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Physical Appearance Edit

Kailden stand around 5' 11", shorter than the average elf, his ears are shorter and his frame is more bulky. His hair is an earthy brown, his eyes are brown with a blue glow that illuminate them. On his right arm he has the insignia of the Argent Dawn. His hair is long and pulled back into a pony tail and often he complains about he needs a hair cut.

His armor is usually mis-matched pieces of plate armor found around, unless he is in his ceremonial plate which is ornate and silver.

History Edit

Kailden's past is something he does not openly share since his recent experiences with the Burning Legion, the Scourge, and Illidan's minions. He was born in Stormwind City only a few years before the Dark Portal was opened. His father was a royal guard of Stormwind Keep and his mother an arcanist and ambassador of Silvermoon City. The only thing he remembers from those days was the orc's seige on Stormwind City. Barely escaping Stormwind, his parents "Andy" Lionheart and Aleria Sunreaver fled with his siblings and himself. Andres Lionheart and Aldinora Lionheart.

They were led by Lothar to Lordearon and several of the soldiers along with Lothar and Andy warned the kingdom of the orcish threat. They were given housing in Stratholme City. The Second War broke out faster than they had predicted, the Knights of the Silver Hand were born and with Andy's experience and the experience of his uncle, "Duke" Lionheart they joined. Kailden knew little of what happened during the war other than his father's war stories and what he would read up on later. Nearly a five years of peace but ever vigilant, Kailden learned the way of the Paladin. His brother a Ranger, and his sister an Arcanist like her mother. Kailden, his siblings, and his friends would take the weekends off and go traveling around Lordearon. Kailden became a master of Alchemy and a Historian at Dalaran along with his training in Stratholme.

The "Culling" of Stratholme Edit

It was a stormy night as Kailden walked home, something foul hung in the air. Kailden was straving, he turned the corner where his house was just down the street from his parent's and in the distance he saw several figures breaking down his parent's door. He quickly moved in to investigate and apon standing there in the doorway he watched as Arthas grabbed his father, his skin rotting. Arthas quickly slammed his war hammer into Andy's face. Kailden, stricken with terror fled and watched as the people around his started rotting. He gathered up his sibilng whom were fighting for their lives at the hands of their own trainers.

For several days they were barricaded in their small house they had rented. Only after hearing the voices of Uther Lightbringer and Jania Proudmoore did they come from their "bunker". As the three watched the Jania and Uther talk to one an other of Arthas' "purifications" they noticed the Prophet. After much consideration Andres and Aldinora left with Jania to Kalimdor and Kailden stayed to protect his land.

The Plague Wars Edit

Arthas returned to Lordearon a hero, Kailden was over whelmed with rage. Then something happened that no one expected. Arthas killed his own father on the spot then soon after gathering the old members of the Cult of the Damned he finished off Uther. With Uther dead and the Silver Hand disbanded the Scarlet Crusade soon rised. Kailden had no choice, if he wanted to fight he would join. Although Kailden did become a Crimson Champion it took him near twice as much work and twice as long because he was only half human, they had a hard time allowing a "half-breed" into their ranks.

Kailden soon got word of his sister's death while at the summit of Mount Hyjal. He had decided this would be his last mission, they seemed more like slaughters now instead of crusaders. It was a raid on Stratholme, to re-take the city, they entered the burning city and were soon ambushed. Kel'thuzad took capture of them in Naxxramas. Some were taken to become Death Knighs, others were taken to Scholomance to be used in experiments and after weeks of waiting Kailden gave up all hope. It would so happen that at the moment a band of Argent Dawn had snuck in to break free what survivers there were, a group of seven. After his salvation from Naxxramas he agreed to join the Argent Dawn.

Return to Stormwind Edit


After three years of serving in the Argent Dawn, Kailden left to his old homeland. He met a small band of Ex-Scarlet Crusaders and joined up. He met a young girl named Estria, she had convinced him and others to leave and start a new order. The Order of Valor. Estria was a happy girl with a vendetta to settle, when Kailden agreed moved onto a house in the Duskwood graveyard. While fighting the necromancer Morbent Fel, Kailden was shocked by dark lightning. After nearly collapsing all the dark magic in the room became heavy and visible, the only way to describe it is like dust. Kailden "absorbed" the magics and from his right palm came a beam of holy fire.

Kailden took up an apprentice by the name of Eldimian. It was not soon after that Estria left for unknown reason but she left the Order of Valor to Kailden. Then after Valor's fall he joined his old apprentice whom soon disappeared mysteriously. With nothing left Kailden left to Silvermoon City after reciving a strange letter from his "Sister".

Welcome to Silvermoon City Edit


Apon arriving Silvermoon City he recived looks of hatered. He also found friendship in an Ex-Ranger of the 4th Regiment, Aragus Banon. He also joined the Scythe Mercenaries, for reasons he doesn't understand himself. Not only did he find new friends but also his brother, Andres and after much trial and error he reforged the Order of Valor.

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