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Jendria Duskweaver (pronunciation guide: Jen-DREE-uh) is a serious, aristocratic sin'dorei noblewoman of proud birth but, since Arthas's destruction of the Sunwell and of Silvermoon City, of limited means. She is bitter against the Alliance and especially the humans in general, though she has recently started to soften some of her attitudes under the influence of her friends and experiences. She is a character in the guild Shadow of the Sun on the Sisters of Elune US RP server.


Dree stands 5'8" tall and weighs 112 pounds. She has the glowing green eyes typical of blood elves who have fed on fel energies. Her hair is glistening white and rather long, though often coiffured in elegant styles rather then simply flowing down her back.

Her skin is fairly pale, indicating that she doesn't spend much time exposed to the sunlight. She is usually found in the company of Dislia, her succubus, who happens to like the opportunity to come play in the water on Azeroth.

Her few close friends generally call her Dree, though some also call her Jen.


Formative yearsEdit

Jendria was the youngest child of her noble house, born on Quel'Danas not quite fifty years before the opening of the Dark Portal. Much of her youth was spent occupying her time in the decadence that had come to dominate quel'dorei culture, as typified in the present by Lord Saltheril. This existence did not satisfy the young high elf, however, and she undertook the study of arcane lore. With the outbreak of the Second War, she turned her studies to means of gathering information. This led her, in time, to discover the link of the Azerothian branch of the Shadow Council to the Burning Legion, though the betrayal (as the elves saw it) by Garithos meant the information never got shared with the Alliance.

Sudden inheritanceEdit

Her relatively unsupervised studies were interrupted by the arrival of Arthas at the head of a Scourge army during the Third War, when he came to use the Sunwell to raise Kel'Thuzad. The fighting and destruction included the ruining of her families' main holdings and the slaying of all the more senior Duskweavers. She suddenly found herself the heir of the House and a ranking noble in a land which was in turmoil. To the extent that the new regime cared to continue with anything like the old Convocation of Silvermoon, she was part of it - and yet, she had no others of family and no remaining established servitors to maintain her station. As such, she often found herself having to find ways to support herself instead of being able to devote herself to the political maneuverings.

Fel influencesEdit

As did many others of the renamed blood elves, she fed on fel energies to survive, but this interacted in her with her previous studies of magic. She began to be able to summon minor demons, and learned from them. After a while, this no longer required coercion, as she began to find some of the disaffected and downtrodden within demonkind.

Her knowledge of summonings and fel magics has been slowly increasing, as she practices and researches yet more. She continues her emphasis on the obtaining of information, using the knowledge the demons possess, and her own skill at winnowing the truth of the matter from their dissimulations and prevarications.

The Shadow of the SunEdit

She was reunited for a while with her childhood friend, Telquessa Ravon, and joined with her in creating an organisation they called the Shadow of the Sun. They were primarily concerned at first with finding a way to restore the sin'dorei to their former glory, but they found themselves gaining some allies from (as they saw them) the lesser races. These dealings have slowly been changing the natively racist attitudes Jendria grew up harbouring.

Human exposureEdit

Her attitudes were further shaken when her group of friends encountered a strange visitor to Silvermoon City. Eventually, they discovered that this odd visitor was a human, one Avmella Thornbush, who was present with the knowledge and consent of Lady Liadrin. Not entirely content with this aegis of protection, or with the stated motivations of the human visitor, Jendria obtained methods of magical disguise, via transformation, both from her demons and from some troll mages. With this disguise, she made her way into human lands, posing as a wanderer named Jendría Weaver from Alterac, and spied intermittently on Avmella's group, the Shadow of the Moon. She came to find that many humans, and others in the Alliance, were not in agreement with Garithos, or even necessisarily with Varian Wrynn.

Current activitiesEdit

She currently divides her time between maintaining her position and researches in Silvermoon, and continuing her undercover contacts in the Alliance. She has also undertaken a bit of courier duty between Wendy and her (now Forsaken) mother, Nadezhda.

In her human guise, she has been given shelter by Wendy in the Shadow of the Moon guild hall. Only a few of the members (including Wendy) know that she is sin'dorei, and she made clear before accepting the shelter that her secrets would likely have to be maintained. She probably wouldn't have accepted, anyway, except that it was getting rather dangerously cold sleeping in the streets of Stormwind, and she wasn't quite ready for a return trip to Silvermoon at the time. Since then, she has moved on with Wendy and her other Alliance friends to take shelter with their new project, Renewal.

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