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Lyani was born in, and raised in Stratholme, by a florist and his wife. Early on, she was taught herbalism and apprenticed to miners once she was 18. Her life was simple, and quiet, until the Third War, when she signed onto the Lordaeron military as a footsoldier. Stationed as a bottom-rank grunt in Arthas's unit shortly before Stratholme fell to the plague and Arthas lost his mind, Lyani deserted after the order was given to put her hometown to the torch. For years she lived day-to-day doing various jobs--mining in Elwynn Forest, repairing ships in Kul Tiras, a farmhand in Westfall, and finally as a sellsword hiring herself out to various Alliance and Alliance-friendly factions.

After some time, however, she caught wind of the Scarlet Crusade's mission, to drive the Scourge out of Lordaeron and retake what was left of the once-beautiful land from the Lich King's forces. After a long trek north, she joined the Crusade and was stationed in the Scarlet Monastery for training and initiation. The time between her full acceptance into the Crusade, and when she later returned to a mercenary lifestyle is foggy-she won't talk about it and the ones who knew are dead or still caught up in the Scarlet Crusade's zealotry.

Currently, she resides in Shattrath City, assisting the Scryers and the Shattered Sun Offensive. She frequently returns to Stormwind to meet up with friends and to train her skills as a warrior, as well as journeying north to look upon Stratholme, remembering the lively city it once was.


Lyani is, first and foremost, self-serving. The events of the Third War left her convinced that living for others left you dead, or part of the Scourge. Although a mercenary to the core, she is known for bouts of random kindness, a situation that tends to arrive due to the outcome of a coin-flip. Her personality seems to deteriorate, and she becomes stressed out and snappy, the closer to Lordaeron she gets.

In battle, she is what she likes to jokingly call a berserker: she ignores all enemy attacks, hurls caution to the wind, and has on several occassions been known to ignore her wounds to the point of near-death. If she ever learns anything from these experiences, other than to kill her enemy faster, she doesn't let on.

Her personality has a strong chaotic streak, evidenced by her tendency to lie casually and mix them with truths, her mismatched armor and lack of concern in most stressful situations--provided it's not in the Plaguelands or Tirisfal Glades. Perhaps the most overt example, however, is her almost obsessive habit of flipping a coin to make most major decisions, even whether or not to help a friend in need.


  • In /s, /y, and /e, Lyani is -always- in character unless otherwise noted. /p and /raid tends to be OOC unless it's a guild run.
  • Because she is rarely if ever forthcoming about her backstory, all information in this article should be considered OOC knowledge. If you have to use it, keep in mind her tendency to lie, and keep in mind the above backstory could be partly, or completely made up of lies she's told various friends and cohorts.

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