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Leonu Zeal Michaels stands average to most humans with a strong and wide frame. Though he is pale skin his crimson hair and green eyes stand out in a crowd. His face shows the signs of aging and battle, deep scars run the course of his body. Most notably his right eye seems to have been gouged out long ago, leaving a unusual fake eye in it's place.


On most days people see Leonu as eccentric, jolly and comical. His passion for engineering leaves the man tearing down and rebuilding nearly everything he sees. However, once a situation turns serious his words carry a power and leadership fitting for a Paladin his age.


Leonu was born in the green fields of Elwynn Forest a few years before the first war. His father was a grunt in the Storwind Armies while his m other stayed home to care for them. During the first war his father lost his leg and was sent home. Unfortunately a Orc scouting party followed and slaughtered Leonu's father and mother.

Now an Orphan, Leonu stayed with the Stormwind Keep Orphanage until the First War ended and the populace fled to Lordaeron. Very soon after he was shipped to Stratholme, away from the majority of the war.

There Leo found himself resenting everything around him. He became an angry child, often removed from the rest of his peers. It was not until a fateful breakdown in the Stratholme Cathedral did the world change for the red haired child. Alexander, one of the new Knights of the Silver Hand had found the boy and offered him the right to be his Squire.

Delighted with the idea to seek revenge on the Orcs, Leo joined without hesitation. And so the boy grew to an apprentice. Years would pass before Leo would return to Stratholme on the cusp of manhood. He would meet his first love, Sarah, and be deemed a Knight of the Silver Hand before Uther and the Paladin Order.

The man's first mission was to return to Stormwind, place of his birth, and assist in the rebuilding of Northshire Abbey and Stormwind itself. A sad but fortunate fate, for while he returned to his home land the Plague would break out... and his friends, love and even mentor would perish.

Steeled by his master's resolve to defend Lordaeron even during the plague, Leonu vowed to defend his home land as a Knight of the Silver Hand.

(To be Continued)

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