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Palerosia Edit

Palerosia is a Night Elf Hunter, affiliated with the Alliance. She is seen here and there by many, approach at your own risk, she is mentally unstable and depending on which of her personalities are dominant she will attack even friends.

Description Edit

Vivid green eyes stare at you, is if you might be dinner. Most of the time she is sitting around in her natural appearence, with short blond hair, her cat Hota at her side. During these times she will be roaming Horde cities, claiming her name is Daisie.

The rest of the time she will be wondering Alliance towns, with her blue wig on, and her Fire Hawk or her Owl, at these times she is Palerosia.

Personality Edit

Palerosia is flighty. She goes from place to place without any rhyme or reason. She will go to the top of a mountain to dance, or a bright blue river to swim. The main thing to remember when you see Palerosia around is to take her at her word.

Daisie is strict, she will tolerate no slacking in her presence. When it is time to work she will go to the job, and woo-be-tide those not ready. During her off hours she roams Orgrimmar looking for gems to cut and people looking for enchanters. She is often seen in the presence of others laughing, or telling stories.

Time to leave Edit

It is time for me to leave my home. I am 300 years old and one of the last to leave. My name is Palerosia, and just recently I realized I am a hunter. I can communicate with beasts. They want to do as I tell them. I head out into the world and begin my training. After many days my teachers tell me I am ready for my very own pet. I decide I want an owl, they are good company, especially for someone who, like me, spends most of there time hunting at night. I name him Hooter, because he does love to talk, not only to me but to all the other owl’s he encounters.

I have a friend, whose name is Smittee. He lives in Stormwind. We have been writing letters for about 20 years now, and he informs me that my help is needed and asks if I can come to him, as for him to leave would put many people’s lives in danger. I ask Hooter how he feels about this, and he tells me we should go. I say goodbye to my family, I think about telling my people where I go but we have never been close, so I just wave goodbye as I leave.

I decide that while I am traveling, I should see as much of the world as I can. So, off I go. My first stop… Dustwallow Marsh. I step off the boat and talk to many people. They are rude; they tell me that I have much work to do. I leave the town and head out into the area. Repeatedly I sleep the sleep of death. The resting all elves do when mortally wounded to recover. Everything I encounter wounds me to sleep within one or two hits. I see some ogre’s in the distance. I try to talk to them but they hate me. I see a Troll, I love Troll’s, and they are descended from elves after all (So I was taught from my teachers back home.) He comes over to me and tells me to follow him. He kills everything in our path, as he brings me back to town. He tries to talk to me but I cannot understand him. He points at the town. I try to follow him back into the swamp, he tells me “No!” and points once more back at the town. I listen to him.

I decide that traveling might not be such a good idea and pull out the instructions to Stormwind out of my pack. After all there is someone there that wants me, and I realize I am not ready to face the world.

I arrive in Stormwind, weary and dirty from my travels. The city is huge, and brick it appears that the humans are doing everything in there power to remove nature from their daily lives. I feel alone and outcaste. The humans are always asking me to dance, and informing me I wear too much cloth. I go to my friend Smittee and tell him of my feelings. He tells me about a place called Ironforge. I inform him I saw Ironforge on my way to Stowmwind. I liked it there. The dwarves were nice to me, they helped me find my way to there capital, and even lead me through it showing me where things were located, and the tram I could use to get to Stormwind.

So back to Ironforge I go. After being there for about 50 more years, I meet Dragonbane. He is so nice to me. We spend many days together exploring the lands. During the days we fight to clear the land of many monsters. At nights he tells me stories of heroic battle’s he had with different dragons. He is a Paladin but he explains to me the main difference between him and my old friend Smittee. Smittee lived to heal people and keep them well. Dragonbane lived to protect us, and make us stronger.

True love Edit

One day I awoke to realize I had fallen in love. I was happy that his race was at least long lived so that I would have many years to come with him. I was still nervous to tell him how I felt as he might laugh. Surely he looked down on me. I am an elf, I am weak. That day we were to head to Winterspring, there were dragons there that needed to be killed. As we were to enter the cave where they resided, I turned to him to get my instructions; he reached out and pulled me to him. His kiss was deep and strong. He looked deep into my eyes the entire time. After the kiss he informed me of his love. He told me if we made it through this we would make it official.

