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History: Of her first memories, Shaiya only remembers a few. Of of those, her most vivid being the long ago battle, aptly named, 'The War of the Ancients.' Though, she was still young, for an elf, she can remember it quite well to this day. Watching her charges grow to their full potential was a highlight of her younger years. The twins. Their names escape her in these late years, though she remembers that they were supposedly destined to create many changes in their new world around what came to be called The Well of Eternity.

One morning she awoke to find her world torn apart. She knew that her mother and father had been called to defend their homes around the well. But, she never expected what had happened. She found herself exposed, her house torn apart by what seemed like an explosion. Her mother lying across her body, dead, and her father, what was left of him, lying on the floor by her bed. That scene is not something you wish to find when coming out of your sleep. She wondered to herself how she could have slept through something this violent. Her father, who was soon to become a master druid, must have cast a sleep spell upon her. It was the only thing she could think of. Of her mother, she apparently called upon Elune to protect her daughter via one of the many powerful words she had charged with energy over her many years of worship as a priestess.

Upon taking in the situation, she pulled herself out from under her mother's body, dressed, and walked out through the enormous hole that had once been the wall of her house. As she surveyed her surroundings, she noticed that many of the buildings were now demolished, and the well itself gone. Though their building, as well as many others were far from the well itself, she discovered a sea so vast that she could not view the opposite edge. Far off in the distance, she saw water misting high into the sky. She did not know for sure, but, she imagined that being the well. She did not know why there was this gigantic body of water near her, when it had not existed when she first lay down to sleep.

Shaiya saw some of her kin racing off along the water's edge, and called out to them.

"Rygal!" Her voice only a whisper. She mustered as much energy as she could and called out again, before he could get out of range. Thankfully her heard her and ran to her side.

"What has happened? Why is this sea here?" Her voice unstable.

His raspy voice shaking, "How do you not know, little one? The well has imploded!"

She shook her head in disbelief, "How di--" She was suddenly interrupted by a large explosion near the two.

Rygal grabbed her hand and took off running again. After what seemed like days of running and sleeping, they arrived at a small village that was once docile and sparsely populated. This village, called Auberdine, was now populated by tens of thousands of her kin. Some stood around quietly with gaping looks of confusion on their faces, others talked with each other about the event that had changed their lives forever...

Rygal took Shaiya in as his sister and took care of her until she was able to fend for herself.

Many years later...

Shaiya, now Frostrome, had followed in her brother's footsteps and began training in the ways of the Hunter. She learned how to make companions out of the beasts of the forests. Learned how to take on aspects of their traits. She became highly skilled in archery and learned many of the survival tactics the animals used.

One day she told her brother, now a Hunter trainer for Darnassus, she was going to leave, Set out for the human lands, discover what new things she could. See if she could anything from their kind.

She spoke to Vesprystus, the flight master at Rut'theran Village, and asked for a flight back to the place where her new life started. When she arrived in Auberdine, she was amazed at the what the little village had become. It was now a center for commerce between the night elves the other races of Azeroth.

When she reached the vast city of Stormwind, the new human capital, she was contacted by another Night Elf, though younger than herself, who was the founder of a private army set on the defense of Darnassus. He called this army the Imperial Darnassian Army. His name was Maquiavelo. Frostrome stayed in this army until it's disbanding roughly 20 years later, when their leader headed for Outland and was never heard of again. A few of the soldiers created their own order called the Keepers of the Glade, whence they recruited most of the disheartened soldiers of the IDA.

After a few years, the now older Frostrome was introduced to Empress Aerana Dantay. She ruled over the Twilight Empire. While in this empire, she moved up the ranks and into their Military sector. She met a young Gnome Mage named Peeks. Her and Peeks became very good friends over many of the years she was in the Empire. She watched Peeks move quickly up the ranks to General of the military. Peeks and her, though he was her superior, shared many things, however, he was a fair superior and made sure that she was not favored in any way.

While in the empire, she met a young female Shaman by the name of Kudra. Kudra and Frostrome, or Frosty as she was affectionately called by all, became very close. Frostrome saw many people in her travels, yet, Kudra and her would always share stories of lovers and adventures. One day, Frosty met a Draenei Hunter named Lorun. Lorun and her shared many adventures and many of the same intrests. Lorun and Frosty were soon joined in a life-bond. Until Lorun suddenly decided to break off their promise to each other and left with no explanation.

Distraught, Frosty went to Kudra for consolation. During those hard times, Kudra announced her lover for Frostrome. Shortly thereafter, Kudra and Frostrome announced their engagement. Neither of the two had ever been happier, and the rest of the Empire was happy for them as well.

Until one day...

