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Feyanna Mistwarden was born long before the Sundering, and vaguely remembers a time before Azshara became the queen of the Kal'dorei. She no longer remembers her exact age, with her 'childhood' ("I think I was less than a century then") memories having grown fairly hazy and dim over the millenia.

She was born and raised in a small village a few days away from Suramar. As the village was just the centre of her extended family's relatively agrarian business, it was simply called Mistwarden, after the family.

Not long after she was first old enough to play outside with relative freedom, her family noticed an unusually strong proclivity on her part for healing arts. She would find injured animals, or even moths, and coo over them and pet them. After a time, usually only a few minutes, she would set them free - no longer injured. The elder Mistwardens contacted the Sisterhood of Elune and arranged a place at the temple for their young prodigy. When she was old enough, she travelled to Suramar to being training with the Sisterhood there.

Over the course of her training with the priestesses, it became clear that she was something of a rebel in her thinking. She was dutiful in her studies, and respectful, but she kept asking questions about ways of healing, or about Elune's other aspects, that some of her teachers found disturbing. This was not too significant until after the outbreak of the War of the Ancients.

Near the outbreak of the war, when the powers of the Well of Eternity were first cut off from the night elves, Feyanna's father was one of those who travelled to Zin-Azshari to protest. As such, he was killed in the first wave of demons once the gates opened. News spread rather quickly, and the family's proximity to Suramar caused them to decide to flee. The Sisterhood, in part because of Feyanna's reputation as a troublesome student, sent her in a support capacity to join up with the Moon Guard as part of the Resistance.

As a result of moving around with her Guard unit, Feyanna was spared from being in the immediate vicinity of the Sundering. It took a while after that cataclysm before her unit even found out for sure what happened. In recent times, she described the situation in an interview with her guild-mate Zenru:

I was with a support unit, helping with the fighting in the south of Ashenvale. There was a ... I do not really know how to describe it, but I shall try. There was a huge, rumbling, sustained noise, and a... draining, almost sickening, at our hearts, where we all felt our connection to the Well of Eternity. None of us was as effective for a while, being chilled from the inside. But the demons were similarly afflicted, fortunately. All of the world seemed out of joint, with the ground shaking and heaving, and some great trees falling, and detritus raining from the sky. We knew something terrible had happened, but the fighting kept us from investigating for quite a while. Eventually, after killing most of the demons we had been fighting, we started to make our way back for fresh orders, news, and just to regroup. We met many lost and broken people, who at least had a better understanding of what had happened. It was quite a while before we all really understood, however. Not until we found Malfurion and Tyrande, and heard their call for action. Illidan's taking of the waters was known by then, and something had to be done.

After the conclusion of the war, during which her closest family had all been lost, Feyanna found herself much less welcome among the remaining priestesses, and drifted off to be with the newly-formed Sentinels. During the Long Vigil and her wandering with the Sentinels, she struck up an informal student/teacher relationship with Keeper Remulos. She learned much of the ways of Druidism from him, eventually finding that her questions about roles and methods were much better received and answered there.

Eventually, the Long Vigil ended in the Second invasion of the Burning Legion, better known outside night elf society as the Third War. As many other night elves also were, Feyanna was present in that final battle on Mount Hyjal, along with what few of her relatives remained. She was seriously injured during the destruction of Nordrassil, carrying scars (now mostly faded) on her hands, arms, and legs. The rest of her clan was even less fortunate, and she is now the last known heir to the Mistwarden name.

In the years since, the druidess was part of a diplomatic mission to the Alliance (which got waylaid by pirates in league with the Defias), and then took up a wandering, adventuring life, seeking to find a purpose in her existence after the end of the Long Vigil. She has made friends and found love, now being partnered with Avmella Thornbush. The couple have adopted a half-Quel'dorei orphan whom they have named Tavennae. As things currently stand, Avmella has mostly retired, and Feyanna still has active assignments in Northrend, coming home to being a partner and parent when her duties allow.

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