Weeks later we were in Stormwind with our guild recovering from our latest attempt against Lucifron, a horrid demon, which ate us for dinner daily. Standing in the town square discussing our mistakes and trying to change them, Dragonbane cleared his throat, showing his intention to speak. We all quitted down to listen to him. He was one of our leaders and we respected him.

He stood up, walked over to me, and took a knee. He pulled me to a standing position. The entire area became silent, everyone looking at us. He spoke of his love, and our trials. How I had pulled him through time and again. After a lengthy speech he reached into his pocked and pulled out a ring. I stared in astonishment, this ring was world famous, and it was named “The Rock”. I went crazy, laughing and crying at the same time. “YES” I yelled! As he stood up to spin me around and around we heard whispers. One of these stood out “A dwarf and an elf? How absurd.” My best friend a shadow priest called Nymwae smacked him upside his head, saying “Shut up, you ass, they are in love and race does not matter!”

We had our wedding a month later atop The Twin Colossus in Feralas. Nymwae conducted the ceremony. About 20 people attended. Our guild consisted of about 100 people, and there absence was noted. Needless to say we were hurt.

Time to move on Edit

After a month we begin to notice the hatred that was being sent our way. When there were dungeons that needed doing we would ask for help, our close friends would come but others would respond in a very negative manner. A comment we heard daily was “The two of you actually need help? Funny.” We were exploring Outlands at this time, and we ran into a gnome who informed us he had this machine that could teleport us to another land, parallel to this one in every way except no one we knew would be there.

We were discussing accepting his offer when our guild informed us they no longer needed our help, nor did they want us around. We wanted to know why, we were hurt. We had helped them with everything they needed. We always would go to them when called. We had always been there for them yet they no longer wanted us. A few of our friends offered to stand with us, but to do that it would have hurt everyone. We advised them to stay, we would go.

We went to the gnome we had met, and informed him that we wanted to take him up on his offer. He asked if we needed to do anything before it happened. We were to hurt to think of anything, and told him “No, just do it.”

When we woke up we were alone. Everything looked exactly the same. We thought this gnome must have had us on, and ran off while we were out. “Well, Bane, it did not work. Let us go to my home and tell my brother the news of our lives.” He agreed.

When we got to where my home had been it was not there. Also no one knew who I was nor had they ever heard of my brother. I looked to Bane and we began to realize the gnome might have been telling the truth. We went to where Bane had placed a cairn to his old teacher. It was not there, and was obvious that it had never been. It was at this time we knew, we were free.

My brother finds me Edit

We began to start over. Making new friends, and even a few enemies. After many months, I received a giant surprise, in my mailbox there was a letter. Dear Palerosia, I have at last found you. I have traveled for many months following in your footsteps. I met a gnome who you had met. he told me where you had gone, but not why. Pale why did you leave me. I need you; you are my teacher, and the only person I ever truly trusted. Please tell me it is truly you. I am staying at an Inn in Stormwind. Forever yours, Your Brother, Gladiolus

Oh it was good to hear from my brother. He had always loved me. How could I have forgotten him? I knew that the only thing that had kept me from telling him of what had happened was the shame. How could he still want me as a teacher after all had turned on me?

We immediately headed to Stormwind, to collect my brother. We brought him with us and continued to do our work. After many months we were ready to face Kael ‘thas. Or so we thought.

To awaken Edit

We prepare to enter Kael’thas’s chamber. I speak to Akhekhu, my Dragonhawk; this will be the battle of a lifetime. We shall have to give our all and there is a chance we will sacrifice ourselves so that others will live. I turn to my brother, he knows without me telling him. I turn to Bane, “I shall love you forever no matter what happens here.” I tell him. He responds “Oh my Rose, you shall always be my light.” We are ready; we turn to the others, for instruction.

