the thrice accursed land-thieving Elves and allying themselves with them. Against Zul’Jin, no less. With a bitter manic tearful laugh, Sarpa continued north. He killed any Elves he could along the way, not quite caring if he lived or died… but at the same time, he thirsted for vengeance. The Trolls hadn’t crushed Quel'Thalas… but the Scourge had.

Zul’Jin abandoned the Revantusks. The Horde now defended the Elves. Sarpa had no desire to return to the cliff walled corner of the Hinterlands. He didn’t know what to do. He was simply filled with hate and anger and pain. Something drew him north. Kept drawing him. So he stole a boat and continued blindly in that direction. It was all too easy to fall in with the Scourge, and to gladly fall under their blades. To satisfy his need to do something while ending himself. To wreak vengeance on the Elves AND the Amani, the Alliance AND the Horde. On everything. To be a part of something powerful. To focus his pain on revenge.

Present Edit

When the Ebon Knights broke free of the Lich King's control, Sarpa tentatively re-joined the Horde wary of being burned once again by a charismatic leader. Struggling with the lingering pain, hatred, and anger that was egged on by the Lich King's whispers he's currently trying to sort out a place for himself in the world. His memories included the battles of the Second War, mostly feelings and impressions, but anything else was a numb blur until recently. Now he wishes he didn't remember again, that was far less painful. He still feels a strong connection to his Tribe and race. Sarpa's efforts to tame his own raptor and reconnect with his culture is his way of trying to piece back together his identity.

He would prefer solitude if it weren't for the endless silence that accompanies it. He misses the familiar seductive whispers of Arthas that had taken up that void for so long, and will sometimes try to fill it instead with the company of his tentative allies.

He does his best to assist in Icecrown, but is easily sidetracked by work in more pleasant and greener places. Sarpa has recently acquired a pet cobra which he's named Kaz'Kah meaning 'Death Totem' in Zandali as well as a little skunk he's named Ki'Teh. Caring for them has become a pleasant hobby and distraction.

The recent retaking of the Echo Isles did bolster his spirit, despite his not being a Darkspear himself. Wary respect of Vol'jin has been nurtured after hearing the spirits themselves praise him.

OOC Edit

Just a reminder: While Sarpa hates Elves with a passion IC, this doesn't mean his player does. Same goes for if you play any Forest Troll outside of the Revantusk tribe. And he CAN be reasoned with. When OOC - total carebear regardless of race or faction. ;)

Sarpa prefers his native language when possible, and speaks without accent in Troll. When speaking Orcish, he does have a thick-ish accent because Orcish is more difficult and less familiar to him. So if you're playing a Troll and in the habit of using the accent regardless of language, please don't be surprised that Sarpa's accent is situational. :)

It's safe to assume that Sarpa is OOC when he's questing even if his player has forgotten to switch RP tags on MRP. >_> However, if you talk to him IC he'll respond in kind wherever he is. RP breaks are always welcome!

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