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Kahani is a level 70 Troll hunter on the realm of Sisters of Elune, Head Huntress of the Wildlife Warriors. Her mate is a Tauren warrior named Leapingwater.

Appearance Edit

Kahani is a just a couple of inches over 7 feet tall, with long blue hair pulled back in numerous stiff braids just a touch darker than the rich sky blue of her complexion. A smooth brow and crow’s feet at the edge of her eyes, as well as her easy stance and smile, hint at her relaxed and playful demeanor. Scars and calloused hands and feet reveal a Troll who’s not afraid to get her hands dirty, however, and various ritual scars down her arms and legs mark the loss of many comrades.

She prefers earthy green and brown colors when she has the option in armor or clothing, they just feel more natural, but she always proudly boasts the blue and green tabard of the Wildlife Warriors. And you’ll be hard pressed to see her without one reptile or another by her side, most likely her favorite long time companion Bindi the white crocolisk.

Public Knowledge Edit

For the most part, Kahani’s life is an open book. She doesn’t advertise her relationship with Leapingwater, but she doesn’t deny or hide it either. Those who live in or frequent Thunderbluff are most likely to know her or of her. Most assume she’s put the faith of her ancestors behind her.

She’s fond of quoting her family, but doesn’t give their names nor advertise her father’s strong opinions and practices, she says, out of respect for their privacy.

Personality Edit

Laid back and generally optimistic, big-hearted Kahani doesn’t get ruffled easily. When confronted with an antagonistic fellow Horde member or even a harmless but annoying Ally she’s more likely to laugh than get angry. “How does gettin all riled up help anyting? Stay calm an laugh at your troubles, mon, don’t dwell on em and give em power. You’ll go much farther in life an enjoy da ride dat much more.” At the same time, she has a potent work ethic and gladly goes out of her way to help friends and strangers alike when in need as well as lending her bow to the greater good of Thunderbluff and the Horde at large.

Kahani runs her Guild practically as a mother figure and leads by example. Giving advice and guiding them along while helping them train for bigger goals.. If there’s a problem, she always looks to discuss it first and gauge what’s really going on before taking action. She prefers to give the benefit of the doubt though will not hesitate to tell troublemakers what’s what and send them along their way. A dark mischievous grin while scratching under her pet croc’s chin occasionally suggests otherwise, however.

Background Edit

Kahani always took an interest in nature and wildlife. The daughter of a Shaman named Doshas and a Priest named Jaadoo, she also grew up with a very spiritual background that has had a strong influence on her to this day. However, neither of those professions felt right for her, and her affinity with animals over the elements lead her to pursue the art of the Hunt. With no interest in breeding, Kahani then took leave her childhood home to find her own fortune in the world with the blessings of her parents and surviving grandmother.

The proud Troll woman’s heart and soul was soon stolen away by the Shu’Halo of Thunderbluff. She was utterly fascinated and drawn to the Tauren Druids and their affinity for animals and nature combined with spiritualism, as well as the familiar practice of Shamanism. She then spent many years there, earning the right and trust to study there and participate in vision quests. Kahani holds spiritual Elders in great respect.

She agreed with the Elders that she was not meant to train as a Druid though she continued her philosophical studies. Soon, the Tauren were as much her Tribe and family as the Darkspear. This was solidified when Kahani fell in love with a young Tauren warrior by the name of Leapingwater, with whom she now shares a home in Thunderbluff as her mate. Her loyalty is to her Tribes first, but her training and lessons with the Druid Elders of the Tauren have taught her that all living things are in a sense part of her Tribe. She’s still working on wrapping her mind around that one. Though she loves and identifies with the Shu’Halo deeply, as well as her strong and silent warrior, Kahani remains proud to be the boisterous Darkspear Troll that she is. “It always be about Balance!”

It was during a vision quest that the Troll awoke to what she considered to be her true calling. She approached Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem about organizing another group to do whatever they could to defend Azeroth and the Emerald Dream and support the Druids as well as the Horde in their lofty goals, one that included the skills and abilities of many races and classes. It was then that Kahani founded the Wildlife Warriors, naturally based out of Thunderbluff with the hive as their symbol and metaphor for the home world they desire to protect. Amongst her fellow Wildlife Warriors she’s known as Head Huntress Kahani.