“Charge” Ironside screams. In we go. It is a slaughter. Akhekhu is dead in seconds. I scream for him to arise. As I do Kael’thas turns to me. I freeze as he enters my mind. “Oh you shall be free to see at last.” That is my last known thought as I fall to the ground.

Kael’thas sees them entering his domain. “Not again” he thinks to himself as they run in to try once more to take him down. It takes him seconds to realize these Alliance are not up to the task. As he looks at each of the puny alliance that are there to try to hurt him he notices something different about two of them. They are Bloodelves. They are like him. What are they doing with these puny Alliance? He looks closer. He sees the druidic spell laid over them to make them think they are Nightelves; it also makes them appear to be Nightelves as well. They could be twins in there looks. Couldn’t the Druids who laid the spells at least make them look different? But he also understands that these two are close. He looks closer; they are actually brother and sister. He puts these two to sleep as he attempts to kill everyone else. Dragonbane saves himself, with a combination of spells he puts a protection spell on himself and Hearthstones to his home. As the bodies lie around him, the turns to the Elves. He rips the spell from both there body and mind.

Palerosia descends into madness. When she comes to she is amongst the Bloodelves. She only remembers pieces of her past. She was named after an elven rose, she is married to a dwarf, she is 400 years old, and she IS a hunter. She refuses to keep her name. She decides to change her name to Diaise, a common flower among the humans. It is also known as Peacebloom, but Peace is the last thing on her mind. Once more she begins again. Only this time with a vengeance to discover why the Nightelves would have lied to her, not just once but for hundreds of years. They lied to her about who and what she is. Above all her other feelings she lives for revenge against the Nightelves.

Daisie knows that even her own people do not trust her. They wonder what else was spelled into her. How deep was her betrayal? She knows she must prove herself through and through. She asks around, where she is needed, what do they want her to do. They tell her to prove herself she needs to head to the undead; they will tell her what is needed. They say amongst themselves “The undead can watch her and would feel no guilt killing her if she proves untrustworthy.”

She spends many weeks there, learning about the horde, and helping in everyway she can. Though she continues to feel a pull back to the ghostlands. She knows without knowing why that her past is there and it is there she will begin to become whole once more. Once the undead tell her she has done all she can she heads to the Ghostlands. I travel the land being pulled in one direction. Stronger and stronger becomes the pull, till I can no longer resist. As I travel I remember bits and pieces of the beginning of my life. I head south of Sunstrider Retreat into An’owyn. My head hurts so bad, the pain is unbearable. My eyes roll into my head, as I fall to the ground unconscious.

I remember Edit

I travel with my parents. They are lost; we are trying to find a retreat where we are told there is shelter. I do not know the name of this place or why we are running. I just know we much escape. My parents are nervous, they are panicking. Suddenly as if out of the shadows Nightelves appear.

They do not even take the time to question her parents. They slit her Dad’s throat, as he falls to the ground her Mom begins to scream, out of her mind with the site of her beloved’s life blood spilling to the ground. They slit her Mom’s throat out of hate and love. They take her pain away, with her life. They turn to the child. Or is it children. Who is that laying next to her? She remembers another life younger than herself but who is it. They pick the children up with hurt and sorrow in there eyes. They speak to each other, though she does not understand what is said. They proceed to bring the child to a tent, laying a spell over her to sleep.

When I awaken I am disoriented. I am lying in a tent; I have no thoughts of my life before this time. There is another child lying next to me though he still sleeps. Two elves stand over us. A Male and a Female, they are speaking to each other when they notice that I have awakened. In turn they point to themselves and say something, I do not understand the language, they point to me, saying “Palerosia”. They point once more, to themselves in turn saying something, then once more to me saying forcefully “PALEROSIA”. I understand now. I am Palerosia. I shake my head in an accepting manner. I point to myself saying “Palerosia.”

