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Kaiderra, of Beluu-Doramishe Edit

Kaiderra is a Draenei Paladin, originally of Tuurem, Terokkar Forest, Draenor.

Autobiography Edit

Kaiderra's biography, in her own words:

"Where might I begin? My earliest childhood is lost in a fog of memory, against a backdrop of the unspeakable and weird beauty of Draenor before its rending. My parents were followers of the Light, both teachers; our home was stuffed to the rafters with obscure texts, and often filled with educated visitors, and the sounds of erudite conversation that lulled me to sleep. A scholar's life would have been mine too, if our existence had remained as it was while I grew up. As a young adult I was sent to Karabor, to study at the feet of Akama himself, and so I passed the happiest period of my life. It was an idyll that proved all too short, for within a couple years the Orcs came, fel-crazed and lusting for blood.

"You will forgive me if I gloss over the period that followed. Its horror is still too deep. Karabor, as I had come to love it, is no more. My father fell with the last defenders of Shattrath. My mother and I escaped with many others to the marshes, but she was ... changed. I became an orphan, like so many of my generation. As it has always been for my people, the Light was my sole source of support. But whereas before my plan had been to devote my life to its contemplation and praise, now my thoughts turned to more martial pursuits. My parents' spirits cried for justice, which in turn demanded action, not genteel discussion. The Vindicators would not train me, at first. 'Clever girl, you are,' they would say smilingly, 'Stick to your books, for the day when we'll need scholars again.' Persistence, stubbornness, and tenacity were their first unwitting lessons to me.

"My inventiveness at last provided me with entry: I had devised a device that could stun an enemy with a small flash of light and sound. When a force was assembled to seize back a portion of Tempest Keep, I argued myself into a support position, armed only with a sack of my gadgets. The tale of that daring raid can be better told by others, but I can say that I and my bomblets acquitted ourselves quite well. One pertinent outcome was my arrival on this world; another was my acceptance, at last, among the ranks of the Vindicators, Defenders, and Peacekeepers. My training as a Paladin of the Light began among those foreign woods of Azuremyst, and continued along the lengths of Kalimdor and Azeroth.

"I have come to love this world as dearly as my own, with its varied peoples and rich history. Azeroth's struggles, too, I have adopted as my own – against the Scourge, the distant Legion, or the dreaded Old Ones. Someday I shall return to Draenor, to the valley of Shadowmoon and the place I once knew as Karabor. Someday I shall kneel before my old teacher, look into his sage face, and ask for clarification on the theory of ethics described in the dialogues of Platuu and Ariistetaal. In the meantime, however, I am steadfast in the defense of my new home and friends. Armored and strengthened by the Light, I can only say: 'Here I stand: I can do no other.'"

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