Recently, Kahani's father passed away and her mother has since decided to venture out of Sen'jin and try her hand at adventuring. Doshas' relationship with Kahani's love Leapingwater and the Tauren in general (actually, any non-Darkspear) is awkward and skeptical, but she is not actively hostile or too openly disapproving.

Blending Beliefs Edit

Kahani’s father was a traditional Troll priest who took offense to the Horde’s offense at the Darkspear’s practices and funerary rites. She was taught many of the old ways. When she was young, she too felt that the Orc disgust of their traditions was pure ignorance. Later she became more understanding of the ways of outsiders and their sensitivities, especially after staying in and moving to Thunderbluff.

She found the Tauren beliefs, at their core if not in practice, to be all encompassing and feels that she can have faith in Voodoo, Shamanism, and Druidism equally and comfortably at the same time. The values Kahani grew up with she still holds dear but does not practice openly. She’s taken up many of the tamer practices of mainstream Troll Voodoo instead of the old ways out of respect for the Tauren and the Horde’s discomfort. For example, ritual bleeding to distract malevolent spirits from the escaping soul of a fallen friend, as well as feeling that if you have the time burning the heart of an enemy will effectively keep their angry spirits from coming after you. So it’s fair to say that her take on the Troll religion is focused more on the practical aspect where her take on the Tauren religion is more on the more spiritual and philosophical side.

Although she keeps this opinion to herself, Kahani feels that eating the flesh of an enemy has the same effect as heart burning with the added bonus as not wasting your kill as the Tauren teach when hunting animals. She knows better, however, than to point this out to them.

Goals and Politics Edit

Kahani wants to enjoy and preserve the natural world, assisting the Druids in their pursuit of Balance while satisfying her thirst for adventure and exploring all of amazing wildlife Azeroth and Outland has to offer.

With her strong sense of family, she also seeks to keep peace amongst her Guild, friends, and fellow members of the Horde and is proud to act as a diplomat. After her experiences with the Outland Draenei of Shattrath and the Night Elves of the Druid Circles, she tentatively even seeks at least tolerance of individual members of the Alliance though she has her reservations. Kahani often salutes Horde and Alliance alike as a show of respect, and hopes that one day the Alliance will see the error of their prideful wasteful ways so that both factions can work together against darker forces.

Kahani tries to judge based on the individual rather than groups, though this takes more of an effort when faced with say an Elf or a Human. Of all the Alliance races, she feels most at ease with the Draenei as her experiences in Shattrath have been overwhelmingly positive. She’s allied herself with the Aldor as a result, much preferring their philosophies and attitudes to the Blood Elf Scryers. She doesn’t much care for Silvermoon in general, but knows so many wonderful individuals within the Wildlife Warriors that she gives the “Little Elfies” the benefit of the doubt more often than not. She’s most wary of Forsaken within the Horde, but who isn’t?

Her primary goal in life, however, is simply to do her best and enjoy the journey. “Ya can’t ask da Earthmother for much more den dat.”

Random Facts Edit

Has a special affinity for reptiles, though she adores all animals.

Is amazed by how fast Blood Elves seem to breed, like bunnies. It’s ridiculously fast for a race with such a long life span, they’re freaking everywhere!

Is annoyed by Goblins. She doesn’t know why, she just doesn’t like the materialistic little buggers.

Out Of Character Info Edit

Kahani may be in or Out of Character depending on how you address her. Speaking outloud is usually assumed to be In Character, whispers, party chat, etc are all context related. If your character talks to her in game, she will happily respond in kind.

She's not particularly plot driven, and has little time to get too entrenched in personal dramas. Always something to do! But she loves sitting and relaxing outdoors now and then welcoming a nice chat. She enjoys company as well as lending a hand, an ear, or a firm comforting slap on the shoulder.

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