I awaken to find myself in a camp. I remember my past now. I open my eyes to look around and see if I am in danger. An Orc sits across from me tending a fire. There are dead (sleeping) Nightelves all around). He has also wrapped me in a blanket, and prepared soup. “Me Burug, who you?” he says in broken Thalassian. I sit up, trying to stop the headache. I tell him “It is ok Burug I know Orcish.” “Good, I speak much better in my own tongue.” “Well Burug, what are you doing here and why did you save me?” “You radiate beauty as only a rose could, and I could not tell why these Nightelves had not murdered you but they were all examining you in a most peculiar manner. I could not stand by and allow them to hurt you.” I respond, with hate in my voice, “I am not a Rose; I hate those flowers they stink and need to be burned where ever they grow. As do Nightelves. These Nightelves are not dead they are asleep. It is what they do when they are near death. We must burn there bodies with unholy fire while they lie here to make sure they never awaken.” “My lost flower, I can help you here. I am a warlock and my minion is most proficient in any unholy fire.” As we begin our preparation we see an elf stir. He is the first to burn. “Death to all Nightelves!” I scream in unholy glee. Burug just looks at me and smiles as his minion does his dirty work. Once we are done we head out to see what else we can do to help rid the land of both Nightelves and other bane’s to the land.

I start over Edit

I realize it is time to find a permanent pet. I have a Firehawk, but just seeing him causes me heartache. I ask around, and decide I want a kitty. To find the kitty I am looking for sends me into Nightelf land. Southshore is my place of destination. I travel for many days with Burug at my side. We travel mostly in silence, but at night around the campfire I tell him my story. I tell him of my love for Dragonbane, this love confuses me. I know how he stood by my side through everything, yet he is a dwarf, an Alliance scum! He sits across from me listening to all I say, yet he does not speak himself. He frowns a lot and always seems to be in two places at once. Here with me, yet away at the same time.

We arrive at Southshore; the land causes me to become angry. I am short with Burug, “If you cannot help me, just go away, I do not need you. I do not need anyone.” Burug walks away with his head hanging down to his chest. He is obviously hurting but does not say anything. As I stalk the land looking for my cat, I regret my words. At last I see him. A beautiful Moonstalker Sire. I call to him, “Come my pet together we will be unbeatable.” He runs over to me but not to be tamed, he attacks. I do nothing to hurt him as he is hurting me. I whisper to him “I shall call you Bane, and you shall be my love. You shall receive all the love I have in me that I cannot give to another.” He tames down and stands by my side.

“My master.” The cat says. “I shall stand by you and be your friend, for many reasons but first please I am hungry.” As I sit beside him I hand him raw meat, running my hands through his coat. I begin to cry, burying my head in his shoulder. He whispers to me, “Why do you cry?” “I have lost my love, my husband, my heart, he who makes me whole.” “I have stalked you for many days,” he responds, “He whom you love has not left you, he sits at the border, with a camp he prepared waiting for you to come back so that he may make himself useful.” “No” I respond, feeding him another piece of meat, “I speak of my true love, a dwarf.” “Oh, my master, the things a cat sees are deeper than the sight and knowledge of a person. But you shall know in time.” “Well, it is time to head to the border and the camp Burug has prepared.”

Deep in thought I wonder: Burug and I have been together for along time now. He never touches me. He never hugs me. Every day he seems to pull further and further away. Hmmm I will ask him. "Burug, dear?" "What?" "Why do you never touch me?" I ask. "You are horde. You are evil through and through." He proclaims. "So are you, handsome." I flirt. "No, I am done with this game. I am not horde. I am not an Orc. I am not even a warlock. All these skills I mastered to watch over you. But I am done. You are evil." "What? What do you mean?" I stare at him. He could not be. "I am Dragonbane!" He says some odd words and my vision blurs for a second. When I can see again, I see ti is him. I would know him anywhere. "My love! I have wondered this whole time what you thought. Where you were if you were still alive." I throw myself at his feet, holding his legs in a hug. "Let go of me you.... You.... Bloodelf!" The way he says bloodelf is demening. "But my love, my heart. I have missed you, I never knew." He kicks his foot pushing me away from him. "Get off me, do not ever touch me again." "NO!" I scream, Crawling toward him. "Do not, Bane." He surounds himself in a light, and smites me with his hammer. I fall over unconsious.

Out of Character Information Edit

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