Frostrome was helping the Goblins of Area 52, in Netherstorm, with some tasks. The asked her to infiltrate one of the nearby Manaforges. Somehow, the Sin'dorei who opperated it got wind of this, and set an ambush. When Frostrome came close, the attacked from all sides. Her beloved animal companion, Wayne a boar rescued from the Eastern Plaguelands, fought with all he had. Frostrome did all she could to fend off the many elves who attacked her and her companion. Wayne perished in this struggle, and Frosty nearly lost hers. The last remaning elf lodged his rapier into Frostrome's abdomen and ripped it out her side as she lodged her last remaining arrow into his skull. She then called in the Empire's best healers, and her betrothed, to help heal her. She had crwawled nearly half way to Area 52 before becoming unconscious. When the healers, the Empress, and Kudra arrived, she had passed onto the next world. There was nothing they could do to bring her back to the world of the living. Frostrome's spirit lived on though, she watched over Kudra as an invisible entity of the living world. Until the day Arthas ripped her body, and with it her soul, into his army of Undead.

After many years of serving in Arthas' army, Frostrome, given the name Khristina by Arthas himself, was finally able to reclaim her body. She heard of Highlord Darion Mograine's success in releasing himself from Arthas' command, and sought him out. He gave her the powers to free herself. Though she had ridden her self of Arthas' touch of death, she was still herself, undead. An enemy of both factions. Mograine, who had spoken to both King Varian Wrynn and Warchief Thrall, arranged it so that any Death Knight seeking refuge from Arthas would be welcomed back by those who they had once served honorably. From that moment on, Khristina vowed to serve the peoples of the Alliance as honorably and skillfully as she could. Since she had spent many years in the service of the Scourge Army, she had learned how to control the powers Arthas had given her. She secretly made a vow to herself. That vow was to use the very powers Arthas gave to her, against him and his minions. She vowed to bring down the new Lich King; even if it was the last thing she'd do.

Later on, Khristina located and approached Kudra. They spoke very briefly. Kudra could not and would not accept Frosty as her new being. Kudra's love was replaced by pure hatred. Khristina, thus, went about her own ways and was invited to join a small band known as Silent Symphony. She stayed with them for quite a while. She realized that a good friend of hers, when she was still a Hunter was the leader. Starcloud, was a Priest who's main goal was to rid Azeroth of its diseases. Starcloud, her right hand Zarey, and Khristina adventured to many places ridding the grounds of any who opposed the Warchief, or King Wrynn. Later on, she realized that through their adventures, both Starcloud and Zarey had slowly gone mad. All they wanted to do was purge each place they went to of any life or un-life. Khristina would have none of this, however, when she spoke to the two, they could not understand why she would say such things.

Those actions forced her to leave and find new refuge with a newly formed order who calle themselves Ashes to Ashes. In this order, she's met many great people including two druids, who founded the order. These druids shared many of the same beliefs that Khristina herself shared. Though their quests were similar, Khristina was eager to move on and get herself stronger in order to take on Arthas himself. That was something the Druids were no where near ready for.

Description: Upon first glance, Khristina seems an everyday Night Elf. However, when looked upon closer, you realize that she is not. Her eyes glow a frosty blue. Her skin is much paler than what is considered normal, and her ears have slightly blackened tips. The markings on her face slightly resemble blades. They pierce through each eye, though they leave the eyelid bare. She stands roughly six feet and eight inches tall, and looks to weigh no more than 214 pounds. Her true weight, however, will never be known.

Should you touch her, you'd feel a cool warmth beneath smooth, but, hard skin. Her fine, brilliant white hair is tucked back into a pony tail that juts horizontally from the back of her head. Though each hair is thin in nature, there is quite an abundance of it. Occasionally, a few strands make their way out of the tight bands used to keep her hair in place, and fall to the side of her face.

When you move in closer, you notice a very faint brimstone scent. Though, it is nearly cast away by the combination of Jasmine and Cinnamon. Her voice has a slight ethereal sound to it. Though, clearly a woman's, it is slightly raspy.

She seems to carry herself very well; never slouched over or shoulders sagging. She seems very confident in who and what she is. Her slightly elongated face gives way for her full, skin colored lips and long, but, beautiful nose. Her eyes are slanted ever so slightly, though still somewhat large. Her chin is rounded, but, with a small dimple in the center of it.

Along her arms, you notice a winding, tribal tattoo that goes from the space between her middle finger and ring finger, up each of her arms and disappearing under her clothes, giving the impression that she has more hidden. There is a small scar-like indentation at the base of her left ring finger indicating that she once had a ring there for many years. Her bare arms are mottled with scars. Some look very, very old, some quite new, and some in between. She has a small hole-like scar on both sides of her right hand, giving the impression that it was once punctured by something rather large.

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