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Jhiri Jinglesprocket is a light-hearted gnome mage and engineer who enjoys travelling and seeing new things. She is usually rather outgoing, and enjoys parties, but she can be a serious student as well. Her personal hero is Brann Bronzebeard. She is a character in the guild Renewal on the Sisters of Elune US RP server.


Jhiri was born in Gnomeregan to a reasonably prosperous family. She was the third of five children, and the first girl. (The fifth child was her only sister.) She took up the usual gnomish pastime of tinkering at a fairly young age, and quickly made something of a reputation producing music-boxes. In particular, her boxes didn't distort the music by slowing down when nearing the end of their winding, and they sounded pleasantly musical rather than 'ratchety' when being wound up again. It is from that reputation that she took her new surname at her majority, in accordance with gnomish custom.

The young gnome had been content merely to dabble in tinkering and arcane arts until the trogg invasion which devastated her homeland. Shortly after joining the other gnomish refugees in Ironforge, she began a more serious study of magic and of engineering. In the years since, she has finally begun to be acknowledged as an accomplished student of those arts, and she is currently working with various groups in Northrend in the efforts to combat the Scourge and the now-insane Malygos. When she's holding still enough to be said to be at home, these days she's usually found taking rooms in Dalaran.

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